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    How would you make a million dollars in one month?

    Holy crap, this is an interesting question…..


    How would you make a million dollars in one month?


    But seriously, let’s say I kidnapped one of your kids (and not the ugly one, but the good one)….and you had to come up with a $1,000,000 bucks by the end of the month to get him back.

    How would you do it?

    I already asked how would you make:

    This is a pretty difficult question to answer, so I again asked some very very successful friends in varied industries how they would make $1,000,000 in around a month to help jog your mind before you answer in the comments. 




    To people with billions of dollars, a million dollars is a thousand dollars. Solve a problem that someone with billions of dollars has.

    I would create a custom piece of software that saves a large company money, and sell them that custom solution. I would find WHO to sell it to through LinkedIn.




    There’s usually no way to inherently increase the value of an investment by 10x or 100x very quickly, unless it’s inherently super risky.

    So in this situation of making a shit ton of money quickly, I’d find a small pharmaceutical company that’s on the verge of an FDA approval announcement, and bet heavily for (or against) them.

    That’a the only way I can think of increasing an investment that rapidly.




    Well you’re talking a little crazy about making $1,000,000 that quickly, so I’ll give a crazy answer.  The stars have to align for this to happen, but I HAVE seen it done several times:

    You go and find a large apartment complex that’s in trouble and running under terrible management.  Perhaps a complex that owes $20million to bank, but their property is only appraised and worth $15million, and they are about to go bankrupt.

    You approach their bank and step in as a “solvent entity” to take over that loan.

    You say, “I don’t think the property is worth $15,000,000 as appraised…..but I’ll still offer you $16,000,000 and you don’t have to go through with the foreclosure process on the property.”

    The bank might be happy to sell you the loan, because they don’t wanna deal with the whole bankruptcy and foreclosure process. So you might be able to buy this $20million dollar loan at a SIGNIFICANT discount at around $16million.

    Now if the property forecloses, YOU get full ownership.  You can usually put in just a few hundred thousand dollars to increase the value of that property to $18million.  So now for roughly $16.5 million you sold a property for $18million.

    You just made $1,500,000 in profit in a super short amount of time.  

    The stars have to align for this to happen, but I’ve seen it done.




    If I wanted to be shady I'd make a pyramid scheme? Otherwise I'd borrow from friends or investors? But if you break down one million dollars, it requires an investment of $10,000 from only 100 people.Like....you just need to have 100 customers for something. That's doesn't sound totally unreasonable.

    An interesting way to look at how to make $1,000,000 in one month would be to break down the numbers, for example: Using this product pricing calculator you can work backwards:If you sell a product, to make $1,000,000 in one month:make a million dollars pricing breakdown

    • You need 5,000 people to buy a $200 product.
    • You need 2,000 people to buy a $500 product.
    • You need 1,000 people to buy a $1,000 product.
    • You need 500 people to buy a $2,000 product.
    • You need 300 people to buy a $3,333 product.
    • You need 200 people to buy a $5,000 product.
    • You need 100 people to buy a $10,000 product.
    • You need 50 people to buy a $20,000 product.
    • You need 25 people to buy a $40,000 product.
    • You need 5 people to buy a $200,000 product.

    Breaking it down in this way can makes generating a million bucks far more attainable. Can you sell 100 people a $10,000 product or service? That would be $1,000,000 in revenue! It might be difficult to do this from scratch, but thinking about this problem backwards can really help you plan out how YOU would make a million dollars in a month.


    Hope this $1,000,000 exercise stretched your mind a bit!  Go through the comments below, there’s some good suggestions on how people would make a million dollars in a month.   Also comment with the way YOU’D make a million dollars in a month, or how you’ve seen it done before.


    Neville Medhora – A Kontinuously Kurious Kopywriter

    Interested in seeing how others would make different sums of money each month? Checkout everyone's answers for:

    P.S. If you need help coming up with million dollar ideas, use this Business Idea Generator to kick around some ideas! Or if you start a membership program use this recurring revenue calculator to see how much to charge people per month to make a million bucks.

    P.P.S. Comment on the post with your plan/scheme/plot to make $1,000,000 in about a month, or how you’ve seen someone else make $1,000,000 in a short period of time.

