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My First Million Podcast Interview with Neville Medhora and Sam Parr

I was recently interviewed on the My First Million Podcast, you can listen here:

We talked about a bunch of things:

  • When copywriting started to click for me.
  • Biggest mistakes in copywriting that people make.
  • Are people born creative or is it learned? (Hint: A bit of both)
  • My decision to die at 85 on Nov 17th, 2067
  • Living next door to your best friend

This is a gigantic podcast run by my friend (and Copywriting Course member) @Sam Parr. This podcast is consistently one of the top 10 business podcasts out there, and I'm always surprised by the sheer number of people who tell me they listen to it! 

• Listen on Apple here
• Watch on YouTube here
Read show notes here

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I listened and it got me fired up. Joining copywriting course was already on my radar since last year but this was the final push I needed to set aside the time and get started.

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@Neville I havent listened to this one yet but your previous couple ones with Sam were amazing.

Took down notes on the favourite books and finished how to get rich by felix dennis recently. Such a good book - my #1 takeaway was to never give ownership in your company away. At least, for as long as you can. 

Loved how you showed 'The Dirt' as well - the biography of motley crue. That's my favourite book of all time - you can just open any page and you'll be sucked into the crazy stories! Excited to crack into this recent episode!

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11 minutes ago, AJ Nair said:

Took down notes on the favourite books and finished how to get rich by felix dennis recently.

Loved that book, too. I ordered a copy based on @Neville's recommendation as well and there's so much good stuff in it. IMostly, that I care too much about my wife and kids to ever get super rich.

6 hours ago, Neville said:

Living next door to your best friend

@Neville, I listened to this on the way home from my mom's house (who was watching my kid while I got some work done on Writing Wednesday) and this part of the pod was super interesting for me. Especially the "pop-ins".

A big reason we moved home—and I was super against the idea for a long time—was that I realized having family 5 minutes away was so much better than living far away and actually solved a lot of the "problems" people think of when it comes to family.

  • Low stress, 15 minute pop-ins vs. intense two week visits with the family
  • No pressure to be at anything because you can be at anything
  • You can always leave early because this isn't the only time you'll see someone
  • You've spend more time doing simple, dumb activities together, vs. formal get-togethers/holidays.
  • More chances to create stupid stories that REALLY build the relationship.

I gotta think that the friend thing is similar. When someone's there, but not too close, the relationship has no pressure on it and so many more chances for fun, stupid stuff. And, personally, I think that's a good recipe for great relationships.

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loved the story about Neville asking Sam's wife, 'wait, is this what stress is?'

reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when Jerry is shocked when he cried


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