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    How would you make an extra $1,000 in a month?

    Today we're asking people:

    How would you make an extra $1,000 in 30 days?

    1000 copywriting course moneyThe methods for people to make a measly 100 bucks broke down like this (into three types):1.) Just save the $100  – (also called “The Boring As Shit” method):
    • Save $100 by preparing your own meals and not eating out.
    • Cut out a gym membership.
    • Other boring methods to save $100.
    -or-2.) Doing more of what you already do to make an extra $100  – (Fair enough):
    • If you have a job = work 3 extra hours.
    • If you’re a bartender = Work one extra shift.
    • If you’re a freelancer = Find one extra gig or raise rates.
    • If you have extra electronics = Throw a yard sale or sell them on eBay.
    -or-3.) Making an extra $100 by HUSTLING up some money – (Ok now we’re using some imagination)!
    • Becoming an Uber or Lyft driver over the weekend.
    • Go to TaskRabbit and grab some gigs.
    • Mowing lawns, installing peep holes in doors, detailing cars, plowing snow etc…
    • Go up to a business and say “I need $50, I can do anything you need.”
    • Buy water from supermarket, keep it cool, sell it at the beach.
    • Post on Craigslist to design a webpage or do SEO for cheap.
    • Take pictures with a nice camera in tourists destinations, charge $5 and email the pictures.
    • Sell your body to desperate old ladies (I’m assuming this one was a joke).
    • See yesterday’s comments for a crap-ton of other ideas.
    Basically put relatively little effort into making this extra $100 because it’s easy.  So let’s make this comment thread even MORE interesting:Let’s say I kidnapped your dog, and won’t give him back unless you come up with an extra $1,000….

    How would you make an extra $1,000 in 30 days??


    Neville Medhora

    P.S.Interested in seeing how others would make different sums of money each month? Checkout everyone's answers for:

    P.P.S.  The more people that comment on this, the more interesting it makes.  So I’d really appreciate you adding your ideas on how you would make an extra $1,000 in a month!

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    Guest Jesse Hanley


    I'd scale the business I wrote about in yesterday's post. I'd grab all my friends, rent costumes for all of them and we'd all go down to the local beach to hustle some sales off tourists until the cops asked us to leave - then I'd move to the next beach/tourist spot :)
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    Guest Neville


    Nice....so same idea of selling bottled water and snacks, but now that you have to make $1,000 you would get friends involved. Smart!
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    Nothing fancy--

    1) Raise rates 15% and/or

    2) Write an extra article every day

    Another thought (and a current goal / challenge of mine)...

    Improve and/or learn a new skill. For example, I'm pivoting from SEO copy to email and sales (more ROI focused) copy. That's worth more to businesses -- it'll be worth more to me too.

    Aaaand another one:

    Coaching - This can be a quick way to earn $1,000, especially if you have any kind of network to tap into. When I played poker there were always guys that wanted feedback on their game or 1-on-1 time for Q & A. Even as a newer player I was able to charge $25 per hour. Charge $35 per hour, do 1 hour per day, and you'll pocket $1,000 with time to spare.

    If you don't want to spend that much time though, you could charge $20-$30 per head and do a group session for 1-2 hours. Do 10 people per session, book 4-5 sessions for the month, and you'll earn your $1,000. And you'll only spend 4-10 hours doing it versus 30 hours coaching 1-on-1.

    And what if you don't feel like an expert? I can't remember who said it, but on a scale of 1-10, if you feel like you're a 3, there will always be 1's and 2's that want to be where you're at.

    Or in my case (playing the $6 games at the time), there were always guys playing the 1 and 3 dollar games that wanted to be where I was at.

    Last thought -- you can always create a product. That way you're not just earning $1,000 -this- month, you can earn $1,000 (or more) the following month/s too.

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    Wanted to mention (and maybe beat you to the punch) that you could probably scale the (group) coaching idea to reach $10,000.

    Or use the group coaching to sell a monthly newsletter or physical box.

    If you do 2 10-person sessions per day (at $25 each), you could make $500/day or $10,000 / month.

    But then what if you pitched a $25-$100 monthly deal? Surely you could get 1-2 subs for each session you run.

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    After yesterday's post, I did two things: 1) I made an extra $100 I wasn't planning on:-), and 2)I hired out (for the first time ever!) a freelancer to write a plugin for me that is beyond my current capabilities. He will have the plugin ready for testing in a week. This saved me at least three weeks of random coding, checking, coding.... checking....

    This actually means that I will be able to finish one of the projects I'm working on almost a month ahead of schedule, which should make my client pretty happy. Two things come out of this: 1) I now know where I can go to get expert work done in record time, and 2) even though it costs me 41% of the total project, I can move it up in the pipeline, and take on more projects (that are out of my league) and SCALE!... Oh, and 3) the plugin actually has potential to scale and be used for other small-to-mid-sized companies, which could license the plugin for a yearly basis... Recurring AND hitting a pain point... More on that in the future...

