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    The Ultimate To Do List

    This is a daily to-do list format that can potentially change your life:
    ✔ You can see when work is done for the day.
    ✔ It keeps track of appointments.
    ✔ It keeps you more focused.

    Here's how you make it →

    Start with a blank sheet of paper:

    image for step 1

    I prefer using yellow legal notepads, but any type of paper is fine.


    Draw a line at the top and write today's date:

    image for step 2

    For example: Monday, August 8th, 2022.


    Write out all your daily tasks:

    image for step 3

    I like drawing a small bullet point next to each item, such as:
    • Add to Copywriting Course Community
    • Review blog post from Cristina
    • Write email to client


    Draw a line on right side and add your appointments:

    image for step 4

    You can now see exactly what times you have appointments in one easy place. 

    I like how it summarizes my whole day in one glance.


    Draw boxes down the page and track what you did every hour:

    image for step 5

    This way you know if you've been productive or slacking off.  If I wake up early I'll see tons of boxes filled out by 2pm.

    If I wake up late, maybe 2 boxes filled out.


    Draw a line at the bottom and write a summary of the day:

    image for step 6

    Sometimes instead of a summary I'll use this area to write notes.


    Here's how everything looks when filled out:

    image for step 7

    The rough layout of everything looks like this:



    Take a scrap piece of paper and put a piece of tape at the top:

    image for step 8


    Tape the paper over your to-do list, finish that first task...

    image for step 9

    You can ONLY work on this item until it's done. 

    No other tasks will distract you since the paper is covering everything else. 

    Start working on that task till finished...


    When done, scratch task off the list, move paper down, work on next task:

    image for step 10


    I use this method to quickly knock out tasks:

    image for step 11


    Once you scratch off the last task, you're done for the day! 

    image for step 12

    I make it a rule that once I scratch off my entire to-do list, I'm not allowed to do anymore work.

    This to-do list trick has helped myself and thousands of others focus on work, get it finished, then go play.


    Watch this to-do list come to life:

    image for step 13

    With a simple pen and paper, you can create this to-do list every single day with just a minute or less of time.


    Watch this to-do list in action


    Hope this is useful to you....tens of thousands of people have adopted this to-do list method over the years, and I hope you do too. 

    Neville Medhora 





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    I remember this one! Gotta love Neville for how he simplifies things and cuts through the BS. I love breaking things down into three's - just like the monthly goals. Awesome!

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