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    Writing Online For Fun (Where will YOU write in 2024?

    Here's why I love writing...and not just for business reasons (Video):

    Over time writing online has become intertwined with “making money online” but I’d say there’s a HUGE COMPONENT of fun, curiosity and personal mental exploration to it!

    “Writing” is often less typing, and more thinking and organizing your thoughts.

    That process often looks like this:

    1.) You have a bunch of disorganized thoughts:


    2.) You edit, organize, and tighten those thoughts:


    3.) You end up with a quick & clean output!


    There's so many reasons to write for fun that are beneficial personally and business-wise: 

    • It's like mental exercise.
    • The more you do it, the easier it gets.
    • You get lots more ideas by writing things down.
    • It forces your brain to organize and think deeper about your random thoughts.
    • Sometimes an idea sounds awesome in your head, but when you write it down it feels half-baked, so you tighten it.
    • Some of your good writings can turn into social media posts, video scripts, business ideas and more.


    Where do you plan on writing more in 2024? 
    Reply to this email with your choices and let me know!
    A.) Blog
    B.) Facebook
    C.) Instagram
    D.) Journaling
    E.) LinkedIn
    F.) Medium
    G.) Newsletter
    H.) Reddit
    I.) TikTok
    J.) Twitter/X
    K.) YouTube
    L.) Other (Which platform?)
    M.) None

    I will report back with the results from everyone. 
    Neville Medhora - Writer

    P.S. Here’s the results:


    The answers were in this order:

    1. Blog: 36
    2. LinkedIn: 31
    3. Newsletter: 29
    4. Twitter/X: 25
    5. Facebook: 23
    6. Journaling: 21
    7. Instagram: 17
    8. Medium: 17
    9. YouTube: 15
    10. Other: 13
    11. TikTok: 8
    12. None: 6
    13. Reddit: 3

    Blog, LinkedIn, Newsletter, and Twitter/X were the big winners:


    Super interesting!


    Recommended Comments

    • Administrator

    My answers to survey are kind of "All of the above." 

    A.) Blog
    C.) Instagram
    E.) LinkedIn
    G.) Newsletter
    J.) Twitter/X
    K.) YouTube

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    I've been considering this question for a few days, and boom! @Neville is on it. 

    Right now I'm thinking Notion. Then transfer appropriate and polished content to other platforms. 

    Anybody have thoughts on blogs that are secure and reasonably priced? Much as I enjoy Google, I don't love the idea of them crawling and selling my subconscious thoughts. 


    Edited by Ian Connel
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    • Administrator

    Hey @Ian Connel I am a big fan of classic Wordpress without the hassle of Wordpress.....so maybe Wordpress.com for a personal blog? 

    For example I looovveee posting on NevBlog.com where I have no comments enabled, so it's just an empty space (yet still public enough) for my mind to wander.


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    Guest Evangeline

    Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok! I'm loving your newsletters, just signed up recently. I look forward to learning from you! 

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    • Administrator

    Nice one Bonaventure, I didn't think to put WhatsApp on there 🤔

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    • Administrator

    That's so awesome Srđan! I used to use a bunch of similar things to write as well 🙂 

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    • Administrator

    Nice one Jeanette, I like email newsletter because they have built in distribution vs blogs.

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    Thank you very much for your insightful and educative emails. I really appreciate.

    I intend to write more on Facebook and LinkedIn this year.

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