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    Making Calculators and Generators to be #1 in search engines over blog posts

    Here's some example generators and calculators we've made:
    • Writing Prompt Generator
    • Product Pricing Calculator
    • Freelance Pricing Calculator

    • Gross Profit Calculator
    • Twitter Idea Generator
    • Value Based Pricing Calculator

    • Blog Post Idea Generator
    • Company Buyout Calculator
    • Title Generator
    • CopyWork Typer
    • Cost Analysis Calculator
    • Consulting Name Generator

    • Book Profit Calculator
    • Cold Email Calculator

    • Caffeine Calculator
    • Newspaper Name Generator
    • Roast Generator

    • Recurring Revenue Calculator
    • Book Title Generator
    • Death Calculator

    • Monthly Goal Planner
    • Product Name Generator
    • Event Name Generator
    • Restaurant Name Generator
    • Podcast Name Generator
    • Marketing Company Name Gen

    • Email List Ideas (and Generator)
    • Conversion Rate Calculator
    • Business Idea Generator

    I wanna talk to you about an interesting topic. It's website, calculators, and generators. Do you know what these are? So instead of saying, I'm gonna write a blog post about podcast names and how to come up with a podcast name. Well, if I'm clever enough and no little JavaScript, or can hire someone who knows how I can make a.

    Clever little title generator for your podcast. And instead of telling someone how to make a podcast name, what if I just do it for you? That's kind of what they want. Right? If there was a magic machine where they could say generate me a podcast name and it does it. They would obviously use something like that.

    So that's the magic of a calculator or generator. You can make these on websites, but it does involve a little bit of programming knowledge and maybe some knowledge on how to make one of these calculators. So I'm gonna share a couple of different stories about some different calculators and generators and some of the goods and bads of each.

    Now let's talk about the good side of a generator or a calculator is the good side is you can instantly get to the top of the search results much quicker. So if someone's. How to create a freelance pricing structure? Well, you can write a long blog post about it, but if your blog post has an actual generator that just does it for the person, don't you think that more people would click on that and interact with that post rather than one that just talks about how to do it.

    So that's the cool part about these generators. You can really skip ahead to the beginning of the line with SEO by making cool generators. And it's essentially, you're making software that accomplishes a small little problem for.  so the downside of some of these generators is you can get a little carried away and I've done this before.

    So for example, podcast name generator, I just kinda wanted a quick tool for myself to even generate a podcast name and I made it, but the problem is it'll get 20,000 visits a month, but here's the downside. No one signs up to my stuff. And it's because it's a random person thinking I wanna make a podcast name, whether it's for novelty, whether it's for their business, they just say, I wanna make a podcast name.

    They use a generator and then they get out of there. So there's not a lot of overlap with that topic and buying a copywriting course. Right. So it's not very good traffic, but alas, it is traffic. 

    So let's go through about three different examples of different calculators and generators I've made and some of the goods and bads of them. So here's one the death calculator, you at copywriting course.com/death-calculator. Now is the death calculator. Do you think that's something that overlaps with copywriting?

    Not really, it was just a post and a fun thought experiment about how long I wanna live. And so I decided to make a death calculator out of all the information that I had gathered. Now, here's the funny thing. This death calculator brings in a hell of a lot of traffic a month, maybe 15,000 to 20,000 visits a month.

    But the problem is when I look at the conversion rate it's 0.02 that's 0.002, sorry. 0.0. The conversion rate is zero. The conversion rate is 0.02%. So that means very few people actually sign up to the email. Download.  on that page. And the reason is death calculator, someone looking for like how long they're gonna live.

    And then all of a sudden trying to, you know, get them into a copywriting course or a copywriting course, email newsletter about marketing. It's not really all that appealing. So the death calculator, while it brings in a ton of links and a ton of traffic, it's not very relevant. So would I do it again?

    I don't know. Probably not because it's just not relevant traffic. It just runs up my hosting bill. But it is kind of neat to have, and it is kind of cool. I jumped to the top of the SEO list by just having a calculator, rather than talking about expected dates of death. I just made a calculator and jumped to the beginning.

    But here's a better example of a generator. So for example, there's one called the email list, ideas generator. So what this is is if you're trying to send an email to your email list and you're like, Hmm, What do I send my email list? Well, if you just talk about whatever your subject is and put it in this line, so let's say it's dogs.

