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    The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday June 17th, 2022)

    (Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)
    This is a fun email for Friday June 17th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


    🎤 Listen to this email here:



    I love old school ads, and these decades-old Range Rover ads do a great job of two main things:

    #1.) The Range Rover can handle tough terrain.
    #2.) The Range Rover looks good.

    For example in this it says "You can drive it as if it were your brother-in-law's" and it shows the RR going over some crazy difficult terrain:


    Not sure why the person who hates this his brother-in-law so much....but we get the point 😂

    This next ad promotes the suspension of the Range Rover by comparing them to Nike Air's (which in the 90's were a huge hit).

    This ad is good at just showing the product also:


    This next Range Rover ad is my favorite. It doesn't even show the product (up close at least). 

    It just shows the Range Rover going wayyyyy off the beaten path, opting for taking a desert sand drive instead of a comfy highway like all the other cars:



    Here’s the computer program of my life:

    load (Neville){
    0: Born
    20: Make money
    30: Slow down
    40: Family
    50: End competitive working life
    60: Family
    85: End;


    Yours is likely the same, maybe some variance in numbers.

    Almost every biography I’ve ever read ends with “wish I spent even more time with friends and family.”

    The journey is the point 🙂



    I recently spoke with designer Chris Do  on a podcast about:

    "If you change words around on a page, it often makes a dramatic impact."

    "If you can't do it on the side, you probably can't do it full time."

    "They're doing a bad job, but in spite of that, doing well."

    You can listen to the whole podcast here.


    Here's a fun weekend project I did:

    I added an "Ab and Stretching Area" to my garage gym. Here's a quick tour:

    Here's what the garage gym looked like (those are chalkboard walls):



    I always thought this concrete lip was wasted space, and could be turfed or padded in some way:



    My friend Sam was clearing out his garage down the street and had some leftover turf, so I took it:



    I cleared off all the stuff on the concrete lip. Unfortunately this means removing the table that held my speakers, lamp, and star projector:



    I laid out the turf and measured it (making sure the grain of the "grass" is all the same direction):



    Started slicing up the turf, using turf tape to attach the 4 different pieces:



    Then glued all the turf down to the concrete so it doesn't move:



    Then let it sit for a while to settle in:



    Started putting stuff back on it:



    Including these two stool thingies to use for stretching and sitting:



    Downside of this....the speakers had nowhere to go 😳



    Luckily this meant I got to do another project! I bought some speaker mounts to hang the speakers:



    Mounting the speakers on studs:



    Got them mounted, but it had this big droopy cable showing:



    The next step is to route these speaker and power wires behind the drywall:


    Unfortunately these are exterior facing walls with insulation behind them and cross-brace studs....so I'll have to call a professional to hide the cables for me (I checked on YouTube....it's a little above my skill level)!

    But anyways, now I have an "Ab and Stretching Area" in the gym!


    I've seen online education evolve as technology has become better:

    Education people pay for has changed quite a bit:
    - 2000: PDF file with info.
    - 2010: Online course with video.
    - 2022: Communities + Results.

    Pure how-to’s and information are nearly 100% free now.

    Loved this Tweet about it:



    Inside the Copywriting Course we have "assignments" people can do, and one of them is "Marking Up Images."

    One of the images we have people markup is this one:


    These are just practice-grounds to learn image skills + showing off features and benefits.

    Just for fun, look at some of the different results people have posted in the assignment (only members can view that link):


    T.R. Posted:



    J.P. Posted:



    D.M. Posted:



    B.B. Posted:



    R.R. Posted:



    Those are all amazing....but I have to say the best designed one so far is this one.

    Q.A. Posted:


    Cool to watch people learning + doing + sharing...and watching a simple picture of a sneaker take on different forms!

    Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
    Neville Medhora -
    CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed



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    @Neville, are you a mind reader?  I'm getting close to 50, and I'm absolutely done with "Competitive working life" as in corporate job and office politics.  

    Working toward having my own business.

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    • Administrator

    Hey @Donny Widjaja great minds think alike 😛

    I don't think I'll be DONE working at 50, however "competitive" work life will fade:

    • By 50 family + other priorities might be more interesting than money making.
    • If you're 50 trying to compete on newer industries or tech (like with 18 year TikTok'ers) it'll be an uphill battle. 

    I think my goal by 50 will be to either be fully financially set, or at least be in an industry where youth isn't over-favored.

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    @Neville I sure did! Again so cool to add our images on your STUPID (lol) email. I love being creative with this stuff and I'm learning so much just in the short time I've been here.

    Being a graphic designer for many years, I could have achieved so much more with marketing partner by my side and now I have one. ty 🙏 

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    Neville said 5 hours ago:

    or at least be in an industry where youth isn't over-favored.

    That's why I own a knitting/quilting shop. LOLOLOL

    Uh oh. I just perpetuated a stereotype. Oh well. I like grandmothers. They're cool. 

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