    For now, specifically, to make an extra $1,000 a month, I would continue to take on projects bigger than I can handle (sell and hustle:-)), and start building a network or virtual team around getting the project out the door quickly, efficiently, and professionally...

    To do that, it'd be REALLY nice to have some amazing examples of kopy at my disposal... NevBox #1 or #2... I'm looking in your direction... O_o

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    Guest Thomas G


    I have to say, Neville, I'm PISSED I didn't get the box yesterday. There is no failing today. So here are three ways I would do it, always coming from the "I have no skill and no money" frame.

    1. Advertising Pooling : Start a new advertising medium in your community. Something like the free maps people get at hostels, with advertising on it. Could be restaurant table mat, could be a niche booklet (guide of antique shops in X state). There are hundreds of opportunities in this field, just look what exists elsewhere, and do it where it doesn't exist. It's a number's game : profit = advertisers * fee - ( printing cost + distribution cost ). When it's setup, you can profit from this for years by doing it again and again every year.

    2. Affiliate selling : Find a service that gets you a MONTHLY percentage every time you refer someone, and sell that. How ? By adding a "free" gift if people buy through you. For example : free website if they buy hosting through your link. Free phone if they buy their phone contract through your link. 3 free hours of computer training if they buy their internet through you. It takes a while to setup, but you'll get the monthly commissions for a long, long time.

    3. Go door to door and ask companies what problem they have that would be worth $1000 to solve :) Or better : what they would pay $500 a month to solve. Present myself as a "fixer" of some sort, a guy who solves problem. It would probably take a while to get an answer so cold emailing could save time here. The copy will be something like "hey, I'm just a relentless guy with two hands and a phone, let me simplify your life". Once ONE company baits, you can be sure others will have the same exact problem.

    A last one for pleasure, but you need money / investors for this : there is a lot of money to be made at auctions. Find a field you really know, and look for stuff in that field. Just last month a company went bankrupt in my area and auctionned 10 computers in bulk for around $50 a piece. Very easy to clean them and flip them on ebay for double that amount.

    If you have even more money, do that with cars : cheap cars generally sell close to market price at auctions. But expensive cars don't : I've seen cars go for close to half their market value. And you could be driving an awesome car all the time, which is not a bad bonus.

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    I'd work out my most valuable skill and take the chance that people will pay me to do it for them, starting at the beginning of the month find the best place to advertise then work out how much time people would need - find the time and name the price by the middle of the month, then shout your head off!!
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    Guest Lauren Holliday


    I would look up local small businesses on Yelp, and see which ones didn't buy their domain names.

    I would focus on a vertical market so it was easier to productize, i.e. dry cleaners or bakeries, and purchase whichever local stores didn't buy their domains.

    Then I would register with Google's Get Your Business Online so I owned it and spent $0 on it (not too mention, I think it offers you free hosting).

    Next, I would create a Wordpress website using a Wordpress theme I already own, such as the X, which is super customizable, and make these real businesses websites. Then I would go into the stores with my laptop, show them their website.

    Cost: $1,000

    How could they refuse that offer? I'd even throw in a free training course. Bet I'd even get a few retainer clients out of this.

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    Erm yesterday's I would have put dig out some more boxed star wars toys and sell them. But I only have so many of them left so can't make a grand off that.

    Spent a week learning a new skill so I could put that to work. A little nervous about it though.

    Just don't forget to feed the dog okay?

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    How I'd make an extra $1000 in 30 days? You don't need any existing conections for this one... It's the same one as yesterday's... With an addition of a smart strategy...giggity ;)

    I'd just find an idea for a product/service, create a landing page, start collecting emails. I'll then promote it on reddit, HackerNews, Product Hunt, email bloggers in the same niche and give 'em a sample of it to show to their audience.

    Once enough people subscribe to my email list I'll take that as a "mini-validation" for my idea. I'll then start emailing them, asking for feedback.

    And how do I make sure my email subscribers would be ready to pay for the product/service? I'll create a smart landing page with smart kopy, which would include three different pricing plans. This'll make sure only people who're ready to pay would subscribe. Clicking on any of the Buy Now buttons would open a pop-up saying "We're close to launching. Put in your email and we'll let ya know when we're ready..." At least this mentally prepares the visitor that the product/service is a paid one.

    What ya say Neville?

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    Last month I was desperate for making extra cash. So I was talking to my friend and he said he wanted to sell his car but had no time or will power to do it. So I said to him: "give me the car and I'll sell it". I live in an area with no parking problems and I work from home, so I'm available to show the car anytime. He was happy as a Clam and I took his car to have oil change, revision, etc and posted an ad. A month later another friend of mine moved to a part of Madrid where he couldn't keep both his cars. So same deal. I had the 2 cars here for a month one of them and for a week the other. Sold both cars on the same weekend :) Result, 500€ profit for one of them (sold at 7000€) and 300€ profit + dinner invitation for the other one (sold at 3000€).

