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    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    About 10% of the U.S. population makes $100,000 per year. But that's a whole YEAR to make that money.What if we ask:

    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    100000 dollar bill hundred thousand

    I was actually curious how friends of mine would answer this.  So I asked several very successful friends, all from different backgrounds, how they would make an extra $100,000 in a month.  Here’s their answers:




    I would create a piece of software that solves a problem and sell it on LinkedIn.

    First I would find a medium to big sized company that’s wasting more than $100,000/month on a problem (maybe something involving their marketing where they have people manually entering numbers).  Then I would create a piece of software that solves that SPECIFIC problem for them.

    If I solve a problem that’s costing them $100,000/month, I can definitely get them to pay me at least $100,000 for that custom solution.  Maybe even more, and just charge them half the cost upfront.

    I would then contact the decision makers through LinkedIn and sell it.

    The key is to make a CUSTOM TAILORED solution, those sell for more money.




    There’s this whole underworld of big companies that want to get contracts from other big companies, and they pay guys like me to do that.  Commissions can vary, but they’re often $300,000+ per deal you close.  Now usually this process takes over a month, but for a $100,000 commissions I bet there’s smaller deals you can close in just one month.

    I would first put a call out to my network saying, “I’m up for hire.  $100,000 commission fee.  I’m very close with (XYZ tech company) and (XYZ distribution company) and can close deals quickly here.”

    A lot of this work is about having a valuable Rolodex already, and so there’s certain companies and industries I can close quickly.




    The time constraint causes this to become borderline gambling, but I would find companies just about to release highly anticipated earnings and either play the stock or options depending on how much money I had available.

    If you were to put up $1,000,000 and a stock moves up 10%….you’ve made your $100,000.

    But making the money from scratch would be risky.  Let’s say you only had $10,000 to invest, and it has to go up 10x.

    There’s usually no way to inherently increase the value of an investment by 10x very quickly, unless it’s inherently risky.

    So yes, you could possibly make $100,000 quickly in the investing world, but unless you have large sums of existing money to play with or insider information, you’re essentially gambling.




    We actually DID just make $100,000 extra with something we did last month.

    Right now the market is hot and people are buying.  We had some extra acreage at a development site, and figured there was room for 12 extra townhouses.  Each would easily bring in between $150,000 and $200,000 each.

    Building from ground-up is generally the riskiest investment we make, but we are almost guaranteed a 20% to 25% return.  So assuming each townhouse sells for an average of $175,000 x 12 = $2,100,000.

    $2,100,00 x 20% = $420,000   …..or $35,000 profit per townhouse.

    Selling 3 of the townhomes pre-construction netted over $100,000 in profits for us.




    Several ways:

    1.) Go to people who have lots of web traffic, and sell your product through a co-hosted webinar.

    2.) Bundle of software.  Go to different companies, put together a bundle of products, offer a big discount, then promote it.

    3.) Job recruiting.  You get $10,000 referrals for developers.  Recruit just 10 developers and you’ve hit $100,000 in referrals.  You can find them on LinkedIn, Reddit, developer forums.

    Cool huh?

    Well now I want to hear your answers to:

    How you would make an extra $100,000 in a month?  

    Answer in the comments!


    Neville Medhora – A Kurious Kopywriter

    Interested in seeing how others would make different sums of money each month? Checkout everyone's answers for:






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    Standing on the shoulders of giants.

    There is absolutely nothing I could do, on my own, to get the 100k a month. That said, here is what would have to happen if I were to accomplish this...

    The biggest thing I can leverage is my own network. The first part of your SF Tech guy's #1 idea agrees with this.

    Here are the exact steps you'd have to take...

    Step 1a: Get a product. Whether you build it, white label license it, or steal it, you need a product.

    Step 1b: Create an irresistible complementary product or service. Something you can upsell. This is where you'll make your dough but I'll explain that later.

    Step 2: Make an irresistible offer to 10 people in your network that have an enormous amount online pull. Preferably a big ass email list.

    What is the most irresistible offer? Read till the end...

    Step 3: Take the list of new buyers and immediately start up selling them. There is no better time to do this than directly after a sale is made and you now have a list.

    See what happen there? You somehow got a list out of this from the product sales.

    Now to close the loops:

    Making the dough: you'd have to depend solely on the upsell to make your 100k. The reason for that is due to the next point...

    The irresistible offer: Free. The one thing that might make an large shark affiliate jump into action to sell your product is... Offering them a 100% commission on it. Would you be willing to sell to your list if offered all the revenue from it?

    The trick in all this is crafting the upsell; a complimentary, must-have product/service that goes well with the first sale.

    Want some upsell ideas?

    Coaching $$$-$,$$$, Mastermind Group $,$$$-$$,$$$

    VIP Friends $$,$$$

    Do-it-for-you $,$$$ - $$,$$$ monthly retainer.

    That's all I got. Cheers!

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    Fastest way: join the Federal Reserve and print an extra $100,000.

