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    Question: What do you think Copywriting Course is?

    Here's some prompts to help you answer:
    • How would you describe Copywriting Course to a friend? •
    • Why are you here? What do you hope to learn? •
    • What results would you want from it? •

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    Thanks for the reply Morgan! I think that's a great way to put it simply. I've noticed it's mostly business owners who want to grow their reach and optimize all their pages.

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    What’s up Neville. I have a bit of an inside scoop given I tried out CC for a month (will be back in couple months) but here you go:

    - A video guide with support resources to uplevel a persons copy skills.
    - I like your takes and resources i.e. your to do list.

    I want to take my copy skills from mediocre/good to great. Working in tech sales (HubSpot) means writing solid copy has a direct impact on my success and ability to influence others positively.

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    I've never used the product, but have heard about it for some time now.

    From my viewpoint: community for copywriters. 

    Main selling point: being able to share thoughts about each other's copy + video content on copy, too.

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    Thanks Emils!

    The community part is definitely there, but not so much for copywriters specifically (meaning people who make a living writing copy for others). 

    It's more for business owners that want to implement better copy & communication on their entire biz. But yes, common misconception! Super interesting to hear the point of view of others!

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    The results I would want from your course is the ability to recognize when copy as is good and bad, as well as the best practices for testing copy. I think there is a lot of abstraction when it comes to copy, lots of people know its needed but few know what is needed.

    Copywriting to me, is identifying private want on a public scale, and channeling that want to meet your product. I'm less than average at copy, so I probably wouldn't listen to me. Cheers brother!

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    I think Copywriting course teaches me how to sell better online.

    I run an audience-building cohort-based course so I'd want to fill up cohorts for the future and direct more people to it.

    Question for you: How many people have taken it and where do you want to go with it?

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    Thanks Aadit! 

    Many many many thousands have taken it over the years, but always curious where to go hard:

    1.) Build out giant community.

    2.) Make into media style company. Money comes more from newsletter + blog + pod sponsors. 

    Pros/Cons to each.

    I'd currently do this forever without hesitation, but always looking what most fun and helpful path would be!

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    Haven't taken your course but, Copywriting course is a course that teaches you how to sell better with words.

    I follow you because you were my starting point about copywriting from Appsumo's first days & keep following to be inspired.

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    Thanks for sharing Satish. I think that's a great way to put it. 

    We do sell with words, but also talk extensively about social media and video in the Office Hours. 

    Glad you've been following along 🙂 

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    Thanks Q! 

    By the way there's actually a lot of non-native speakers. People always think it'll be a problem but psychology is the same for most humans, very little in copywriting changes between cultures!

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    The course sounds like a course. I sign up thinking I will watch/engage but instead bookshelf it for later because I am a bum.

    - Reading tweets about copy is easier than buying a course
    - I wanna be better
    - Write relatable text to drive sales

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    Hey Spencer, we've added some already, and you'll see a lot more: Assignments. 

    Little fun things to do that make you better at copy. 

    If it's "hard" or "difficult" maybe I'm not doing a good enough job to make it fun and interesting and "trick you into learning." 🙂 

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    If you want to learn how to write clear, concise, and compelling copy, then Copywriting Course is for you.

    It’s ideal for the beginner who wants a solid foundation in the art and craft of copywriting.

    If you’re an experienced copywriter then it’s not as valuable.

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    Hey @Jarie Bolander great way to put it! 

    When we add way more advanced stuff, the problem is not everyone is at that level. So let's say I add very advanced stuff about SPF Records for email deliverability, only a tiinnyyy percent will need that. 


    However we do more advanced question in the Office Hours all the time! I think that's the right place for them 🙂 

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    Honestly, after going through all the so-called "Copywriting course" sold by the self-proclaimed "Gurus" on the internet, I have realized that none of em are personally interested in understanding how the student is doing after the course purchase is completed. Everyone is only interested in having a social media presence and garnering more online fame. 

    My take - people who'd want to pursue writing - be it anything from copywriting to content writing - go figure it out yourself. It's not some rocket science. 

    Btw - I now have more respect for Coding instructors coz they give out so much of free content on the internet and they don't have anything "secret" to sell through their so-called course.  

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    Hey Shivin that's a fair take, I notice this too, and there's a lot of shady players in the copywriting industry who prey on people who think they can make $X/year doing copywriting right off the bat.

    We've always focused more on business owners who have something going, and can use copywriting to amplify their results. 

    We also keep an updated page of Wins which keeps growing every week of people getting feedback and results:

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