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    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    About 10% of the U.S. population makes $100,000 per year. But that's a whole YEAR to make that money.What if we ask:

    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    100000 dollar bill hundred thousand

    I was actually curious how friends of mine would answer this.  So I asked several very successful friends, all from different backgrounds, how they would make an extra $100,000 in a month.  Here’s their answers:




    I would create a piece of software that solves a problem and sell it on LinkedIn.

    First I would find a medium to big sized company that’s wasting more than $100,000/month on a problem (maybe something involving their marketing where they have people manually entering numbers).  Then I would create a piece of software that solves that SPECIFIC problem for them.

    If I solve a problem that’s costing them $100,000/month, I can definitely get them to pay me at least $100,000 for that custom solution.  Maybe even more, and just charge them half the cost upfront.

    I would then contact the decision makers through LinkedIn and sell it.

    The key is to make a CUSTOM TAILORED solution, those sell for more money.




    There’s this whole underworld of big companies that want to get contracts from other big companies, and they pay guys like me to do that.  Commissions can vary, but they’re often $300,000+ per deal you close.  Now usually this process takes over a month, but for a $100,000 commissions I bet there’s smaller deals you can close in just one month.

    I would first put a call out to my network saying, “I’m up for hire.  $100,000 commission fee.  I’m very close with (XYZ tech company) and (XYZ distribution company) and can close deals quickly here.”

    A lot of this work is about having a valuable Rolodex already, and so there’s certain companies and industries I can close quickly.




    The time constraint causes this to become borderline gambling, but I would find companies just about to release highly anticipated earnings and either play the stock or options depending on how much money I had available.

    If you were to put up $1,000,000 and a stock moves up 10%….you’ve made your $100,000.

    But making the money from scratch would be risky.  Let’s say you only had $10,000 to invest, and it has to go up 10x.

    There’s usually no way to inherently increase the value of an investment by 10x very quickly, unless it’s inherently risky.

    So yes, you could possibly make $100,000 quickly in the investing world, but unless you have large sums of existing money to play with or insider information, you’re essentially gambling.




    We actually DID just make $100,000 extra with something we did last month.

    Right now the market is hot and people are buying.  We had some extra acreage at a development site, and figured there was room for 12 extra townhouses.  Each would easily bring in between $150,000 and $200,000 each.

    Building from ground-up is generally the riskiest investment we make, but we are almost guaranteed a 20% to 25% return.  So assuming each townhouse sells for an average of $175,000 x 12 = $2,100,000.

    $2,100,00 x 20% = $420,000   …..or $35,000 profit per townhouse.

    Selling 3 of the townhomes pre-construction netted over $100,000 in profits for us.




    Several ways:

    1.) Go to people who have lots of web traffic, and sell your product through a co-hosted webinar.

    2.) Bundle of software.  Go to different companies, put together a bundle of products, offer a big discount, then promote it.

    3.) Job recruiting.  You get $10,000 referrals for developers.  Recruit just 10 developers and you’ve hit $100,000 in referrals.  You can find them on LinkedIn, Reddit, developer forums.

    Cool huh?

    Well now I want to hear your answers to:

    How you would make an extra $100,000 in a month?  

    Answer in the comments!


    Neville Medhora – A Kurious Kopywriter

    Interested in seeing how others would make different sums of money each month? Checkout everyone's answers for:






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    I would build a community and web portal like http://www.scrum-institute.org

    They solved a big problem for the Software Development Industry, and they started offering world-class online Scrum training free of charge and providing Scrum Master Certifications for only USD 29.

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    Guest Neville


    I've been hearing about "scrum" a lot. It's just a project management methodology right?
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    I mentioned yestetday I do digital marketing for a Detroit sportswear company. If the Lions win the Superbowl, my commission on sales from our ecommerce website will absolutely make me 100,000 Washingtons.
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    Yesss. Scrum is a very popular method to deliver great quality software very quickly and efficiently. All young developers are already learning this, and experienced professionals do their best to catch up.
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    Guest Nicholas Johnson


    That sounds crazy, you'd need to build up to it I think. Is that allowed?

    Speaking, training and consultancy all pay well. I would create a new programming language for the web that solves a set of pain points particularly well. I would then gain Matz / DHH style notoriety and would bring in money telling people about how awesome it is.

    Alternately I would invest 2000 per month at 8% for the next 50 years. The resulting interest on the capital would be 100,000 per month

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    Guest Neville


    This is a great longterm plan, but I'm trying to get people to think about how they'd do it quickly.

    I was hear evil plots schemes!!

    How could you get uber famous in a shorter amount of time??

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    You're telling me! This town would absolutely go nuts. Lions fans would come out of the woodworks like no one has seen before!
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    High-stakes poker.