    Second fastest way: Cocaine import / export business

    Alternatively, build a training product that sells for $1,000 / person (in an industry with money), load up FB ads to direct traffic to the training, do 4 - 5 webinars during the month.

    If you can get about 400 people subscribed per training, you can easily rake in over $100k (if you have a good webinar that converts at about 5% - that's 20 sales per webinar, with 5 webinars, that's 100 customers at $100,000).

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    Oh and I forgot to mention:

    A physical product as an upsell. I know someone who made $200,000+ from a small $10 upsell of a physical product.

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    Guest Demento


    When I was in really good shape, I met a female strip club owner who told me I could make $5,000/night at her strip club if I were to shake my ass in front of a bunch of fat ladies.
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    Guest Glenn Osborn



    I have a client who lives in Los Altos California. (#1 rated School system in the USA and attracts very wealthy people from all over the world.)

    Average home 3 million.

    He studies People.

    His Hobby is Architecture.

    Here's how Dave recently made a quick 100Grand.

    Done in the middle of a messy Divorce.

    Step I - He went to all the real estate office to find out WHERE the realtors live.

    Step II - He found two - who had property or a house next door

    for sale.

    Step III - He contacted the realtor. Said he was interested in maybe buying

    the house or land next door.

    ONE situation - the Top Bidder was planning on buying, then dividing

    the property up. Thus Dropping the value of the realtors Home.

    Dave took advantage.

    Got the Next-door-Neighbor-realtor to sell the land to him CHEAPER than the top bidder was willing to pay. IF he kept the land in one piece. (Which protected the property values for the Realtors home.)

    STEP IV - Before any money came out of his account. Dave got the realtors OK to do a site study. Site plan. Erosion protection. AND put up an Attractive

    Artist Color Drawing of the front of the proposed home.

    ***Dave Already had Blue Prints ready. He drove around Lake Tajo - took pics of the outside of billionaires homes. Incorporated elements from their homes into his Artist rendering and BluePrints.

    STEP V - Normally Dave would have started building the house. Pocketed a LOT more than 6 figures. Because he puts the Artist Pic up on the wooden "Construction BillBoard" - to Pre-sell the home!

    Then plays Rabid Buying prospects off against each other.

    Each one offers to pay him 100K above his asking price. And he ratchets

    his sale price up and up as he acts as his own General contractor - and

    people approach him - in front of the house - Asking, "HOW MUCH? I'll buy it right now."

    STEP VI - In this case - because Dave's 32 million was tied up in a Divorce.

    He took a quick 6 figure Profit - btwn what he was about to pay and what

    the new Buyer Offered. Then walked away with 100K.


    Glenn Osborn

    Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

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    Guest Bryan Harris


    It's all about distribution.

    If you sell bicycles that cost $50 and you run a bicycle shop that has 500 people walk buy each day, you have a ceiling on your revenue.

    If 5% of the people that walked by your shop bought a bike (would never be that high) you would only pull in $25,000 per month before expenses.

    How could you get to $100k?

    Open 4 more stores. But then you have all types of headaches like hiring people, rent and the light bill to worry about.

    That's where email is fascinating as a distribution channel. It is incredibly low cost to scale.

    For example...

    I've been focusing on building an email list over the past 10 months. I've slowly plodded and copied what all the smart people say to do and built a list of 10,000 people.

    Then I emailed those 10,000 people and asked them how I could help them.

    Then I built the product they asked for.

    Then I sent them an email and told them to buy it.

    Guess what happened? They bought it.

    I made $10,000 not in one month but in 24 hours.

    Not because I'm smart or awesome. But because I had distribution.

    But ask yourself this...what if my list had 100,000 people on it instead of 10,000 people. What would happen then? My sales would go up 10x.

    Instead of doing $10k in 24 hours I would have done $100k in 24 hours.


    How do I plan to make $100k in a month?

    Step 1: Grow my email list to 100k by 10/23/15

    Step 2: Ask them what they want

    Step 3: Build it

    Step 4: Tell them to buy it

    Reasons I like this approach:

    1) It's extremely stable

    2) It builds a long term asset

    3) The financial risk is nearly zero

    4) It's really fun.

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    Guest Mr. Ralph


    and of course that's if the Lions win... hell they gotta get there first!
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    Guest Cesar Gil


    Listen, I got this.

    I'll throw a huge ass party.

    Serious. Get a badass dj to come out...like...dj....dj money maker.

    Tell him to play some of the hottest tracks and entrance fee is $100,000 per person. So it's only 10 people but obvi only exclusive 10 people...like....the dj's friend.

    Fail. lol

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    Guest Matthias


    No, not only project management!

    It's rather a management framework which can be used for anything from developing products (software, hardware, cars -> http://bit.ly/AgileCar, aviation systems, vacuum cleaners, machinery, ...) to organizing weddings to bringing up your children (http://bit.ly/AgileFamily) to organization development. I guess every undertaking that is complex and cannot be planned upfront is suitable for using AGILE frameworks like SCRUM.

    Need more information on this? Just let me know. I am a German based expert on SCRUM in product development, telling german engineers how be less krauty and more agile.