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    Guest Ian Moncrieff MacMillan


    You can find businesses that will be worth $1,000,0000 in a weekend (chihuahuas come to mind somehow).

    But to make $1,000,0000 profit in a month from scratch needs you to create and exchange more value than this (you only get to keep your share of the net profit) with someone else/others that value this even more (otherwise no reason to hand over their $$$$$$$$$$$s).

    So that breaks down to 22 sales of something you sell for $100,000 with a 50% margin and $200,000 in costs (legals, ads etc). Make that 24 sales if you have to borrow the $200,000 up front. Net risk is making 2-4 sales in the month to CYA.

    So which market will I do this in?

    A. In a market I know nothing about and wasn't thinking about even a couple of weeks ago, but a random intro to help with something else presented the opportunity (this post is an interesting coincidence).

    B. It's a big market and this is something new (sports related)....but needs someone to think of a different business model for it + have a means of quickly connecting and closing high-value sales (and where I come in).

    C. There are 3 key parties to this adventure to make it work, so need to repeat 3 times for everyone to trouser $1,000,0000 or go faster in first month....or given there's a ransom to pay, maybe only fair I get paid out first!

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    Guest Ian Moncrieff MacMillan


    And no....I have no credibility nor contacts in this market to call on to sell this to (and where one of the other parties will help out).
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    Guest Jim Knight


    I would come up with the an impossible idea (something that couldn't be done) that could be easily demonstrated through a video and put it on kickstarter. If it works, take the money and pay the ransom then tell everyone it was for a good cause after I got my kid back.
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    A penny doubled every day is $5,368,709.12 in 30 days, so a measly $1,00.000 should be a piece of cake.

    If I had to make a million dollars this month, I could sell my apartment and my business. I don't want to do either of those right now so, hmm.

    Instead, I could team up with a programmer, create a SaaS and pre-sale...BUT that all comes down to copy. Really, really (really, really) great copy.

    That is what I will do this month, start a SaaS with a programmer and see how much we can make in the next 30 days. Let's look at the math, shall we?

    A Million Dollars is $33333.33 a day. If my SaaS pre-sale cost $49, how many units will I have to sell? Okay, that's only 681 units a day. Shit! That's a lot, that won't work. . .I'm back to selling my place and business. . . oh, wait a minute!

    I think I can do 1,700 units @ $49 in 12 months, that's a Million, but then I'd be splitting with the programmer, and then there's hosting fees, so minus $10 a month for hosting and carry the one. . . Hmm.

    SO yep, I'd have to sell my place and my business to get a million in the next 30 days. OR:

    It can be possible two ways, they are proven methods and they both rely on your copy skills.

    1. Write sales copy for a product with a revenue share.

    2. Write copy AND manage the launch of a product with a revenue share.

    We know this can be done because it is done by several people every week. Most of the bigger players hit over a million in 4 hours to 4 days. . .That means Neville was being generous with his 30 day offer.

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    Guest Sandy Lane


    The challenge is really with the 30-day timeframe. That leaves one with the most likely option of getting the money from someone with $100 million+ who wouldn't miss a measly $1 million. Best to hang out in the informal hangouts of Silicon Valley or Vegas and befriend someone who has fallen back-**s into this kind of cash.

    If I had about 6 months, I'd start a so-called 'Hedge Fund' and sell my thesis to some hapless pension fund investors. I'd pocket a 2% annual fee for underperforming the market but dazzle them with my insights and frequent all expense paid trips to Vegas.

    Welcome to America!

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    I am currently working on a coaching program that is subscription based. The original materials to get started are $297 plus a $100 per month membership fee. I will offer a 14 day trial, but after that, they are committed for the full year of coaching.

    I only need 668 people to sign up for $1,000,000. There are 130,000 people in my niche market nationwide. That is 1/2 of 1% response rate. All of the material will be electronic, created using technology I already have.

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    Oops.... missed the month part.

    I would offer an upfront discount from $1,200 to $1000 if they full paid for the year. That takes me to 771 needed to hit my $1M. Leaves me with a .6% response rate needed. Still doable...let me go get started!

