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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday November 10th, 2023)

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    Edition: Friday, November 10th, 2023
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:



    This would be such a cool experiment to try out. Walk around in public with a QR code and see how many website visits you get!



    When an industry dies, it doesn’t just disappear into oblivion right away. It slowly shrinks, then shrivels, then consolidates, then becomes a small niche. Think:

    •Gas lanterns.
    •Vinyl records.
    •Horse carriages.


    The people who survive an industry collapse are the ones who are the most adaptable.

    The ones who constantly learn new skills.

    Are there any skills YOU are learning for the upcoming 2024 year?


    Great chart by @asmartbear shows how cash in the bank affects your lifestyle at different levels.


    • $1,000 = “I can’t lose my job.”
    • $100,000 = “I can own my house.”
    • $2,000,000+ = “I can have freedom.”
    • $50,000,000 = “I only fly private.”


    I went to The Sphere this weekend in Las Vegas to see U2 and it was so damn cool, here's a mini-tour (with videos):


    From far this is what The Sphere looks like: A big ole light up ball


    In the daytime you can still see it, but it's slightly "washed out" with direct sunlight:


    From far it looks like sharp and crisp



    The screen does different things:
    - Acts as a giant projector.
    - Sometimes just showed ambient background color
    - Looks like a background for different scenes

    This is the first show they did with The Sphere, so I can't wait to see what other cool sets they come up with!


    Check out a bunch of videos of the concert and the cool effects of the Sphere on my twitter:




    The "Pareto Principle" states 20% of activity will account for 80 percent of results.

    You can see it demonstrated here on certain consumer products.

    Things like detergent, chocolate, and toilet paper are used by almost everyone...


    ...but things like cigarettes, beer, and soft drinks are consumed mostly by the top 20% of users.

    You will notice this in many areas of life:
    20% of your clients will account for
    80% of your revenue.
    20% of your friends will account for 80% of time hanging out.
    20% of taxpayers will account for 80% of the tax paid.



    We're about to do a giant Black Friday sale at Copywriting Course this month.

    What would make it an ABSOLUTE NO BRAINER for you to join Copywriting Course for a year?
    Reply and let me know!

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    • Administrator

    Nope...not for the rest of the year. I would HIGHLY SUGGEST paying attention to the emails in the next few weeks, there might be some discounts 🙂

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    What I would love is a program or membership that would comprise of 2-5 projects or assignments per week that require copywriting for my specific business - promotion, social posting, curriculum creation, landing pages, etc. Along with that would be your services of coming alongside with editing and all that goes along with getting ready to publish, market, post, etc. And if I had my way, it would only cost $10-$15/month.

    I would love to know what you really offer.

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    • Administrator

    This is great feedback!

    1.) We do have exercises inside, but not 1 per week. I am STRONGLY considering this. 

    2.) $10/mo might be too low for that kind of help. We will start selling courses individually soon, but that won't include full support.

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    For the black Friday sale - any chance of bringing monthly option back at a discount?

    That would make it very hard for me to ignore. 

    Appreciate all of your content and the value that you consistently provide.

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    Since I'm pretty sure you provide unbelievable value, if you provide 1/2 months free if I access a waiting list it will be a no-brainer to join the course. And I'm sure lots of people will stay in. 

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    • Administrator

    Hey Francesco not a bad idea....although with "free trials" you sometimes get weird people. 

    Maybe a trial where you can see but can't post COULD be interesting, we'll see!

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    I'm responding to this request "What would make it an ABSOLUTE NO BRAINER for you to join Copywriting Course for a year?"

    Please show me a path or two that offers the different courses or modules I can take to get a large following on various platforms. For instance, to grow on Twitter, do these three courses, or to expand on YouTube, take these 5, plus add my partner (insert name here) class on video equipment. Or whatever. The course seems good for learning how to write, but I am unclear on how I take that and grow an audience. But maybe I'm just dense!

    Maybe I'm not your target. I want to grow an audience. Your course seems good if I want to learn to be a copywriter. While I'll need to understand writing to grow an audience, I'm not seeing much content on your course on audience growth. But maybe I'm missing something

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    • Administrator

    This is honestly great feedback Jim. 

    We do actually teach how to grow on email and social, but I don't think it's well shown on our sales material. 


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    I love your Friday emails; I signed up a few years ago after you did an interview with Steve at mywifequitherjob. 

    1. I've almost joined the Copywriting Course numerous times. I'm not sure what my answer to the no-brainer-sign-me-up question is exactly, but I have 2 thoughts about why I haven't signed up yet. Maybe some feedback on my questions will help.

    I'd most likely end up using the forum for feedback and help with everything from ads to webpages to emails more than actually taking the course. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to take the courses within the subscription, many look interesting, but I'm overextended as it is. Is it okay to use the subscription like that? 

    2. I'm not necessarily interested in trying to sell a crazy ton like most seem to assume a business would want to do. My company makes custom fit organic bras, underwear and clothing, each item is made only after it is ordered. We are hyper focused on the details of fit and comfort for each customer and use high quality materials so their stuff will last a long time. Our customers are mostly women in their 40's to 70's who are willing to pay a little more because they know their stuff will fit exactly right, last a long time and is made by a woman-owned US company that pays their employees well - and they know it takes time to make their stuff, so they aren't into instant gratification. Do you think there are professionals in the forum that would be able to help me write stuff that would speak to that type of customer? 

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    • Administrator

    Hey Nikki this is GREAT feedback, thank you. 

    1.) A lot of people come just for the forum feedback and Office Hours feedback...and that's 100% ok! We love that 🙂 

    2.) The funny thing is almost ALL sales copy is very similar....of course some small tone differences are there depending on your audience, but selling is about pyschology of your audience, not so much specific click-baity phrases or anything. 

    You'd be a perfect candidate for CC if you ever join. Maybe keep an eye out for some "upcoming deals" next week 😬

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