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    How would you make an extra $1,000 in a month?

    Today we're asking people:

    How would you make an extra $1,000 in 30 days?

    1000 copywriting course moneyThe methods for people to make a measly 100 bucks broke down like this (into three types):1.) Just save the $100  – (also called “The Boring As Shit” method):
    • Save $100 by preparing your own meals and not eating out.
    • Cut out a gym membership.
    • Other boring methods to save $100.
    -or-2.) Doing more of what you already do to make an extra $100  – (Fair enough):
    • If you have a job = work 3 extra hours.
    • If you’re a bartender = Work one extra shift.
    • If you’re a freelancer = Find one extra gig or raise rates.
    • If you have extra electronics = Throw a yard sale or sell them on eBay.
    -or-3.) Making an extra $100 by HUSTLING up some money – (Ok now we’re using some imagination)!
    • Becoming an Uber or Lyft driver over the weekend.
    • Go to TaskRabbit and grab some gigs.
    • Mowing lawns, installing peep holes in doors, detailing cars, plowing snow etc…
    • Go up to a business and say “I need $50, I can do anything you need.”
    • Buy water from supermarket, keep it cool, sell it at the beach.
    • Post on Craigslist to design a webpage or do SEO for cheap.
    • Take pictures with a nice camera in tourists destinations, charge $5 and email the pictures.
    • Sell your body to desperate old ladies (I’m assuming this one was a joke).
    • See yesterday’s comments for a crap-ton of other ideas.
    Basically put relatively little effort into making this extra $100 because it’s easy.  So let’s make this comment thread even MORE interesting:Let’s say I kidnapped your dog, and won’t give him back unless you come up with an extra $1,000….

    How would you make an extra $1,000 in 30 days??


    Neville Medhora

    P.S.Interested in seeing how others would make different sums of money each month? Checkout everyone's answers for:

    P.P.S.  The more people that comment on this, the more interesting it makes.  So I’d really appreciate you adding your ideas on how you would make an extra $1,000 in a month!

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    Guest Brandon



    First, keep the dog. That alone will save me $50mo. ($1,200 2 yr.) on dog food. Without the dog around, my allergies will get better, which will give me more energy to do more, earn more, and be more awesome-saucy.

    (Side Benefit: Now I'll be able to get the iguana with the schwwweeeet tattoo of David Hasselhoff on it's back, from Bob's Exotic Pets around the corner from my place.)

    But let's not stop there...

    I'd take some of the bones saved from ditching the dog, by a nice pair of shoes (ladies love 'dem shoes), and head out on the town.

    There I'd let girls sign their name on my flabdominal muscles. ($50 a pop of course.) I'd make up some fake cause, like I'm doing it to save my dog, who once saved me from a burning building, while I was saving an old lady who was saving her dog. Who knows how much I'd make here.

    After I let the "ladies" buy me a few drinks, (cha ching, cha ching, cha ching!), I'd head to the dancefloor, kick on the mic, and ask who'd like to see the world's worst breakdance. I'd insist whoever can, pony up something, ANYTHING for the chance to experience the awesomeness about to follow... And as they're paying, I'd hit 'em with an upsell. Sign my flabdominals for a one-time discount of only $25. And I'll throw in my golden boy *wink* as a free bonus. (cha ching, cha ching!)

    Surely I've made several geeeez by now, the nights late, and I need my beauty sleep. So just one last stop...

    Off to Starbucks I go! There I'll borrow their interwebs connection. After bribing a little kid with my last two MineCraft Collectors Cards for a few bucks, so I can get a Skinny Soy Venti Peppermint Mocha With 2 Extra Shots, Hold The Whip Cream, Add a Touch Of Nutmeg (Mmm...), I sit down to write a little sumpn' sumpn' on my Mac.

    The way I see it, it's been a VERY interesting day. Waaaaay out of the norm for me even. SO, I decide to email all my friends and acquaintances. I tell them about my day. The dog, the autographs from the hotties (I attach a pic), the breakdancing for dollars, the free drinks, the several grand rolled up in my pocket (Is that $5k rolled up in your pocket or are you happy to see me?), and yes, even the Steamy Peppermint Mocha firmly grasped in my hand at this very moment.