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    Guest Nicholas Johnson


    Well it seems unlikely that as an individual working alone I'm going to be able to sell $1,000,000 worth of product in 30 days, I'm just not that good, so we come down to motivating large numbers of people to fulfil smaller tasks and taking a cut.

    Is there a service I can broker between individuals, and take a cut, preferably one where the recipients of the service have plenty of spare cash? One springs to mind.

    I consult in the city sometimes. People there are plenty busy, and they like coffee, but the coffee in the kitchen is often not up to scratch, and it's a long way down the elevator and round the corner to Starbucks. I propose a latte delivery service connecting business people who need coffee and are busy with students who have time and need money.

    A Starbucks costs around £3, really not much when you're on £500 a day. I propose an app where a business person can request a Starbucks by pressing a big "Latte me" button on their phone. Clicking that button costs £4.95, automatically deducted from their bank account.

    All nearby Latte butlers will get an alert on their phone. First one to accept the mission skips off to Starbucks, buys the coffee and delivers it (this should take them around 10 minutes, and they can fulfil multiple orders at once if they're clever). Profit is split 60/40 with the delivery guy getting the bigger half. Payment is instantly transferred to the delivery guy's card.

    A sprightly mocha fairy should be able to deliver around 100 coffees a day, which is not a bad takehome for him or her. Profit for me, around £50 per runner per day. That means I need about 615 runners working 5 days a week to fulfill the £660,000 ($1,000,000) challenge.

    These could be recruited from universities by putting up posters. "Need an easy £100 delivering coffee for a day? Sign up here...". I'm pretty certain there would be quite a few takers.

    May I have the Nevbox? I'd really like one.

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    Guest Joseph Irons


    I read a book by Marc Victor Hansen and Robert Allen called the "One Minute Millionaire" this book was fascinating because your question is what the main character went through. Interesting that the book was based off of someone who did it.

    To make that kind of money in a month you can't do it alone. A team of committed people has to be assembled. A mentor who is worth at least $10,000,000 needs to guide the team.

    The team will attack various opportunities. MLM, business and real estate investing. The combined efforts of everything working is what it will take, like in the book.

    Some important key points: you have to believe it is possible(with the motivation of the child nothing is more motivational), you have to work diligently, and the team must share the common vision and goal. That means as the leader you have to be able to communicate that vision and rally the team, especially when things get rough.

    In real estate to make a million you can do it on paper very fast. Buy 10 houses worth $100,000 and you have it. If it's cash those ten houses could generate $10,000 cash flow. However, you need the million cash so I would buy 20 and do a blanket loan with the bank for half the value. You can easily buy 20 with no money or credit, using a technique called sub2 (subject to).

    This opens up a business of speaking and coaching where you can charge $25,000 for personal one on one mentorship. Take some of that money and contribute to the ransom.

    Start other ventures like MLM and work it steady.

    The fact is it will take multiple streams of income to produce that result. I once read that the average millionaire has 7 different streams of income and the average billionaire has like 200. It's not any one thing you do it will be everything you do.

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    Guest Glenn Osborn



    Here's how my 426 million mentor Walter Hailey has grossed a million

    dollars in seminar sales in a month.

    Walter collects the Million dollars in one day.

    The Previous 29 days is for PRE-HEAT.

    The Fourth Company Walter Built did Marketing seminars for Dentists.

    Walter sold 99% of the $10,000 seats himself in ONE DAY.

    Step I - Walter made a list of The People Dentists pay money to - their Suppliers.

    Step II - Ranked them from biggest to smallest

    Step III - Ordered an SIC code analysis to determine the # of Employees

    at each company.

    Step IV - Then made phone calls to his rolodex asking, "Who do you know

    that can Introduce me to the Owner of The ABC Dental Supply Co?

    Step V - Then Walter FedEx's his box of PRE-HEAT credentialing materials

    about himself and his Dental Seminar company (Newspaper Articles, Testimonials from Dentists, CD/mp3/DVD interviews - audio & Video)

    to a Messenger Service. WITH a cell phone in the box.

    And Gives the Messenger Service manager and the messenger Detailed Directions.