    Then, since I still needed some cash, called my former employer (Translation company) , eventhough I swore I would never work for them again (they weren't nice) and said I could work for them as a freelance (hey, I needed the money, please don't judge me). So they sent a document I'm working on right now that will pay approx. 400€. So...voilá! approx. 1200€ extra this month.

    Oh, and I talked to one of the bars near my house and I'll be playing with my guitar there next week, for 100€ ;)

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    The idea came yesterday, I could write a course about how to make extra money by flipping Internet domains. Selling the course at $25 I just need to find about 50 people interested to break even and make the extra $1K.
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    Guest Danielle


    Good Morning, Neville!

    I have two very selfless ideas on how to make an extra $1,000 a month. First idea: donate my plasma two times a week for the whole month. You are able to donate up to twice a week. I'm a healthy young lady, so this is easy money for me! Second idea: I have crazy curly, thick hair that is healthy, long and everyone wants it. Seeing quite a few people I know have lost their hair from chemo, I have been growing out my hair to donate it. I can make hundreds from this, even a thousand from selling my hair because of the thickness and length of it.

    Thanks for reading! :)

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    I would kidnap one of your family member, get my dog back and charge you 1.000$. Don't kidnap my dog.

    Please do not report this (creepy) message to the FBI, I'm just being creative.

    Luv' the content btw, keep up the good work :)

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    Guest Dev Singh


    I would set up a Kickstarter campaign with a Liam Neeson from Taken theme. I would ask for funds to get my dog back and backers would be rewarded with a chance to star in a Taken parody alongside my dog (once I get my dog back).
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    Personal Training: Add a bootcamp class. Charge $10 per person and make the bootcamp 3x per week with 10 clients in the class or more!

    $10 x 10 = $100 (per class/hour!) x 3 (3x per week) = $300 x 4 (for the whole month) = $1,200!

    Dam.... Something I really should already be doing!


    Solving Real Problems: Using Noah's course, I would have found a real problem and at least 3 paying clients within 48 hours. My next goal would be to find 5-10 new clients depending on the profit generated by the work.

    Essentially scaling the idea with more clients/customers.

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    I know it's not very original but I would offer to build a website with proper SEO for my hairstylist. She's looking to drum up her own business and would appreciate being on the first page of Google locally. If that's not enough to get $1000, I'd also approach other service providers I use, such as massage therapist, etc.
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    Guest Joseph Irons


    I would do it in real estate. It's easy to find a property that needs work, if you do not have the skill set you can refer the property to an investor for a bird dog
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    1) Find a How-To article about whatever: It could be something technical that most people can't do by themselves or simply don't have time. Sell it for $100 each to 10 people/businesses.

    2) Host a webinar for businesses about How-To 'X' and sell it for $100 each to 10 businesses. This is more scaleable because you can get the $1k in the same day.

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    Depending on where you are they might be able to sue you for "squatting" their company domain name. I wouldn't do that.
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    I am good in sport climbing so I will go to the local climbing centre and offer beginners a free 30 minutes coaching session. After each session, I will offer them a coaching package. $40 for a 2hrs session or $120 for 4 * 2hrs session (once a week).

    To reach $1000 quickly, I will set up a referral system. For each friend they refer to join the same session, they and their friend each pay $5 less per referral. So if you have 2 other friends join the same session, each of you pay $10 less. $30/pax for 2hr session or $110 for 4 * 2hrs session. This way I earn more per session.

    Realistically, this is my assumed scenario: I get 3 clients and each refer 2 friends, I will have $990 by the end of 30 days.

    Still $10 short. So I'm going to hustle and offer to be a belaying assistant for 1 hour in exchange for the $10. If no taker, I'll ask the climbing centre if there is anything I can do for them (sweep floor, belay, set routes, whatever).

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    Guest Nicholas Johnson


    Training is my most profitable gig. I'd spend a couple of days improving the SEO and content on my training site, then set up some adwords, and possibly some LinkedIn advertising.

    I'd set up a course date and try to fill it with individuals, but really I'd be looking for a single biggish corporate client.

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    Guest Jacqueline du Plessis


    Excellent Nate. Kudos and high fives! You totally deserve today's NevBox!

    Hint @Nevmed

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    Guest Adam Szabo


    $1k is exactly the price of a general website here in Hungary so I would ask all my friends, all of the businesses where I go regularly if they need a new site.

    My target would be TWO contracts. Each contract would be like this: Pay half price at the beginning, half price at the end. So even if my work sucks (I'm just a hobby developer, so no guarantees), I got 2x$500 in advance :)

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