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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday November 3rd, 2023)

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    Edition: Friday, November 3rd, 2023
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:



    This is the simplest and most effective demonstration of sugar content I’ve ever seen.

    Seeing a Coca-Cola label say “39g of sugar” doesn’t have the same bite as SEEING this giant bag of sugar:



    Looks matter!

    This guys AirBnB revenue went up after painting his rental house black:

    This was in Mt Hood, Oregon...and the simple act of touching up the rental made it more profitable!


    My dream marketing experiment would be to put a QR code on the Las Vegas Sphere and see how many people click it!


    Side Note: I am flying to The Sphere today in Las Vegas see U2!

    I love U2, and am 40% excited to see them....but 60% excited just to see The Sphere in person!!

    I'll post some pics on my Instagram.


    Yesterday I met up a bunch of popular Twitter peeps IRL (In Real Life) for some pizza! I already knew half the people, but it's fun when you go from following someone online to meeting up in person!


    Pic: @aymanalabdul @KHendersonCo @ryandeiss@nickgraynews@PaddyG96@sweatystartup@_hunterhammonds@thejustinwelsh@nevmed@SievaKozinsky




    The gym I go to has “recovery center” with sauna, cold plunge…plus like 10 other things for recovery.

    This one is an “EWOT” (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy).

    The big bag is filled with pure oxygen and you suck it in through a hose while huffing and puffing on a bike:


    You have to wear this mask so you inhale only pure oxygen.

    I've done it twice...I'm not sure if this stuff works or if it's just interesting and fun to try.


    This other "treatment" I recently tried is a bed and chair with electric nodes that shock you and make your muscles twitch.


    I've done it twice and I think I'm gonna stop, it just scares me.

    I used my AirPods/iPhone while on it and they both started glitching from the electric currents 😳


    Like I said....I have no idea if any of these things actually help a ton, but they are fun to try!




    These NuoBell 80lbs dumbbells are the most commonly used thing in my home gym:

    One twist of the handle and they switch weight from 5lbs up to 80 Ibs, so it's easy to do multiple sets with different weights and not a lot of time adjusting the dumbbell...


    The downside is they are more expensive than other adjustable dumbbells and they're a little more delicate. I won't "drop" these abruptly like you can with regular dumbbells.

    However it's great to have a full range of weights that take up little space and look cool!


    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    @Neville Medhora Portable Electrical muscle stimulation units are great and effective for recovery and even better for rehab.

    The idea for recovery is that the muscle pumping increases circulation. That helps bring nutrients to the muscles and carry away waste.

    If you're immobile it doesn't take long for your muscles to waste away. Muscle stimulation can activate the muscles without harming the injured area.

    It's also used a lot for relief of pain.

    For healthy individuals the body is pretty good at getting all the oxygen it needs. When we need more oxygen we breathe harder. 

    No research to support supplemental oxygen.

    But like you say, it's fun to try.

    Any time you can get more enjoyment out of exercise and get to relax more is almost always a good thing.


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    Good stuff, Neville.
    These recovery gyms are popping up everywhere! I just joined "Reset" in Colorado and like you, I'm skeptical of some of it but fun to try and I feel great after. 

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    • Administrator

    Yeah I was part of one that did hot tub, cold tub, sauna....all of which I think in combination are great. 

    Some of these newer treatments DO seem a *bit* hokey to me...but then, who knows:


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    Your Friday emails always make me smile 😊. They’re so good and entertaining! 

    I’m a Naturopath that helps adults living with eczema achieve consistent clear skin naturally,

    And I loved the “sugar content in drinks” picture you shared.

    Is it ok if I use the pic for my own newsletter? 

    It would motivate many people to avoid sugary drinks 🩷

    I’m such a fan of your work. 🤩

    You inspire me to continue improving my communication skills especially since English is my 2nd language. 

    Thank you for your amazing newsletter,

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    • Administrator

    Hey Ramon, it's Central Athlete. 

    I use them for remote coaching (through an app they make all my workouts). But I generally go to Squatch for my everyday gym (or home gym 1/2 the time).

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    Perfect timing. Getting ready to setup home gym and was looking for adjustable dumbbells.  The NUO dumbbells you showed, will be perfect. 
    Love your newsletters by the way.  

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    • Administrator


    Like I said, maybe don't slam them down after every set, but otherwise they look amazing and work great. I think I use them everyday (even if for a 30 second pump)!

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