    Step VI - Within 15 minutes...(The following happens)

    A - BY PHONE - Walter gets introduced by a Friend to the Dental Lab Owner or President.

    B - (STILL ON THE PHONE) Walter calls the Messenger (Waiting outside the Dental Offices) to Deliver the PRE-HEAT Material.

    C - Walter walks the Dental Lab President thru the PRE-HEAT stuff

    in The FedEx Box - delivered by Messenger.

    D - Walter and the Dental Lab Owner agree

    to meet the next day or so.

    VII - Walter convinces the Dental Lab President he can Increase

    the sales of each and every salesperson working at the lab by at LEAST

    20%. (Has Proof.)

    (Shows him their munny back Guarantee & Testimonials Proving Dentists

    Practices grow so much bigger their Dental Lab and Product Purchases Jump 20% or more..)

    VIII - After Lunch - The Dental Lab Pres - Walks With Walter through the

    entire building of 200 or more sales people.

    ***PRESIDENT Jim Smith Introduces Walter Himself) Walter tells Each Salesman - in his office that day - maybe 120 out of 200...

    "President Jim Smith here has agreed to PAY to send you to Our Dental College

    Marketing Bootcamp - Where we Guarantee to Increase your sales by 20%

    or your munny back. ON CONDITION - you will participate in Phone Conference

    calls - where He Can Listen in - as we Help You Apply The New Ideas we will show you.

    "Jim is paying the 10,000.00 Bootcamp fee and airfare and hotel costs. Wouldn't You AGREE that his Generous Offer wouldn't have to be 1/2 this good to be worth


    Almost 100% say, "Yes."

    And Walter hands them a Registration form to fill out.



    10,000.00 seminar fee TIMES 100 Salespeople = 1 Million Smackers

    (WE rounded it off - but Walter usually closes more than 100 Salespeople

    at a time when he does this.)


    Glenn Osborn

    P.S. - To Read more about Walters Referral Method - he has a book on Amazon.com called,

    "Breaking the 'No' Barrier - the Billion Dollar Selling System" - Walter Hailey

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    Guest Michael


    I have 9 years experience at one of the big internet job boards and one of the biggest challenges for all of them is how to handle a mobile job apply. Current applicant tracking systems don't work well with this flow, because not many people want to fill out an elaborate 20 step registration on a mobile phone. The challenge is in how to decrease the amount of time spent on a phone submitting an application while delivering high quality applicant information to the recruiting entity.

    I do have an idea on how to tackle this. I would patent it and sell it as a SaaS to the job sites. That is probably worth $1,000,000 a month, if not more.

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    Development and licensing of an artificial intelligence (AI) system that everyone will use. Everyone. Ev...er...y...one. It also brings 3 new patents with it.

    This answers your question-after-next: How would you make $100,000,000 in a month.

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    Guest Wayne Kille


    Given that it's to pay a ransom, you could start a charity for getting kids back from evil marketeers...

    Or, create a $200 info-product, say, I don't know, "Trading stocks at home for beginners, learn the exact process I use to make $2k a month trading at home" (scammy sounding, but it's the best I came up with off the cuff), bundle it with something relevant (e.g. stock trading software, i.e. do a deal with the owner of the software, pay them a cut and promise massive marketing). Do affiliate deals with relevant bloggers/ whoever. Sell globally, around 10,000 in a month (depending on costs), and you're there.

    A less scammy sounding product: Complete Web Developer Course on Udemy (which is an awesome and real course and I just bought on appsumo). Something like that. Sells on Udemy for $199, has like 30,000 people who have paid for it. Would be a tall order to go from nothing to 40 hours of video lectures with incredible content, support material and then get that number of purchases in thirty days, but something along those lines could happen, perhaps if you got some talented people on board to help with design and distribution.

    Neville this was a weirdly tough question. Even though I kinda anticipated it, after your last few emails, when I read it and tried to think about it my brain shut off with a "_C-AN-NOT _COMP-UTE _NUMBER _TOO _B-IG_ _ _" error flashing up... I don't know if my imagination capacity was too low for the idea of making $1mil in a month, or if I was running an insufficiently powerful program................ Whatever it was, it took me a good half hour to get over before I could even engage my brain to think about the answer.

