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    Optimize your LinkedIn profile with a better CTA



    If you’re a regular poster on LinkedIn, you can get a lot of people looking at your profile. 

    Having a big audience is great - but the real goal is to get those people to do something like:

    • Subscribe to your emails.
    • Buy a product from you.
    • Hire you.

    …and that means visiting your website. 

    Most people add a link to their site in the About section of their LinkedIn profile.

    That might work, but it’s easy to get lost on the profile page. 

    Instead, there’s a really easy way to add a CTA that you can’t miss. 

    Here’s how to turn your profile visits into website visits.


    Step 1: Add a profile section.



    Step 2: Click “Add featured”.



    Step 3: Click the plus icon.



    Step 4: Add your CTA link.



    Then, you should end up with a big section on your profile linking back to your site. 



    This should help you turn more of your profile viewers into website visitors! 

    (Prefer a video version? Here's a walkthrough I recorded for a member who posted a LinkedIn question in the forum)




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    Also @Jerome Huff is going to host his Linked100 challenge, I'll definitely participate! Been hearing from many people lately that LinkedIn is so big but under utilized, reminiscent of Facebook in 2014.

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    Great post, @Dan - Copywriting Course

    When I tried this, I noticed that LinkedIn doesn't let you edit anything about the feature link image. It seems to just grab the first image in the page body.

    That's fine if you control the page or the page has a good image. But, a lot of pages don't have images that look good in the square or are relevant to your CTA.


    ABOVE: My homepage gives me my social proof logos. Cool for my site, not so great for LinkedIn.

    The Workaround:

    If you don't control the page or don't feel like making a new page just for LinkedIn, here's the work around I used. Create a CTA post.

    Step 1: Create a new post on LinkedIn.


    Step 2: Write your post, but DO NOT include any links. This is important. If you add a link first it removes the option to add a photo.


    Step 3: Add a photo to your post.

    Important: To make sure the part you want visible is shown in the featured profile section, it should in the middle of your image. A 1:39:1 rectangle to be exact. I made my image square, but on your profile, LinkedIn actually crops it down to a 359x259px size, or a 1.39:1 aspect ratio.



    Step 4: Once you have your image, you can add a CTA link and any LinkedIn hashtags.


    Step 5: Post your CTA post, and then follow @Dan - Copywriting Course's steps above, but choose "Add a post" instead.


    The neat side benefit is that you're including a link AND getting your CTA in front of your existing connections. I have around 200 LinkedIn connections and NEVER post anything. This post got me around 480 impressions.





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