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    Home Studio/Guest Bedroom Walkthrough

    Here's a quick walk-through of my multi-purpose:
    ✔️ Home Office
    ✔️ YouTube Studio
    ✔️ Co-Working Space
    ✔️ Overflow Guest bedroom

    When I first setup in this room it looked like this:



    When done it looked like this:


    After using this home office for a long time, I realize 99% of the time all I'm recording is video calls and YouTube videos on the desk. 

    I just use 1 camera for this!

    Recording video content is getting easier and easier.

    This was a random piece of content today, but I still hope you liked it 🙂
    Neville Medhora - Copywriter


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    Thanks @Candace Wong

    Yeah it's a wildly different feel from just cement floors to full studio. 

    It actually has the capability to be a full 3-camera filming studio, but I rarely do that at home anymore, I much prefer going to a dedicated studio away from home for that. 

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    I really liked this random piece of content. 

    I haven't finished watching the video yet. But I probably liked it because I've been on the fence about recording and editing videos for just too long. I can't even begin to say. 

    I decided to walk away from social media marketing and content strategy, instead of overcoming my fear of video editing. 

    Any tips on how to edit videos for the super dummy?
    Please share. 

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    I did this before about a year ago....but just don't think it's suppeerrrr relevant to most people. Also there's soooo many amazing lighting videos on YouTube!!


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    Very cool Neville! I agree, that space has a great vibe! I'd love for you to zero in more on the marketing books you have on your book shelf over there - it would be interesting to know what you like and gravitate towards.

    Thanks for the tour!

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    This is awesome, Neville!
    Thanks -- it would be great to have you do a similar vid where you run down your camera, lights, etc.

    Maybe you've already done this!

    either way, THANKS!

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    @Neville, daaaaaangg your office setup is dope. Jealous of the concrete floor (well jealous of all of it!) but it would have been a nightmare for your audio. It looks so inviting now! Great home office inspiration!

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    Thanks @Alecia Lott! Yes the original room sounded like an echo chamber! 

    I went through several iterations of rugs, and finally found that Home Depot sells amazing GIANT RUGS for like $200! 

    That's what I'm using in there and it reduced echo by such a crazy large amount!

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