    Please don't go to $10mil in 30 days cos I'm a bit worried you'll fry my circuits...

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    Guest Brad Hart


    Wish I would have seen this thread earlier... Great discussion Neville. My partners and I made about $1,040,000 last May. We were trading options using a tape reading strategy with lots of leverage. I wouldn't call it gambling, it's agressive trading and highly risky, but one could argue that we did have an edge which allowed us to get really heavy in the options and get a serious return in a short amount of time. Mind you the trader had a decade of experience reading tape and a large bank roll at the time (about $1.5M) but here's the thing... There are people that trade this type of size all the time. That guys P&L is routinely a couple hundred grand. He even posts it to his Twitter account, @sanglucci if you're interested in seeing a real cowboy trader at work. And he's not even a big fish compared to the big institutional traders, the "whales". I have a friend who's a floor trader on the PHLX who trades tens of thousands of options contracts, which is millions of shares, tens of millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars. There's an obscene amount of money that changes hands every day. A million up or down in a day is not uncommon, let alone a month. Same answer if you ask the "10 million in a month" question.
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    Extortion....or extortion prevention. First 3 steps are the same.

    1) Find a person that knows the ins and outs of hacking popular cloud services

    2) Offer them $1M/yr salary to be your "consultant"

    3) Hack 5 a/b list celebrities to showcase vulnerabilities

    4.extortion_prevention) Get in touch with those celebrities' agents pitching security services to lock down their clients' cloud accounts. $1M/yr/client. If they need proof they're vulnerable, break out content from step 3. Consider up-selling insurance. Never release any data, this is the white-hat option after all.

    4.extortion) If you get to the last few days and its not working, blackmail said celebrities for their data....bad idea, illegal, and wrong, but for my kid's safety, I wouldn't care.

    *Note - I'm not condoning the hacking of anyone's private data. It's wrong, it's sleazy, it's illegal, and the damage that can be done is very real. This answer is only in the context of saving my child's life. That said, if you stick to steps 1, 2 and 4.extortion_prevention, you could probably have a really really nice 8-figure consulting business that provides real value to real people.

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    I'd probably ice you to get my kid back.

    If someone had a hit out for you at $1,000,000, that would be like icing on the cake.

    Fun aside...

    Man, without a cause that millions could rally to, I'm not sure that I could accomplish this. But giving that a cause can help you achieve this. I'd probably take a look at something that was so controversial, something where there are extreme sides and then choose to rally folks on either side for a cause.

    The hope is that a simple $1 dollar donation from at least a million people would do it.

    So what would that idea be? Something like making myself a martyr in the name of life. A voice for those without one who die every day before they are even born.

    Publicize it, set a goal, and die if it is not met.

    Sounds extreme? But that's just an example of how one might achieve $1,000,000 in 30 days.

    You have to go to that extreme.

    Another example,

    What if I used my thereturnofman.con domain and then publisized and began an anti-feminism organization with the sole goal of keeping women out of office. Fueled by the secret donations of both radical men and women?


    See where I'm going with this?

    Step one: pick an extreme side

    Step two: publicize your movement (PR)

    Step three: wait for extremists to rally

    Step four: call me out in support through donating

    That's all I could think of. Really extrem for me but maybe that's what it takes?

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    At this point I'm desperate obviously and I'm gonna assume the authorities are not involved.

    I would go out and find multimillionaires and pitch them a completely fake business proposition. I would create a fake website, rent a Ferrari, hire a few guys in suits to follow me around and make up some sales numbers.

    I would give them the pitch and make it seem as real as possible. Things like this actually happen more than you think in the business world so this idea is not as far out there as some people's ideas.