    I tell them this: "Hey home slices! Waaaasssssup! For the first 3 of you fools that take me up on this offer, next friday night, I'll take you out for the night of your life! We'll have a whole new experience just like this one. Even Better. I'll teach you to be a BOSS! I'll be your friggin' Yoda. One GameChanger night. $500 bones a peep. Only 3 spots and this is going out to over 300 of my closest friends. I'll never do this again. First 3 "cool" guys to reply back get in. Everybody else misses out..."

    Alrightee, not all of us are blessed to live an awesome life like this.. :) :)... so let's break it down for all.

    One, get creative.

    Two, have a Cause for doing something. (Why do you need $1k?)

    Three, add an upsell to whatever you're doing. What compliments your upfront offer? Offer that. RIGHT AFTER the first sale.

    Four, have a high ticket offer that kicks butt. Make it more irresistible than a Cinnabon Cupcake sprinkled with fairy dust.

    If you already have offers like this, (upfront, upsell, high ticket) then be BOLD this month. Get UNcomfortable and ask for the sale 10x over the next 30 days.

    Five, do awesome EPIC stuff, care your face off, and have fun in the process!!

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    I'd put together a photo booth.

    Talk to all the local photographers and tell them I have a photo booth to rent and if they convince their upcoming weddings to rent the booth for $499/4 hours I'll give them $100 in commission.

    2 weddings = $800 to me

    To hit $1,000 I could do a third at a reduced rate if I had to

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    Here are several ways as a musician I would generate at least $1000.00 in a month.

    1) Start a monthly acoustic concert series in my front yard. Sell 10 season tickets to my fan list for $100.00 each and voila, $1000.00 generated. Sell 50 = $5k. Not easy, but completely achievable!

    2) Book 10 acoustic house concerts in 30 days. Charge $100 minimum to fans or make $100 in donations at each show.

    Want more? Got more...

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    I would package up my existing freelance model and sell it as a start-up package/course for a very small, exclusive and specific group of wantrepreneurs that I already have an in with! I'll also add consulting appointments, marketing help (first client acquisition support!) and general hand-holding for additional $$$. THREE PRICE POINTS AVAILABLE ;) .... Nobody is holding my dog for ransom, but maybe I will pretend they are! Talk about lighting a fire! Thanks Nev!
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    Guest Nicholas Johnson


    Now I'm assuming your going to say "How would you make 10,000" now go do it! Well I'm already on the case. I've got my couple of days booked in at the end of this week!
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    You're telling me I gotta work now? And for $1000 in a month?!

    Well, I do love my dog. So here we go....

    I'd go to business that don't have anything set up on Facebook and I'd make them a profile and set up a Facebook campaign for them.

    I'd charge $100-$150 per business and there are plenty of businesses that need a social media guy! (Me)

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    I am a professional software developer, so I have two options

    1) Freelance gigs. I could reach out to my network for entrepreneurs who need something built yesterday and get it done for them. The downside of this is the pay will come in after the work gets done.

    2) Teaching software development. I already happen to be working on a course to teach development in Python through another organization, and it seems to be way more lucrative than I expected. If I needed 1k in a month I would scale out to different languages and technologies and run several concurrent classes. The challenge here will be reaching enough students in time, but they'll pay up front.

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    Okay this looks pretty straightforward.

    I would read through this post, get the 10 best ideas. Package them up in my own words as a report on 10 great ideas to make an extra 1000 a month.

    Use my skills from the kopywritingkourse and write a killer sales letter and then sell the report for $17 and have an upsell of $197 for a months coaching.

    Might just go and do that actually. Have fun all.

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    We live in the boondocks of Baltimore Maryland - up near Pennsylvania. It's

    been colder than usual here this fall.

    80degrees during the day in August - 60degrees at night.

    Sept - 50 at night

    October - 48 degrees last nite

    Looking at my Dad's fuel oil heat bills from last year - I see he was spending

    1000.00 a mo in Sept & Oct.

    3000.00 a mo Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb

    14,000.00+ for six months.

    In August I got 10.5 cords of seasoned oak wood - for $1350.00

    from a Pennsylvania company that does Tree Removal.

    $14,000 - $1350 = $12,650.00

    So far - Sept and Oct - haven't run the furnace at all. If I can keep heating

    the house with the WoodStove (As I did in 2013) I'll bank 12,000.00

    $1000.00 a mo


    Glenn Osborn

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    Guest Curt Nelson


    1. Real Estate Wholesaling - I would drive around my local town and come up with a list of 20 absentee owners. These are the properties that look like their not cared for. I would get the addresses, look them up online to see if the owner lives out of state, if no one has bought the property in last 10 years or more (15, 20 years even better), and also specifically look for PR deeds and quit claim deeds.

