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    The S.W.I.P.E.S Email (Friday August 11th, 2023)

    Swipe📁Wisdom🧠Interesting🧐Picture🖼 • Essay📄Splurge✍
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

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    Edition: Friday, August 11th, 2023


    🎤 Listen to this email here:

    #1.) Swipe:

    Do you know what a "Brand Board" is? 

    It's a simple guide for your website that contains all the common colors, fonts, layouts, and imagery to keep your brand consistent. 

    Here's the typical structure of a brand board:


    Here's a couple of examples of filled out brand boards. You can see the "mood" of each board created by the different colors and fonts:


    I'm personally going to get a Brand Board designed for Copywriting Course and Swipe File and implement a similar brand/look across them:

    Copywriting-course-brand.jpg  swipe-file-brand.jpg

    If anyone does this professionally, I'd be interested in engaging with you! Email me back.

    **BONUS POINTS if we can mock up the styles directly in Chrome DevTools with CSS to see it live.

    #2.) Wisdom:

    The goal of great copywriting is to take what’s in your brain, and transfer it to someone else's brain in the most efficient & sticky way:


    #3.) Interesting:

    This is a really high-converting email signup pop-up on Copywriting Course to get people to the weekly newsletter. It’s a pretty simple structure: 

    • [Headline] 
    • [Fun GIF] 
    • [3 Bullet Points Why To Sign Up] 
    • [Email Enter]

    Email pop-ups don't *always* need to be complex!

    #4.) Picture:

    I like how this one image represents a complete style-guide for a 1920’s era man with this simple chart. 

    A bunch of information is easily displayed through this chart!


    A few years back I hired a stylist who bought be a whole “men's basic wardrobe.” 

    It was clear I had no idea how to put together an outfit, so she made me a visual style guide:


    #5.) Essay:

    Checkout this trend chart for these different terms:

    🟦 = “Conversion Rate Optimization”
    🟥 = “Copywriting”
    🟨 = “Digital Marketing”


    It's surprising how much larger the term “Digital Marketing” is over the others!

    This is because "Digital Marketing" is a general term describing any marketing that happens on the internet. 

    If we were to break it down it'd probably look something like:

    Colorful 8 Wheel of Life Diagram Graph.png

    Generally the way to "break into" a big industry like digital marketing is to get pretty good at 1-to-3 of the skills that make it up. 

    Maybe like:
    • Be 75% good at copywriting.
    • Be 55% good at social media.
    • Be 80% good at making a Shopify store.

    Daisy-chaining several skills together is an extremely powerful way to be "good" at an industry.

    #6.) Splurge:

    Want a piece of copy reviewed by myself and other professional writers?

    We have an intake form here:


    The form creates a thread where myself, the writers, and the community give you feedback on what to improve, and re-do whole sections if needed. 

    It's like a factory for getting specific pieces of your digital marketing re-done:


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    • Moderator

    Love this definition of copywriting:

    "The goal of great copywriting is to take what’s in your brain, and transfer it to someone else's brain in the most efficient & sticky way."

    Efficient and sticky. Perfect!

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    Great stuff this week. Specifically, when it comes to email popups I feel like the most important step in getting people to hand over their email happens before they see it - personal branding/giving value. The only reason I signed up when prompted on your site is that I love your copy advice on YouTube and your blog. 

    Context also matters, right, so the funny gif is really on brand for you, but probably wouldn't do so well on a medical website.

    Do you have any idea as to what the popup conversion rate is looking like today? The last data I saw from Sumo was like 3%, but that was in 2019 or something?  For the last few years, I feel like blogs have been over-saturated with popups (for obvious reasons: they work) and Xing out of them has become an almost unconscious habit, so I wondered if there's a downward trend.

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    The brand board was fun to make! I had never heard of them. I enjoyed pulling together my brands each onto one page. (It was hard to narrow down colors for the store, since I carry every color--so I went with the color vibe.) 

    I've attached mine for my knitting patterns (Really Clear Designs) and my store (Stitch Your Art Out). I was surprised that there were differences--but there absolutely were. 

    image.png.  image.png

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    • Administrator

    Hey Cynthia those look super helpful to have for whenever you're creating designs or making your emails/website/marketing!!

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