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    Classic Volkswagen Beetle Ads


    The Volkswagen Beetle was a remarkably weird car when it came out. 

    • It was slow.
    • It was small.
    • It was gas efficient.

    It was the total opposite of all major cars of the day!

    Since they couldn't advertise the car based on speed and cool-factor, they went the total opposite and showed how cheap and reliable it was.

    Let's go through some of these Classic Volkswagen "Bug" Ads:

    #1.) "Lemon" (1960)

    image for step 1

    This ad makes you do a double take thinking, "why would they call their own car a lemon??"

    Turns out they go into the rigorous process used to ensure your car is not a lemon, and sell the car that way.

    This was a very popular and talked-about ad in 1960.


    #2.) "It isn't so" (1961)

    image for step 2

    This was a funny thing some VW Bug owners would do: Make it look like the car was a wind-up toy!

    Volkswagen cleverly used this to show off the Beetle's high gas mileage and low cost. This was great "Marketing Judo" which turned around a funny jab at the car into a selling point.

    #3.) “Why are the wheels crooked?” (1962)

    image for step 3

    This amazing Volkswagen ad has a VERY catchy headline and image that make you want to read the finer copy!

    This is a perfect example of catching the readers idea, grabbing their attention, and sending them down the "Slippery Slope" of reading.

    #4.) "If You Run Out Of Gas It's Easy To Push" (1962)

    image for step 4

    This ad from 1962 shows the insane 32 mile per gallon efficiency of the VW Beetle, and also hilariously shows that if you do run out of gas, it's uniquely small size makes it easy to push. 

    It also "subtley sells" the car by showing how low maintenance it is, so that the driver might "forget about gas stations" since they visit them so infrequently!

    #5.) "A hole in the roof" (1963)

    image for step 5


    This VW Beetle ad harps on the fact the car has barely any expensive options, so for the list price of $1,595 you could get pretty much the entire package....no crazy expensive extra options needed!

    #6.) "Sooner or Later" (1964)

    image for step 6

    Oof....this ad will likely not hack it today, but it was meant to display how easily parts on the Volkswagen Beetle were able to be replaced.

    #7.) "It makes your house look bigger" (1964)

    image for step 7

    This Volkswagen Bug ad from 1964 has a catchy headline, but gets the reader to understand that the smallness of the car is it's major benefit....it uses less gas, lower maintenance bills, barely any upkeep costs.

    #8.) "Interchangeable Parts" (1965)

    image for step 8


    This is a 1965 Beetle ad that cleverly demonstrated a Volkswagen Beetle has extremely interchangeable parts.

    #9.) "Keeps the Dampness Out" (1967)

    image for step 9

    This clever ad talks about how a Volkswagen Beetle can actually FLOAT IN WATER!

    It goes on to brag about the tight seals on the car, and how it's nearly airtight so it doesn't get damp or let moisture in.

    #10.) "Every new one comes slightly used" (1968)

    image for step 10

    This ad shows how each Volkswagen Beetles undergoes 16,000 inspections, is driven 3 miles, and is broken in before delivering to it's new owner.

    #11.) "It's ugly but it gets you there" (1969)

    image for step 11


    Two weeks after the first lunar excursion modules landed on the Moon, Volkswagen promoted their notoriously "ugly" VW Beetle with this ad.

    It's great how much fun Volkswagen poked at themselves!

    Hope you enjoyed all these classic VW Beetle ads! 

    They are amazing pieces of advertising and imagery!

    Neville Medhora - Copywriting Course





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    • Administrator

    You're welcome @qaisayoub!  Actually I'm adding a whole bunch more shortly. This was just the first 6, got 6 more coming. I wanna slowly add all my favorite ad sets here 🙂 

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    These are a treat to see. So good. 

    I had a friend who had a Beetle. She liked it best when kids punched each other as she drove by--"Punchbuggy Blue!" 

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    Neville said Just now:

    As a kid there were tons of VW Bugs around.....don't think it's still the case but I remember punching people when I saw one too 😂

    Wouldn't it be the best thing in the world to own a car like this, and be able to watch kids hit each other over and over as you drove around? The power trip! 🤣

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