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Copy Work: Get Better At Copywriting By Handwriting Famous Pieces Of Work!




What is Copy Work?

"Copy Work" is when you hand copy famous ads in order to "learn" how that person wrote it.For example, the first copywriter I ever learned about was Gary Halbert. He had a very specific style (that while semi-scammy) was extremely engaging to read.I would hand-write out famous ads of his, like this Coat of Arms sales letter that made him a millionaire at age 32:Gary Halbert Copywork Coat of Arms Letter Handwritten By simply handwriting out the exact ad he made, I was able to "get in his head" and learn indirectly from Gary Halbert on my own time.I started noticing small details like:

  • How he indents his paragraphs.
  • How he uses extremely simple words.
  • How he asks for the sale "without" really asking.
  • How he uses punctuation.
  • How he starts his letters with an address and phone number.
  • How he finishes his sales letters with a P.S.
  • How long it takes to simply write out one letter.
  • ....and much much more....


Copy Work Exercises You Can Do:

Want to learn to write like a famous copywriter? Using this simple tool, you can "type" along with the greats (so you can become one too)!







I hope you take some time and do some Copy Work with these ads!
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