    Either that or I would start a bank for virtual currencies. FDIC insured. Minimum deposit $10,000. You would even get a credit card so you could spend you coins anywhere. That's unheard of. There's a huge void in the cash-to-coin market ever since the Winklevoss' Bitinstant went down.

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    Guest Neville


    I was waiting for BitCoin related things to start popping up!

    I’m sure poker would be a great way to gamble on this $100,000 goal.

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    You could also take the Eric Cartman or Oculus route. Start a Kickstarter based on an idea that you could sell to a larger business. Start up. Cash in. Sell out. Bro down.
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    You could put up a viral clickbait content site, slap AdSense on it and spend all month curating content, writing headlines and running short money Facebook ads in hopes that one of the articles goes viral. There's a lot of hoping and praying involved, but people have made $100k in a week doing that.
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    Guest Neville


    Ohhh yeah.....that would be good:

    1.) Photoshop fake product.

    2.) Collect $100,000 on Kickstarter.

    3.) Abscond to Mexico.

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    Guest Greg Carver


    I'm in the fitness business and will try and stick to my industry. There would be a few steps here:

    i) Build a list of 250 friends, family, clients, social media contacts. Help 10 people a day for free. They will tell their friends, list will grow. This will build my initial audience.

    ii) Get 20 sales from the 250 list. Invite all to a free webinar on how to make their fitness goals stick. At the end of the webinar, offer them a special deal as a Beta group. Offer 12 week fat loss program (online based) for only $199. Goal to get 20 sales or $6000 for marketing budget.

    iii) Launch of final Fat loss program (offer meal plans, online program, etc) at $249. Prelaunch for 1 month prior to a 7-day launch. Advertise on Facebook page, promote post with targeting. Goal of a click-through rate greater than 2%. Budget $100 a day (use money from $6000 marketing budget). Goal is to get 80 sales @ $250 for $20,000.

    iv) I am speaking at a large consumer expo this month with hundreds of people in the audience. At the end of my talk I will soft-mention my online personal training program. Say that as attendees they can access it for the special expo rate of only $25/week (but I'll only take the first 50 people that sign up). Goal to get 50 people to take advantage of the conference rate for $65,000.

    Alternatively, if I wasn't scheduled to speak already, I would run my own seminar using a charity sponsor. Donate $10 to charity for every friend that someone brings in. Use FB ads to promote event and close as many as possible using the same "only 50 people" hook.

    iii) Identify top 10 people out of 250 list, seminar and webinar list who would be prime candidates for one-on-one personal coaching. Goal to sell just 1 high-end client a year long program for $15,000 as a special deal (paid monthly, but on contract).

    $20,000 + $65,000 + $15,000 = $100,000

    Best I've got right now...

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    The virtual currency field is hella saturated right now. There's still money to be made though. You could invent a new coin and make $100,000 in a week. Look at dogecoin. It was a successful late bloomer. You could also start a bank and decide which coins are worth cash up front. I feel like some coins are no more than virtual Confederate money. This would solve that problem.
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    With the assumption that you are starting from nothing, your best chance is probably a joint venture or high commission for putting together a deal. Example: use your local connections to find high profit potential real estate flips/invensent properties and pitch them to out of town investors who will gladly pay high referral fees. The key is to match up those who do not have access to your network/local area with those opportunities because it exponentially increases your value as a facilitator of a deal.
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    Transportation.Of Packages. From South America. Without using my hands.
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    Guest Mike Salzman


    In the spirit of experimentation with mailing lists and such I unsubscribed after this last email blast as this topic stop providing value and interest to me.
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    Ok last one.

    Research penny stocks and then go to reddit.com/r/pennystocks and post your best finds. Once you've built up a solid reputation, at the end of the month invest $10,000 in a single stock and promote the hell out of it. Walk away with $100,000.

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    Guest Robert Maisano


    I'll give 2 options that come to mind:

    1. I'd put together a large event that brings talented individuals together with potential employers. Have an awesome speaker series collection, which would then lead to solid sponsorships. It's something I'm trying to put together myself for my other startup called Office Prep (www.office-prep.com).

    2. The other idea is to tap into the luxury goods market. I would work with Industrial Designers to make something that you can charge a lot for, I'm thinking a watch would be the best product. Once I have a complete product I'd go to other watch brands and try to form a partnership. Then slap a high sticker price on it. This of course could work for other products.

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    Sounds pretty dang smart!

    What training could I look at on how to be able to do this?

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    Who cares you unsubscribe? You look for value. Then you should start reading between the lines and try to find an idea which may save you from "+1 headcount" status in your lucky(!) corporate dream.
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    I'll join a professional gambling team to learn card counting, then go on an intensive round-the-world casino tour. I'll probably be banned from most casinos by the end of my tour. So if I still haven't hit the $100000 mark by then, I'll sell high end consulting services to the casinos to fight against professional gamblers.
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