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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday August 4th, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, August 4th, 2023


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    HA! Saw this sign while walking down the street:



    As a purveyor of funny sidewalk signs, I realized I've seen this similar sign before. Googled it and found MANY versions of it!


    The title "Husband Daycare Center" is enough of a pattern interrupt for people to stop and read the sign.

    If it works, it works!


    Basically everything that’s heavily government regulated has gone up in price, and everything competing in the free market gets cheaper:


    The free market works. Some regulation for safety is good, but out of control regulation makes things worse.


    This graphic taught me a lot….I didn’t realize what young men the Founding Fathers of the United States were. Kind of mind blowing!



    I added a TV to my home garage gym setup a few months ago and it's been amazing! 

    Sometimes I just hang out there and stretch while watching cool YouTube videos or MasterClass.

    Also Peloton just added native NetFlix support, which has been super cool for getting movement in while otherwise vegging out:


    A lot of my friends like using their Peloton like this, but the only way to do it before was using an iPad holder like this:


    ...how it's a shame to waste that gig giant screen behind it 😬

    Glad they added support for watching TV while biking, makes a lot of sense.



    Inflation is a hard concept to explain….but this simple picture really “shows” it perfectly!

    It’s easy to see how much the buying power of the dollar has decreased in ~100 years by seeing the giant stack of money -vs- a few bucks in 1933.


    Here's a standard graph showing it :


    And here's another way to visualize it by showing how much $20 used to be just a few years back....this one isn't super accurate, but it conveys the concept of "inflation" as well:




    Maria Popova runs a huge blog called The Marginalian (3m+ visitors/mo) and it's interestingly supported through donations only.

    She doesn't give extra content for the donations, it's just done out of the goodness of readers hearts.

    This is the simple pitch for donations at the bottom of each article that keep the entire site alive:


    A podcast I like called 99% Invisible prided themselves on only taking donations, and eventually caved to taking sponsors. I've seen it happen over and over again with donation-based orgs.

    Have you ever seen a site based on donations?

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    I noticed that those products on the price graph that go down in price are all mass produced whereas the artisanal stuff (healthcare, education, etc.) is going up.

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    I usually love these emails and most of your tweets  but the graphic you shared on the free market is misguided and downright damaging.

    Blaming price gouging by American health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies on "government regulation" is completely missing the point. In this case, the market is too unregulated, leading to monopolies and backroom price setting deals.

    Just compare medicine and treatment prices in America to the EU or even Canada which have stronger regulations ensuring much, much much lower prices. In Norway, healthcare is free, and we spend way less of our GDP on healthcare than the US, which is supposed to be private and free market? 

    The incentive in free market capitalism is not to drive prices down and quality of service up, it is to increase profits by any means necessary. Monopolies, cutting corners (not caring about consumer health), even downright lying about dangerous side effects - these are just a few of the effects of free market capitalism plus a LACK of oversight in the health and pharmaceutical industries, not too much of it.

    Again, college prices are not due to regulations but by private corporations taking advantage of poor regulation - government loans and support don't stipulate strongly enough the affordability of the education.

    A well-regulated free market is a great way to incentivize innovation and lower prices, but without strong, well-formed regulations, companies will exploit anything they can, even children. (Look at the right wing lobbying for child labor laws to be overturned so they can try to keep service and manual labor job wages artificially low).

    Sharing that graphic without a caveat is like saying that Gengis Khan helped the planet by slowing down global warming. 

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    Your Friday emails are always great.  Now did I enjoy this one in particular, not too sure because you reported on the value of the US dollar. Yikes this was a tough one to wake up to and read.  

    Guess I will skip the coffee at Starbucks today and brew my own in my little VA kitchen. 😞

    Have a great day and keep that creative mind of yours going. 

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    Yeah that's a tough pill to swallow right? 

    Inflation is a sneaky thief and most people don't realize it. 

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    Hey @Camron Sabour! In privatized and mostly-unregulated healthcare (such as Lasik surgery, Botox, cosmetic surgery etc) all the prices have gone massively down. 

    In areas where it's gov + insurance controlled to be "more fair" the free market gets gunked up with weird rules that cause weird outcomes. A huge bureaucracy gets put into place and the whole system seems to gets slowed.

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    Always dig seeing these in my inbox.

    A couple of things:

    1) Using images to convey concepts always reminds me of this old SNL commercial:

    "Colon Blow"

    2) I'm encouraged by the Maria Popova donation page. I've become really disheartened by the trend to have sponsors. 

    I understand that folks are trying to monetize and simply having an ad on their page I can appreciate. 

    But it's all of the sheer amount of personal data capture that happens if you click on the link that bums me out. (e.g. You click on an Amazon affiliate link and then Amazon keeps tabs on what you for the next 24 hours. At one point I thought that was cool if you're an affiliate. Now, I think it's just intrusive.)

    If you ever choose to have a donation page (even if you were giving it to charity) I'd contribute.


    P.S. ...how it's a shame to waste that GIG giant screen behind it 😬

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    1.) I totally remember this skit 😂
    Dave Chappelle also had a funny one on a similar vein!

    2.) I personally don't mind the whole tracking cookie thing. It can always be circumvented with Incognito browsing or Brave Browser. 

    I SHOULD make a donation page as a test though....might be interesting to see how much comes through! I did it back in the day and SOME donations came through, but nothing compared to offering a product/service.

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    You know what would be really interesting - I'd like to see how you capture information, store it, and then use it to craft a newsletter

    not sure if you've done this before but that's youtube video i'd watch 10/10

    have a great weekend!

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    I think it's interesting but currently HARD. 

    As more things like Brave Browser and micro-payments enabled by crypto (like 1/1000000th's of cent payments) I think it'll become more popular.

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