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    The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday August 12th, 2022)

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    This is a fun email for Friday August 12th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂

    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Seen in the wild: A high school freshman puts up door hangars and sends a hand-written note to his neighborhood to promote his lawn care business:

    That's some good old school hustle 😎


    LOL at the horse pushing a lawnmower 😂


    This is the hand written note he sends to create a personal connection to the neighbor. This probably 10X's his chance of getting their business:



    When something works well, you keep repeating it until it doesn't work well. 

    Look at Noah Kagan's top 5 YouTube video titles:
    - Asking Millionaires How To Make $1,000,000
    - Asking 80 Year Old Millionaires If It Was Worth It
    - Asking Superyacht Owners How To Make $1,000,000
    - Asking Millionaires How To Make $1,000,000
    - I Asked Crypto Millionaires How To Invest $5000


    I've talked with Noah about this...and those videos are NOT the most fun for him to make (2+ days of filming, uncomfortable to ask people this stuff, spend money on lots of crew and editing), but his goal is to grow the channel, and those videos tend to hit hard!

    Look at my top 5 YouTube video titles:
    • 9 Copywriting Exercises you can start doing “write” now
    • How To Become A Copywriter (with No Experience)
    • What Is Copywriting?
    • How to write a great memo
    • Getting Your First Freelance Writing Jobs

    It's pretty clear people want copywriting advice on my channel! 

    Theoretically if I wanted to grow it faster, I'd create content directly harping on that.


    Here's my personal goals for the rest of 2022:
    • 100,000 Twitter subs. 
    • 100,000 YouTube subs.
    • 200,000 organic visits/mo with 2% conversion.
    • Post 1 audio podcast per week. Every Tuesday. 
    • Be guest on 1 podcast per week (reply if interested in having me)!

    If I'm a copywriter worth my salt.....I should be able to do this.

    I think the hardest goal to hit will be 100,000 subs on Twitter. This would require a 4x'ing of my audience in less than 5 months. 

    I started connecting with a bunch of other Twitter people, and am even hosting a Twitter in-person event in Austin in two weeks:


    You can follow along and see if I'm hitting these goals:
    Copywriting Course Stats Page
    TWITTER / 24,100 subs
    YOUTUBE / 78,700 subs
    ORGANIC / 52,000 per month
    PODCAST / Posted first 2 audio only / been guest 1x/week

    Wanna join in growing your own social followings? Join our community and we can work on this together!


    Can you spot why this guy is still totally poor?


    This guy is supposed to be a representation of unemployment....but the reason this guy is still unemployed might be because he’s a terrible copywriter!!

    Look at his sign again.  It’s filled with ME  ME  ME  ME.

    It’s all about HIM.


    It’s trying to use some sob-story to get someone to hire him.  As if someone owes him employment just because he has kids.

    If someone's an employer, they don’t care about this...they care about:

    "What can YOU do for ME?"

    Let's fix up his sign with some more enticing copy:


    Which guy are you more likely to hire? 
    A: "Sob Story Guy" 
    B: "Skilled and Ready To Work Guy"



    This is the daily to-do list format that can change your life:


    • It keeps you more focused.
    • It keeps track of appointments.
    • You can see when work is done for the day.

    Here's how you make it...


    Start with a blank sheet of paper.
    I prefer using yellow legal notepads, but any type of paper is fine.



    Draw a line at the top, and write today's date. 
    For example: Monday, August 8th, 2022.



    Then write out all your daily tasks. 
    I like drawing a small bullet point next to each item, such as:
    • Write email to client
    • Review blog post from Cristina
    • Add to Copywriting Course Community



    OPTIONAL HOURLY TRACKING: Draw boxes down the page and track what you did every hour.
    This way you know if you've been productive or slacking off.  If I wake up early I'll see tons of boxes filled out by 2pm.

    If I wake up late, maybe 2 boxes filled out.


    OPTIONAL SUMMARY OF DAY: Draw a line at the bottom and use this as a place to write a summary of the day or write notes. 

    Sometimes I write reminders for the next day here.



    Here's how everything looks when filled out:



    Here's a Pro-Tip for staying ultra-focused (I do this and it's amazing):
    Take a scrap piece of paper and put a piece of tape at the top.



    Tape the paper over your to-do list, only letting it reveal the top item on your to-do list.
    You can ONLY work on this item until it's done. No other tasks will distract you since the paper is covering everything else. Start working on that task till finished...



    When done, scratch the task off the list, then move the paper down one row. 
    Start working on that next task.



    Once you scratch off the last task, you're done for the day! 
    I make it a rule that once I scratch off my entire to-do list, I'm not allowed to do anymore work.



    This to-do list trick has helped myself and thousands of others focus on work, get it finished, then go play:


    With a simple pen and paper, you can create this to-do list every single day with just a minute or less of time. 

    You get bonus points for making it the night before!


    The biggest sales week of the year in the US is generally Black Friday:


    If you’re a copywriter looking to end 2022 with record sales numbers, there’s one event you need on your calendar:

    The 2nd Annual Black Friday Summit on October 3rd - 5th (presented by GetEmails):

    3 (1).png

    Whether you’re looking for cutting edge email marketing secrets … new strategies for SMS … or want some conversion rate hacks from some of the best marketers in the business, this Black Friday Summit has got you covered!

    Live sessions from dozens of experts like:
    Ezra Firestone, Amanda Natividad, Jimmy Kim, Joshua Johnston, Nikki Elbaz, Tina Donati, Neville Medhora, (yes I’m speaking!), and more...

    …It’s the only virtual event dedicated exclusively to Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales strategies. 

    And it’s ALL completely free. 

    All you need to do is get your ticket using this special link!

    Plus, all S.T.U.P.I.D Email readers get a bonus: A free video case study on how one eCommerce brand turned a tiny list of only 2,700 people into $32K+ in sales selling just a $29 product on Black Friday. 

    You’ll see exact emails, ads, and upsell templates — all free, when you sign up today. 

    Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed



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    • Administrator

    Hey Yarden, we have an autoresponder that goes out when you first signup, that must be the emails you get frequently, and now you've been on the email list long enough we've run out of em 😬

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    Thanks Neville for your emails, really great insight.

    Re: daily list, how are you able to get that much stuff done in one day? Do you have a team? 

    I struggle to write 1 blog post a day! 

    (I do think I have ADD and/or am way too detail oriented (I’m a mechanical engineer striving to become independent from 9-5). But been struggling with that for the past 10 years, achieving that scope of work output. Would love to output that much productive content a day).

    Any advice / tips? 

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    • Administrator

    Hey Eryk, 

    Maybe focus on the things that matter the most. 

    For example with social media, there's sooooo many directions to go you can end up putting out random stuff and getting stuck. Instead pick stuff that "Cascades" into other content, like so: 


    So when I write social media, it turns into my newsletter, which turn into blog posts, which can turn into podcasts....so there's a flywheel effect that happens. 

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    • Administrator

    That's a great system Peter! 

    I actually do this through my food-tracking service MyBodyTutor. It asks some similar questions like, "What are 3 things you're grateful for today?"

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    Thanks for the to-do list idea with paper over the top! This will help and I am doing this right now. My job is to “do all the Marketing”. I struggle with overwhelm even though I am great at making lists with tasks broken down (and colorful bullet points). I am aiming to take your course beginning of next year.

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    Just curious though Neville, how do you find time in the day to finish so many tasks?

    (ie. how is your output so high?)

    Do you need a team to do so, and if so, at what point did you start hiring? 



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