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How to Hit 100 Posts Inside Copywriting Course

One of the best ways to become a better writer.....is to write a lot!



So I challenge you to hit 100 posts inside the Copywriting Course Members Area


We've seen people who post 100+ posts get drastically better at writing, more confident at writing, and are able to craft clearer messaging on everything they create.

Here's some ways you can quickly hit 100+ posts!

[Go] Copy Assignments: Get some copy practice.
[Go] Make a work journal: You can see mine here.
[Go] Answer Q&A questions: Answer these simple questions.
[Go] Comment on blog posts: Only members can comment on posts.
[Go] Submit your copy for review: Get copy reviewed and optimized.
[Go] Give feedback on other members copy: Give honest feedback.



Do "Copy Assignments"

For example, we challenge you to "sell this boat."


We'll give you a few details about the boat, then you can write a cold email to sell the boat, and our professional writers inside the forum will review it and let you know how to improve!



Write a daily work journal

This is a great bang-for-your-buck, because you get writing practice AND have some work accountability!

For example I posted a small update in my Daily Work Journal showing where I am writing this post from:


Or here's another post outlining my daily to-do:


The simple act of sorting out your tasks, writing them down, then sharing them with a likeminded private community is EXTREMELY helpful.

You also get other people commenting on your work sometimes with suggestions, or even reaching out saying they are working on something similar and giving tips!


Answer Q&A questions

We ask some simple questions you can easily answer.


Taking a quick second to answer a few of these, and it will naturally get you to think about an answer, craft a message, and share it (all while secretly making you a better writer)!


Leave comments on blog posts

We've got a blog that gets many hundreds of thousands visits a month, and only members can comment on it.

If you hit 50 posts in the forum you get to display you social links, so this often results in some cool exposure!


From these social links alone people have got more exposure, increased their following, and even got hired for gigs and positions!

You never know who might see these, so go comment and participate on the blog!


Submit your copy for review

One of the most popular features inside Copywriting Course is posting your copy, and our professional writers go through and make it better with you.

This way you get realtime feedback on your writing, spot improvements, and learn-by-doing.


What's even cooler is you rack up post counts for getting copy reviewed and interacting with the community inside your thread.



Give feedback on other members copy

You don't have to be an expert writer to give feedback on someone's copy. In fact you can just share what you think is right/wrong about a piece, and give suggestions on what you thought about it.


This is SUPER USEFUL to the person asking for feedback, because it's great to hear from different perspectives



Your Goal:

✏️ Make 100 Posts ✏️

[Go] Give feedback on other members copy
[Go] Submit your copy for review
[Go] Comment on blog posts
[Go] Answer Q&A questions
[Go] Make a work journal
[Go] Copy Assignments


Copywriting Course

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Recommended Comments

This is true! I treat almost every comment and reply as a writing practice. It's a perfect forum for practice and learning to write better.

This is the Copywriting Course after all.

I've even used content I've written here as the seed for:

  • Podcast episodes
  • Blog posts
  • Social Media Posts
  • Business ideas!

None of which would have entered my brain without first writing them down here.

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This is cool. I was thinking about trying to find ways to find my voice in the blogs I want to write, so I suppose I can start with this challenge.

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