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    The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday June 3rd, 2022)

    (Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

    This is a fun email for Friday June 3rd, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


    🎤 Listen to this email here:




    There's an interesting company called MSCHF (like mischief) that does viral contests.

    Look at this cool old-school-looking page for an "MMO-SAT Test" they made:


    At first I thought this was like an SAT test contest, but MMO-SAT means Massive Multiplayer Online Standardized Test.

    This MSCHF company does "drops" and this particular contest is #70 in a sequence of ~100 they are doing.

    They do lots of other contests like this, and release a list of their next "drops "so people can anticipate them:


    No one has any clue if they make money or not, but this is super interesting company, and really cool how they "manufacture virality" over and over again!





    I used to regularly try to lucid dream (where you "wake up" during a dream and can control it).

    People who lucid dream can do ANYTHING THEY WANT in a dream like fly, or meet celebrities, or hangout with dinosaurs.

    A few years ago I spent months trying to do this, and could "become conscious" inside a dream with some regularity, but it would only last for up to 20 seconds (I would get so excited that I was inside a lucid dream that I'd knock myself out of it)!

    The most reliable method I found to enter a lucid dream:
    Look at both hands before you go to bed.

    #2.) Then when you're dreaming, look at your hands inside the dream, and you'll "wake up" inside the dream!


    So right before I'd go to bed I'd hold up my hands like this, and then if I was ever in a dream during the night, I'd try to "look at my hands inside the dream" and it would all of sudden pop me into the dream and I could control it!

    It's kind of wild this is even a real thing and I've always been fascinated by it!




    I'm just going to assume you have a strange fixation with Shih Tzu dogs like I do, so here are the 3 best Shih Tzu Instagram accounts to follow:

    #1.) Louie the Shih Tzu: @imlouiethetzu


    #2.) Roku the Shih Tzu: @its.me.roku.the.shihtzu


    #3.) Kimbap the Shih Tzu: @kimbap_the_shihtzu


    If you follow these, I'm pretty sure your life will be happier. LOOK AT THOSE FACES!! 🙂

    P.S. These dog accounts tend to have goofy sound effects, so I almost always watch the videos on mute.

    P.P.S. I spend way too much time looking at these accounts 😂




    If anyone needs a simple plan for the gym, this one-pager is what I use:


    This is what my friend Billy Murphy used to win a #1 spot in a body building competition despite no previous experience.

    Obviously he also had a very clean diet (which is probably more important than the working out part).

    I've also scribbled this workout on my home gym wall. It's very helpful on days when I don’t know what to do, so I just pick a number and crank through it!


    Maybe keep that photo in your phone, and if you ever need a workout to follow, just do one of those 🙂




    One thing we do at Copywriting Course is run a community where we practice writing and re-write each others copy.


    Here's the stats from from last month (May 2022):
    • 37 videos added
    • 1,610 posts written
    • 2,705 likes given
    • 229,312 words written
    • 1,498,233 characters written
     See live feed

    I'm very proud of a lot of "wins" we constantly get (see a live updated list of wins), such as:

    “Implemented your suggestion for the headline and it worked! It had a CTR jump from 11% to 24%.” MH

    “3 leads came in today after applying what I learned from your feedback.” LB

    “Got advice on Office Hours, implemented it, immediately got 9x engagement on LinkedIn posts” CO

    “I count on you guys to double check every piece of copy I send out. Your critiques are always spot on. You never disappoint.” LW

    “Open rates on my newsletter are about 70% among my active subscribers! I couldn't have done it without your feedback and support!” KR

    If you're looking for help on any of your copy, right now (mid-2022) might be a great time to start.

    We're halfway through the year, so this is the time to optimize all your emails, webpages, product pages, and offerings for Q4:


    TODAY is the last day of our mid-year sale, so signup now!
    Normal: $750
    Today: Get 35% off!
    (use coupon code MID22 at checkout)





    It was Memorial Day a few days ago, so I'd like to thank all the people who made the USA a great place to live.


    My family lived out the American Dream and it’s pretty awesome 🙂

    I feel very grateful for:
    • The opportunity to work
    • The opportunity to express
    • The opportunity to participate
    • The opportunity to be a value add

    I'm also grateful for you reading this email. Thank you 😊



    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
    Neville Medhora - 
    CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed







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    Hey Neville,

    Couldn't agree with you more about Shih Tzu's. I've had two. (They're both waiting for me now on the Rainbow Bridge.) Plus, I also love poodles.

    Right now, I have two toy poodles. The teacup is going through a 'dump over food' phase. Hoping this will pass soon.😂

    Thanks for the explanation you gave for lucid dreaming. I always wondered what it was. I looked it up and found more information. Turns out The Lucidity Institute specializes in this technique.

    Have a great Sunday,


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