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    I want you to hand-copy this ad ⬇

    Get a piece of paper and hand-copy this Clixlo Price Comparison Ad:



    Snap a photo of your hand-written Clixlo Ad and post it below.
    (...or email it to Neville@CopywritingCourse.com if you're not a member).

    We promise not to judge your handwriting skills!

    ⬇ ⬇ ⬇


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    Neville said 2 minutes ago:

    This ad easily shows a company why they should switch!

    So true.  I noticed the price is missing from my copywork... I think that's because I was sold on the software already. 😅

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    Stumbled across this with a sleeping baby on me, so instead of waiting for him to wake up so I can get pen + paper, I just went to Canva. I hope it doesn't take away from the exercise...I feel like it was interesting just to build it out in Canva regardless.

    Making the font bold vs unbold, the italicized vs not. Even the different font size they used was interesting to consider. 


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    Hey @Neil Mclaren good on you for at least doing this, I think it teaches so much to make a comparison like this. 

    You could substitute "Softwares" with something else. 

    However this images is one of my all time favorites in terms of it shows how much time and money and hassle and complication you can save with a single program!

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    Thanks for the feedback Gordon. 

    The point of the lesson was not about the company but this specific type of ad. But appreciate it!

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