    These 20 houses before I call them would have to fit all this criteria. Then I would call the owners and see who wants to sell. On the flip side of this since I wouldn't be buying the house, I would be wholesaling it, I would have to create a list of cash buyers and landlord buyers, the people who like holding real estate long term as rentals so I could wholesale house to them.

    2. I would create a lead magnet/trip wire offer for a service based business that I would turn into a product based business. First I would create a lead magnet for a service... say: How To Design A Responsive Website That Actually Sells Your Products or something. I would find sites that would bring the distribution to me or customers rather. For example, I could sell this for $5 on Fiverr and then upsell my next services. Give really great service and then get business strictly from referrals. Could use other sites too like Freelancer, oDesk, Elance, etc...

    Once this service business was clearing enough money to support myself and 1 worker I would create several products and splinter off all the best core ideas and sell them.

    3. If a person wants to go the Hustle route you could combine something like GigWalk, Task Rabbit, Shyp, Lyft, User Testing, Air BnB, and Relay Rides


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    Guest John Bushkar



    I think I could work for seniors doing things they cannot do. Living in st pete, there's no shortage of OPs (old people). Or teaching basic computer lessons to seniors. I'd either make $1000 or shoot someone. Ciao.

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    I could make this $1000 easily by getting off my A$$ using some of the copy tips that I have learned from you emails.

    Contact some small businesses and hustle 20 $50/mo sponsorship packages (unlimited impressions) to my website.

    Why am I not doing this?

    Why am I using Neville's contest for therapy?

    Come on Gerald do it today -- Make it Happen!

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    Guest Jack Reamer


    How to make $1k in 30 days?

    I'd cold call 10 SEO companies and ask them if they'd like me to send them new clients. (I assume 100% would say yes.) Then I'd ask them for just $300 for every client that signs up with them. (I assume 50% would say yes because SEO is usually a 2k-5k investment)

    Then I'd run facebook ads that targeted consultatns who blog and have a household income of 70K+. The ad would be a giveaway for "100 free SEO tips for consultants." Then I'd use e-mail marketing to show them how SEO can make them more money next year (and how it's a pain in the ass to do it yourself). Then I'd use KILLLER KOPY to get them to sign up for the best SEO company that agreed to my $300 affiliate deal.

    Other Assumptions:

    I can reach 50,000 consultants in my target audience with facebook ads

    I can get a 1% CTR (500 visitors)

    I pay 1$ per click (Spend $500)

    I can convert 25% visitors to opt-in (125 subscribers)

    I can convert 5% of e-mail subscribers to customers ( 6 new clients worth $300 each)

    I can do this in 30 days


    Total commission: $1800

    Total ad spending: $500

    Profit: $1300



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    Guest Patricia


    My grandma is a therapist and she's actually a really good one. Last year she traveled a lot doing talks for couples in trouble (sad, but true), but this year she had a lot of personal and health problems and couldn't travel to do the talks. She also always talks about writing a book, but she never actually started one. I would ask her to prepare a talk and since I work with video I would record it and sell the talk online dividing profits because I would also do the mkt. Since she is really known around the country the video would sell like water, specially now that she is not able to travel. Then I would plan a blog for her and offer to manage it whenever she have any trouble. Bam! I think it would make more than $1000. And I'd be helping an old lady <3
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    My friends and I ran into a money issue last month prior to the iPhone 6 release. So what we decided to do was get a group of our friends together and charged money to those super Eager to get their hands on one of the new iPhones, but couldn't spend hours waiting in line. We charged $100 to wait in line at local neighborhood Apple stores, AT&T, Tmobile, Verizon, & Sprint stores. People would let me know how many hours in advance of the store opening they’d like me to arrive. Once I neared the front of the line, I would contact the buyer so they could switch places with me and make the purchase themselves. It worked out really well as each of us were able to stand in line for people at at least 6 different locations throughout the day. We simply took advantage of the usual Apple Hype to charge people for the ability to skip the boring waiting and go directly to enjoying their new device.
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    1000$ / mo is the end game for my current project, but I'm just starting out.