    Okay. Well, this generator will automatically spit out a ton of good email ideas for you. So it says dogs plus life. Equals email. So something that's a life. So for example, life is like kids love fears. So you say, take the example of dogs plus life. How do dogs affect your life dogs plus kids? That means what are the dogs like with your kids?

    Are raising kids better with dogs? Is it worse to raise a child without a dog? What do you get out of having a dog? If you have a kid, et cetera, cetera, et cetera. And so it creates a bunch of different ideas for you right away. Now here's. When we're talking about newsletters and copy and what to put in newsletters, this is literally our specialty at copywriting course.

    So this specific generator, while it doesn't get as much traffic as podcast name generator, it gets very targeted traffic. So therefore the sign up rates between five and 10% on this page. So we made a generator. We spent some time and some money. Made a good one. And then it gets downloads and new customers all the time.

    That's totally worth it. So the email list, idea generator, because it's relevant to our industry and the product that we're selling. Great idea. Great. All.

    One more example is the product pricing calculator. So we made this product pricing calculator quite a while ago, and I really made it for myself to scratch a itch. And I said, okay, let's say I wanna make a million dollars over the course of a year. What would I have to do? And so the product pricing calculator.

    Totally helps you answer that question. So instead of telling you how to calculate it, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to the product pricing calculator. It says revenue goal. I'm gonna enter in 1 million and it says months. So 12 months for one year. And it says, show me how much to charge. And then what it does is it breaks down these things into easy to understand charts.

    So it says you wanna make a million dollars in 12 months, you need to make $8,083,000 a month. That's two. $2,700 per day. And then what it says, if you sell a product to make a million dollars and it breaks it down by number. So for example, you need 5,000 people to buy a $200 product that would result in a million dollars, or you need 100 people to buy a $10,000 product.

    And then it breaks it down into much chunkier, different levels. So you can see how much you need to sell based on the size of your audience to make a million dollars in one year. And so that is a helpful calculator and the funny.  a lot of our top topics in our forum are about pricing. So the. Page goes on to talk about pricing over here.

    And then at the bottom we say, download your own free product pricing calculator for keeps and then has the product pricing calculator. And if you click it, there's a little popup. You enter your email and it sends it to you. And that person's now on our email list. So that was a great calculator. To make.

    So that's just a quick overview of calculators and generators and how we've had success using them. And also how we may have made some that are technically successful, but really they bring us in. No good. Anything like there, there there's no signups. There's no comments on the thing. It's just people use it and get out.

    So I would say that if you're gonna make a calculator, make sure that it's a relevant calculator. So you're spending time and money and effort on something that actually comes out good. So for example, let me give you a quick.  there's this kid named Cameron and he works for a company called tu ocean and Tudor ocean was like, Hey, we want you to make us some good SEO content.

    So he was using copywriting course to help him learn how to make SEO content. And it's doing quite well. Some of it's actually starting to rank, which is really cool, but one of the things he thought was, well, a lot of people asked the question, how much does a tutor cost for like a semester? And so he made a post about it, but the post kind of makes them do all the work.

    So I was like, what if you just. A calculator. So we actually ended up making a calculator that figures out how much a tutor will cost. And it basically says what subject you want and the average price. And then it kind of like does the little arithmetic on the, on the website and it shows you that, okay, a six months worth of a physics tutor will cost you $900.

    If you get this person and then it links the person and you actually go click and reserve. So that's an example of where a blog post was, was cool, but it's even next level. If you turn it almost into a little software product by making it a calculator or a generator. So that's a much better way to get people to know and understand how much tutoring they can afford for a semester by just making a calculator.

    And not only that for the company, which, you know, you buy tutors on there, it actually shows you who specifically you can buy to get that price. So I thought that was a great example of a tutor. And that's something we helped in right inside of our copywriting course community and went over. So anyways, if you have a generator, a calculator, and wanna run it by us, jump in our community copywriting course.com/join and show it to us or show us a blog post or some data you think, and we can actually help you formulate what a generator and calculator should be out of it.

    You can really jump to the top of the SEO heap by differentiating yourself with one of these, rather than just a normal blog post. 

    Neville Medhora




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