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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday August 18th, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

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    Edition: Friday, August 18th, 2023


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    The next David Ogilvy cleary lives in India, checkout this solid copywriting 😂😂



    What do you think is a better pricing structure?
    • Monthly payments?
    • Yearly payments?

    There’s clearly pro’s and con’s to each one:


    My personal thought is that both of them work together. We often see people “dip their toe in the water” with a monthly payment, then upgrade to yearly payment to save money. 

    What’s been YOUR experience with monthly vs yearly pricing?


    I love different ways of “showing data” and I’ve never seen this style before. 

    It shows the movement in size of different economies over 20 years. It displays less information than a traditional line graph, but DOES show information easier and more attractively.



    Our friend built a cold plunge and sauna setup....and she was out of town for a few weeks, so me and a buddy have been jumping the fence to use it all the time. 

    She sent us footage of us breaking in...it's like the Burglar Olympics 😂


    Who do you think won??

    • I jumped the fence slower, but opened the gate faster.
    • Sam jumped over faster, but opened the gate slower.

    Tough decision 🤔


    Using images to display info is often much better than trying to explain with words!

    The best combo is using an image to convey the initial concept, then using copy to back it up or tell stories. 

    For example this image of "inflation" visualized:


    Explain "unbundling" is easily conveyed in this graphic showing the unbundling of Excel Spreadsheets:


    Or what about this classic image of unbundling Craigslist:

    Imagery works especially well in health. Checkout this image which educates you on calories in one glance. A chart like this is what made me realize how bad some foods were compared to others:


    This image visually shows how people who take notes move faster towards wisdom than someone who reads-and-forgets:


    And ultimately if you can't use a good visual, then use an analogy like this!


    Moral of the story: I think good copywriters should also know how to make images!


    This wild looking metal ball embossed with letters was the innovation behind the IBM Selectric Typewriter (13m+ sold).

    Normally people don’t care how something works, but this mechanism was so unique and interesting looking it because the main highlight of this print ad:

    You can see a slow-mo gif of it where in milliseconds it: Recognizes the letter you hit → Moves the ball to the correct letter → Punches the page



    So I went on eBay and bought 4:


    Here's the funny thing....I didn't know they were so tiny! I thought these things were heavy and the size of billiard balls. 

    In reality each one is like an inch long and super lightweight 😂
    It looks big here:


    But it's actually crazy small:


    Anyways...lesson learned....and they're still kinda neat 🙂


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    • Administrator

    Hey Ally this was a great breakdown! 

    My buddy @noahkagan has some good advice on this as well: 

    Not sure this is ALWAYS true....but it's food for thought 🙂 


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    My experience with memberships: 

    Paying monthly feels less "all in" than an annual commitment hence I am less likely to make the most of the monthly access thinking it has some lesser value, whereas when I commit to the annual it means I am all in on the product. 

    My recent experience selling a membership: 90% of my buyers were all in - ie paid for the annual. Only 1 went monthly. Still gathering data on why (she renewed for month two). 

    One client who has financial difficulties opted for all in due to the saving vs the possibility of paying smaller amounts over a longer time period which was against what I predicted she would do. 

    I'm sure Robert Skrob has the lowdown on the reasons behind monthly/annual , and thanks for making me take a look at this in my own experience and business. 

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    So, ummmm, how old are you?  

    LOL - the IBM Selectric was what we (GEN X)  all learned keyboard warrior skills in highschool...  You know, back when we were creating DARPAnet and Gopher holes...

    This reminds me...  A while ago we were at my friend's house, in his man cave he keeps an ACTUAL analog telephone.  The black iconic model.  My young teenage daughter (at the time) went over to it and asked him, "What is this?"  In ALL SERIOUSNESS.  He just about had a stroke.😂

    Same feeling I got with you not knowing the Selectric!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your newsletter!

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    • Administrator

    I'm 40! I remember the days of typewriters, but my fam was early to the computer stuff so I always remember a computer being around as well. 

    Also the typewriters I DID see in our household were half-digital, half-analog!

    Also LOL....it's like someone showing me a gramaphone or something for music, I'd be like, "What the heck is that??"

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    hi neville! i think payment plans change depending on the country.

    i'm in turkey. here the monthly subscription model doesn't seem attractive. but you need to have a high authority (like netflix)
    in Qatar, for example, cash on delivery for physical goods. online payment is not preferred.

    What do you think about that?

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    • Administrator

    Oh yeah....different countries are used to different things, so I can totally see that being a factor! 

    Like 20+ years ago online paying wasn't the norm, so it was harder to get people to do it. Now it's sooooo easy and the preferred way of doing things. Trends and norms change!

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    I feel like a dinosaur!

    When I started working, this type of typewriter was a “must-have” compared to other models. They were soft and pleasant to type on, almost like a computer keyboard today.

    Yep, you've got some old-timers 👵 following your newsletter from France with interest…

    Thanks for all the value you pass on, I love Fridays!

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    • Administrator

    Thank you for the kind words Claude! 

    I remember typewriters as a kid but the computer was already making it's way in (I'm 40).

    This was high tech stuff back then....and honestly it still seems super cool the way this thing worked, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole watching it in action!

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