    Anyway, once I got the money I would then be in huge debt to whichever guy bought into my "business" so I would then need I start paying him back. But that's not important! Hahaha

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    In a month? Forget that! I'm making my millionS TONIGHT! I've got my JACKPOT-WINNING mega millions lottery ticket right here with my name on it.
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    Guest Alicia Bostic


    This has already been mentioned, and will no doubt be mentioned again...Real Estate would be a quick way to acquire the money. It wouldn't necessarily solve the kidnapping situation, but at least on paper you could be worth $1,000,000. Most people start small, say a $250k single-family property, $20k down payment - turn it into a rental. The problem is, this home is guaranteed through your own personal earning potential. And it's either 100% occupied, or it's not. Now look at a large $10MM property that has maybe 200 units. Investment property loans are guaranteed by the asset itself. You can raise a $2MM down payment through investors, giving them 90% ownership. You now own 10% of a $10MM property without using any of your personal credit or cash. And because this property has 200 units, it will can be 60% occupied, 80% occupied, etc...

    Find the right deal, then find the right investors. This would take some work, research, and hustling but not impossible by any means. The bigger deals are often less risk and easier to close.

    I have a few connections in the Atlanta real estate market and should probably put more effort into leveraging them. One big investor is hosting a party tomorrow night. I was invited as a plus one...maybe I can work my magic and get some deals on the table!

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    Guest prince campbell


    Here's what I would do, starting with nothing but the $65 currently in my wallet.

    I would call a business broker and have him find me a business for sale worth at least a 1 million dollars, something with inventory, like a small airline shuttle company or a 18 wheeler dealership (they do have 18-wheeler dealerships, right?). What ever the business is it must have at least a million dollars in inventory and/or equipment.

    I offer the owner double what the company is worth if he agrees to carry a note (i.e. that means he will be paid a down payment and then payments every month or whenever we agree upon it. He is basically financing the sale).

    To protect him from me defaulting I buy him some insurance with whatever terms he would like (this insurance would be pretty exotic, like insurance people buy their legs or hands. I don't think the local State Farm agent [Jake] could do it, but it can relatively easily be done).

    As all of this is being negotiated I am negotiating the sale of at least million dollars (plus the down payment) of the companies inventory. [This is not as strange as it may seem. It's done all the time. Some asset of his/her own business is sold and the money is given to the owner for down payment. But lets get out of the weeds and back to solving the problem.]

    So by doing this, at the closing, I should have my million dollars.

    Getting it done in a month is the hard part. But if all the parties are properly motivated then it can be done. And the cool part is you end up a hero and you didn't spend a dime.

    [side note: I already won a NEVBOX when the question was much easier. Got it last week. It's awesome .]

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    The first idea to hit me last night is to build a business to sell.

    Say, lawn maintenance. I've never done it or have any clue what they make. But I imagine they setup bi-annual or annual contracts.

    So what if you setup $300,000 worth of work for the year (or more)? It's all but guaranteed work that the new owner could secure again the next year, and the one after that.

    Secure the work, put the systems in place (hire as needed as you pick up the work), then start trying to sell the business at the end of the month for a 2-5x multiple.

    The key to this, I think, is securing the work in advance as no one would buy a business for that much without proof it generates income. But with guaranteed work (contracts -- make sure they'll transfer to the new owner), they know they'll make some sort of return on their money.

    You can even offer to consult for a couple of months to help them get up to speed fast.

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    Guest Guillermo Cortes


    I'll take a page out of Richard Branson's book. The Exercise doesn't state my current income so I'll say this:

    I start a Billionaire and open my own airline and since it's a horrible market I'll end up barely breaking even at One Million Dollars.

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    Guest Gregg Hopfeldt


    I'd contact 15 sports stars or their agents. I'm South African so here it would be rugby, soccer and cricket and at the moment swimming is big here. Now that I think about it I have an in with a big sports star.

    I would charge the public $200 000 to shadow the star for a day, maybe even two days, including a few meals and a signed jersey. I'd allow 2 people to shadow the star. Of the $200 000 I'd give the star $80 000, contribute $50 000 to a charity of the stars choice (rhino's are big in SA) and I'd take $70 000. That way the star earns cash, donates to charity which can't hurt their public image and I make some money.

    15 x 70 000 would give me $1 050 000 and a charity $750 000. Obviously I could play around with these numbers, maybe charge more for a mega sports star, but you get the idea. My numbers may be unrealistic, they would probably be too big for South Africa, I'm not sure if they would work in the USA. I like the idea though.

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