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    Copywriting Course Heat Maps


    One of the most useful tools I've used over the years to optimize pages is heat maps.

    The simple combination of heat maps, confetti maps, and scroll overlays lets you determine what content to remove.

    Just for fun, here's the stats for a few different pages on Copywriting Course. I made sure each of these tests had at least 1,000 views:


    Copywriting Course Blog:

    copywriting course blog heatmap thumbnailsBlog Heat Map [image^]

    Blog Confetti Map [image^]

    Blog Scroll Map [image^]

    What these maps tell me about the Blog Page:

    • All the header items are getting a lot of clicks, so the site header is doing well.
    • People are most likely to click side-bar articles towards the top of the page, so if I want more traffic to something I should move it higher up the sidebar.
    • While most people scroll down the main blog page about 4 screen lengths, very few go all the way down, sometimes low as 4% of visitors. This tells me I could probably shorten the amount of blog posts shown on the blog roll from 10 to 5.


    Copywriting Course About Page:

    Copywriting Course About PageAbout Page Heat Map [image^]

    About Page Confetti Map [image^]

    About Page Scroll Map [image^]

    What these maps tell me about the About Page:

    • The page might be a little long, and the part getting the least action is the Press Kit. Can probably consolidate that long display of images into a small list of links.
    • If I want people to "Follow Me" on different platforms, it might be better to move those links to the top of the page where people are more likely to click.
    • The top of the page sees far more clicking than the bottom.
    • Far fewer people click the sidebar links on the About Page than on the /blog page.



    Copywriting Course Sales Page:

    kopywriting Kourse join page heatmap thumbnail

    Sales Page Heat Map [image^]

    Sales Page Confetti Map [image^]

    Sales Page Scroll Map [image^]

    What these maps tell me about the Sales Page:

    • The page is probably SLIGHTLY too long, as less people are not reading the stuff in blue. However most of that stuff is relevant, so I would leave it.
    • People scroll but don't click, except on buttons, which is to be expected.
    • People on mobile have to scroll A LOT to see the whole sales page.


    Copywriting Course Subscription Page:

    copywriting course subscription thumbnailSubscription Page Heat Map [image^]

    Subscription Page Confetti Map [image^]

    Subscription Page Scroll Map [image^]

    What these maps tell me about the Subscription Page:

    • People click about what I expected them to click (not many options).
    • More people click the "Quarterly" button than the "Yearly" button.
    • Most people view the entire page since the page is quite short.


    I often get a lot more value just from looking at these simple maps than some of the hardcore number analytics we have.

    Hope you enjoyed seeing these behind-the-scenes maps!


    Neville Medhora



    P.S. If you have any questions about this process feel free to ask and I will answer :-)

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    Guest Leonor Canelas


    Neville you are awesome! Thank you for the best contents!
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    Great insights! Well done.

    It's strange how people are focused on the buttons (CTA) more than reading the content itself. It'd be useful to see the common sequence and duration of attention (flow). That can help in finding out the amount of attention people give to each section of the content.

    What tool did you use for this?

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    I have just finished my first editorial and I got clicks all the way down to the order button. Between 43% and 75% saw the order form. But the call to action (written by the client) does not work. I need to convince him to change it. Over 1500 out of 2,000 clicks went to mobile devices.
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    Guest Dan Ramm


    What tool or resource do you use to get heat map data like this?
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    Hi English is my second language , so how good my english should be to become a copywriter?
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    Guest Bryan Toder


    Just wondering, are you using CrazyEgg for the heat maps..?
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    Guest Neville


    Yes, all of these specific shots were taken with CrazyEgg!
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Well if you have this data, show it to the client and re-write it (or re-format it) for them!

    Generally simple things like bright buttons will get a lot of clicks.

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Hey Fouad, I agree, but unfortunately it's still reasonably hard to find out EXACTLY what people are reading.

    You can kind of insinuate where they are reading by the Scroll Map data though.

    I used CrazyEgg to pull these screenshots.

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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Why thank you very much Arti, glad ya liked it!!
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Much appreciated Leonor, hopefully I can keep pumping out more great content for ya!
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    You should really have your heatmaps etc analyzed by someone else (other than yourself). For example, you say about your sales page that the stuff in blue is relevant so you'd leave it. As a third party, I'd tell you that your VISITORS are demonstrating that it is NOT relevant. That page should be shortened significantly. I'm surprised people even bother to find the packages at the bottom. And I'm guessing you have a much lower conversion rate on mobile with how long that page is.
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    Guest Neville Medhora


    Just because 100% of people don't land on a portion of the page doesn't mean you should remove it.

    Many people have visited the page 8+ times, and therefore aren't sitting on each portion of the page.

    Also some of the spots where people "scroll past quick" are not dense with information.

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    Guest Marina


    I've been a Spanish copywriter for more than a decade and I am a super fan of your stuff, you give very useful info and definitely, you know your shit. Thanks for sharing!
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