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    What do YOU think "Copywriting" means? (20+ people's opinion)

    The actual definition of copywriting is:

    "Writing for marketing or advertising purposes."

    But with new mediums of communication like the internet, images, video....the definition of "copywriting" has expanded. Watch:


    "Copywriting is transferring information from my brain to your brain in the best way possible."


    - Neville Medhora - @NevMed

    "Writing with the intent to generate a particular response within the reader."

    "Writing to engage an audience into thought or action."

    "The art of creating emotional connections."

    "Copywriting is word money."

    "Use words to get people to do what you want them to do."

    "Communicating ideas or value proposition clearly."

    - @mfb83

    "Copywriting is the transference of ideas in the most succinct yet relatable way to your audience."

    - Trevor R.

    "Copywriting is identifying a private want on a public scale, and channeling that want to meet your product."

    - Aquallect

    "Copywriting is selling better online."

    - Mason

    "Copywriting is learning how to hotwire your product/service into your ideal customer’s heart strings."

    - Cathy

    "Copywriting is the art of persuading someone to to buy your product or service."

    - Serhat

    "Copywriting teaches you how to catch peoples attention and convince them to buy your product."

    - John

    "Copywriting is improving communication skills and learning how to influence people on a bigger scale than just one by one."

    - John H

    Copywriting = Applied psychology + Storytelling. Goal of copywriting is to communicate to the audience "I have the solution of what you are needing most right now and I am offering you the help."

    "Using words to persuade."

    "Copywriting is an aspect of writing that is action-driven . It is the part of writing that is focused on influencing the reader to take a desired action."

    - Tyrah

    "Copywriting is closing a sale using the written word. A means to persuade, influence and engage clients to make a sale."

    - Olumayowa

    "Copywriting is a slippery slope where the goal of each sentence is for the person to read the next sentence."

    - Yap

    "Copywriting is the art of persuading people using words."

    "Copywriting is (a) understanding your customer and (b) showing them you understand in the most clear way possible."

    "Copywriting is simply transferring a message about a product from one brain to others so that they can buy."

    "explaining fully in detail in an interesting manner also showcasing benefits and other beneficial information."

    - @Teeushar 

    "Engaging prospects to take action such as to buy or subscribe to a product or service."

    "Getting people emotionally engaged to take action...one sentence at a time. Using the words they use to describe their own problems."

    "Throwing words in the hope it gets people to throw money."

    "Copywriting is psychology in disguise. It helps you make your readers crave your product/service using words."

    "Writing words that create the action you want."

    "Copywriting is the art of writing stuff that makes people take action."

    - Piyush

    "Copywriting is a term for all the arts of persuasion that use humanity’s most versatile technology: text."

    "Copywriting is conveying a message in a way to entice the consumer to take action or make them want to know more."

    "Like its first cousin business storytelling, copywriting is the art and science of making things matter and moving people to act."

    "Copywriting is sales in written form."

    - Rad

    Hope this post helps clarify what copywriting is!
    Hop inside our community to learn more about it.
    Neville Medhora - Copywriter
    triple-threat-neville (1).png



    P.S. What do YOU think "copywriting" means? 
    Post your response below



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    Copywriting = Applied psychology + Storytelling. Goal of copywriting is to communicate to the audience "I have the solution of what you are needing most right now and I am offering you the help.

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