    1. Source goods though Aliexpress (when demand is better move to Alibaba for reduced prices)

    2. Ship product to Parcel receiver in US. (Im in Canada)

    3. Drive to US (only hour drive) re-ship items to Shipwire fulfilment center / Amazon Fulfillment

    4. Use cheap American shipping (especially cheap fulfilment center shipping) to sell on Amazon/Ebay

    5. Set up shopify with Shipwire integration to automate business while I try my hand at marketing (only cursory knowledge right now) and drive sales through website

    Thats the theory anyhow...

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    Since I live close to a bunch of rich SOBs, and those rich SOBs have children, I'm thinking I could kidnap one and hold them for ransom? I could probably get a lot more than $1k, so, suck it.

    But I assume doing illegal things is out of the question, so I'm going to put together a "hacking" contest for local programmers. I'll pick some simple game, like connect 4 or checkers or something, and have them build a program to compete in a tournament. I'll charge, what, 20 buck, and limit the tournament to 100 programmers, and maybe charge others who just want to watch a small entry fee.

    First prize will be $500, runner up $250, then $250+ goes to some charity. I'm not sure I'll be able to pocket all $1k, because I have to think about renting a space, and maybe providing some refreshments, maybe hire security, whatever.

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    Rent out your apartment or house on AirBnb. This should generate over 1k in revenue. Then stay with your parents for a month, boyfriend/girlfriend, or if you live in a very desirable location like I do in SF you can even pay a friend a portion of the revenue to stay at their place. Even more interesting and I did this once, you can do AirBnb arbitrage by renting out your entire place and stay in a private room on AirBnb and pocket the difference.
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    Guest Maria Webster


    Hustle. Hustle, hustle, hustle.

    1) Sign TWO website clients - which would generate over $1k.


    2) Hustle the hell out of my network to get TEN people to pay me $100 each for edits to their sites, or tips on how to build their network, or business coaching, or whatever knowledge I have that they need to grow their businesses or websites


    3) Sell off $400 worth of stuff from my house, panic that I won't make another $600 bucks, then go back to steps 1 and 2.


    4) Cry, and consider getting a second job (though truth be told, I did this a few times, and it didn't work).


    5) Comb Neville's site for more ideas, implement the hell out of ONE of them for two weeks until results were clear, then turn the volume wayyyy up on that one thing.


    6) Figure out the ONE THING I know how to do that's worth $1000 to one other person, and deliver the &$*(()^$$&$! out of that one thing.

    Boom. Whether I win a NevBox or not, this just helped me answer my own freakin' question THAT I JUST ASKED MYSELF YESTERDAY: "What do I know how to do that's worth $1000?"

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    Guest Stephanie


    1) I would choose an industry, and offer to help businesses in that industry increase their email subscribers with a Facebook contest. I would set up the campaign for $1000, so I would only need client. If there's another challenge tomorrow I'll show how I would turn that $1k into more.

    2) We have two cars my husband is thinking of giving away. We could sell them and make at least $1k.

    3) Start a local advertising co-op, sell 15 spaces on 9x12 postcard to be mailed to 10k homes for $495 -$695 for the month. Postcard spaces can be sold out in 4-6 weeks. After expenses profit is way more than $1k, but I would definitely have at least $1k in revenue by the end of 30 days.

    4) Contact new local businesses and offer print collateral (letterhead, business cards, brochures, etc.) I know an awesome low-cost high quality printer who can also handle graphic design, or I could outsource graphic design if needed. I could easily profit $200 plus off each job, charging extra for any graphic design or copy (I would provide the copy), and would only need 5 customers.

    5) Choose an industry and create marketing campaigns to help them get more customers and sales. License it to 20 founding business owners for $49.95 per month with the promise the fee will never increase as long as they remain members and allow me to test the campaigns. This will validate my idea. The fee will rise significantly for future business owners once the campaigns are proven.

    6) Similar to above, only with SaaS. Just learned about this recently. Choose an industry, speak to business owners to uncover their pain points and develop software to solve their problem. How many founding members needed would depend on the problem and solution. I would make sales upfront to cover the cost of development and profit at least $1k.

    Great exercise Neville! This falls in line with something I just started trying, thanks to James Altucher's book Choose Yourself, where you come up with ideas every day. But ideas aren't jack unless you do something with them!

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