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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday November 24th, 2023)

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    Edition: Friday, November 24th, 2023
    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!


    🎤 Listen to this email here:



    This billboard is simple and totally brilliant!

    Plot Twist: It’s not real, it was just a fun Reddit thread, but this billboard would probably work well IRL (although it would need some contact info on it)!



    A $2,200 laptop, used ~8 hours a day, after 3 years costs $0.31/hour.

    Totally worth it!


    I dropped $3,000 on a new iMac M3, the previous iMac was great, but the new one is so fast it saves seconds doing many small tasks and saves hours rendering videos. 

    Divide that cost by usage and it comes to:
    Year 1: $1.25/hour
    Year 2: $0.63/hour
    Year 3: $.42/hour


    If you can....always spend the extra money for a machine you work on 8 hours a day!



    What do people want to work on in 2024??

    I asked this question in this newsletter, here's the most common answers:
    • Start a side hustle
    • Create an online store
    • Create a blog
    • Write a book/eBook
    • Build or scale a business
    • Create a website
    • Sell a digital product
    • Build a course


    I was surprised to see how high "build an online store" and "build a blog" still rank!


    Checkout this awesome retro advertising for an AppSumo promotion! This is emulating the box of Windows 95….except with a taco 🌮



    This whole Sam Altman getting fired by the OpenAI board drama has been fun!


    • It’s like nerd version of Kardashians.
    • Everyone is following along together.
    • The story unfolds more every hour.
    • We all have a personal connection to ChatGPT.
    • “Guilt Free” drama bc not about a war.

    Since everyone in the world now has hyper-personalized entertainment (YouTube Channels, people they follow on social media, streaming anytime), it's kind of fun when a news story un-furls live for everyone!


    Did you know...
    That right this moment....
    You can get my Copywriting Course for 50% off + 2 Free Months??


    This is by far the lowest price we've ever offered in our history.

    The Copywriting Course for 12 months would normally cost $750...but...

    If you use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY right now, you'll get it for $375 for FOURTEEN MONTHS (that's 2 months to slack off, then 1 full year to utilize us to build/rewrite/learn)!


    This is a pretty dang awesome deal (best in history), so grab it now!

    I mean this is a no-brainer if you were thinking of buying and waiting for the best price. Offer ends tonight!

    I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    I'm doing the "Creating Images" course here, and now I know how you created the stickmen! Before, I always wondered how and what software you used! 

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    I just watched a few videos and I can say this course is definitely worth it, I knew about the AIDA framework but nobody explained it better than you. I'm gonna Update my SaaS Website home page. 

    I'm surprised people want to start a blog in 2024. I have been blogging since 2017 (Started Monetising with Google AdSense then jumped into Affiliate Marketing and then Sold digital products). 

    However, I have decided to quit blogging now, not completely but I will not put my 100% attention into this.

    The reason is Google's new update SGE, ChatGPT, and Bing Chat have reduced CTR drastically. In fact, Venture Capital (I forget the name) behind Udemy also published a new report mentioning that SGE will reduce clicks you should focus on video and other forms of content. 

    I have decided to focus more on organic social media, especially TikTok 

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    • Administrator

    That's so amazing to hear @Harinderpreet Singh! I have noticed a huge change from the importance of SEO and moving to social as well:

    Nov 2023 accounts reached through Copywriting Course:
    • YouTube: 124,000
    • CopywritingCourse.com: 87,922
    • SwipeFile.com: 42,517
    • Instagram: • 51,000
    • TikTok: 258,000
    • Email: 58,650
    • Total: 622,089

    SEO is a small part of views compared to social now.

    ....however I THINK I have a plan to reverse this in 2024.

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