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    Guest Caroline


    Random capitalization always activates my Charlatan Radar.
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    Guest Robert Belland


    I'm going to assume the money doesn't have to be cash in my pocket, but instead cash that goes to a charity (in this scenario...)

    I would approach a famous man and famous woman who haven't already been seen naked via the fappening or some movie and I would convince them (mentally seduce them?) into a charity scheme which requires them to pose nude... for charity!

    And their image would be the main page of this charity's website... except their image would be covered with black pixels... the charity makes money by removing pixels for each dollar that's donated... one dollar is one pixel removed, until the entire image is visible.

    I don't think it would take too long for the perverts/nerds/me of the world to reveal whatever image was behind the black pixels through donations.

    One image that's 800px X 600px = 480,000 pixels.

    Assuming only the naked parts would be covered that could easily be about 100,000 pixels... with some strategic programming that removes the most essential pixels last?

    I realize convincing a well known celebrity might take some real effort, but even a local celebrity posing nude for a charity like this might go viral enough to generate donations, even if they're a nobody outside of their own district.

    Basically I'm saying sex sells. So make porn.


    ~ Robby

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    One thumb-rule for "expected" income from a Web site is this:

    The number of regular, repeat visitors/subscribers ("active" users) is worth $1 per month, each.

    Depending on the market vertical, maybe only about 10% of your registered users are "active", meaning they actually use or visit your site more than a few times per month.

    If you have 1,000,000 registered email addresses then 100,000 people are "active" on your site. With proper sales and marketing, this is worth $100,000 per month.

    If you aggressively launch and stir up sales activity to ALL of your registered users, you could thin the margin or markup of something to just $1 per transaction, you might get an additional $100,000 boost for that campaign. These hard-hitting, low-margin campaigns don't scale very well, but you could have a team devoted solely to that kind of activity and do it several times per year. Like for holidays, spring break, Valentines, Father's Day etc.

    Neville, would your friends at AppSumo agree with this info? Especially the thumb-rule? I'm curious because I've read about it, but never done it - yet!

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    I love the idea of making deals. Here is what I would do:

    Find/target wealthy executives or simply people with a large amount of disposable income who like expensive things. I would have them give me a list of all the things they are currently looking for (watches, rare wine, cars etc....)

    With the list in hand, I would dig into the internets to find these items that meet their budget. If the deal is made, I get 10% of the deal for my services.

    They only pay when I track down what they are looking for :) I could see this not only being profitable ($10,000+/Month), but also quite enjoyable!

    I'm thinking of how I could implement this now and begin doing some building a great business with very wealthy clients that could open many of profitable doors.

    Nevbox worthy? lol :)

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    If you had a private pilot's license the cocaine thing could absolutely work.
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    Guest Dave Bross


    Aaaaaaaaaaargh mateys, time for a little seafaring tale.

    30 years ago....

    It was an ancient freighter, a hefty hunk of steaming junk with a cutthroat crew.

    It docked in Jacksonville FL and the crusty old captain was off to buy anything cheap. Old bicycles from the police auction, fish hooks, bales of useable clothing (check the rag and paper recyclers or alibaba for these ) and whatever salvage or surplus he could find.

    When he had his fill he set sail for the Caribbean, a short hop from Jacksonville.

    He visited every little island, selling and trading his goods for massive profit.

    Fast forward to today...

    A good friend in Trinidad gets his stuff from the states via a seagoing container a friend of his ships once a month.

    His friend started this to supply his own biz but didn't need the whole container.

    When he started asking around, he discovered a massive demand for stuff from the states.

    You can guess the rest.

    The moral of the story.....

    Export is way easier than anyone thinks. The governments here and there will even help you find markets.

    Import to the USA is a bit more difficult but not anything like you might think it should be after 9/11.

    or logistics...

    I ran an art glass studio for a while and used to get large quantities of glass from the west coast around Seattle.

    did it come on a truck?


    I would have been out of luck

    when it comes to a bill

    I don't like a thrill

    The freight costs would kill.

    (forgive the brief attack of Dr. Seuss)

    It came around the horn on a freighter in a combined container load for a fraction of truck freight. Just like the Trinidad deal.

    One more...

    A fellow used to supply the high end art galleries around the Carribean and other tourist destinations with stuff to sell. It was art bought at wholesale from excellent but not famous artists here in the USA.

    so there we go - fishooks to fine art - all in big demand in the right place.

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    Don't bother to think how you could implement this. Your idea sucks because even tough executives and people from other rich segments are idiot, they are not as idiot as giving away the joy of spending their money.

    You may consider to become a style-maker, but I doubt you can do this.

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    My First Post.

    Navy Seal Quote:

    "Targets dictate the weapons.

    Weapons dictate movement."

    "As long as you are very clear on what your target is, you don’t even have to think, and weapons will show up. You don’t have to think and the appropriate movement will show up."

    Hey Neville, just found this blog. Excellent value you provide.

    Here's what I would do to hit 100k

    As the Navy Quote suggests. I would START with a CLEAR, COMPELLING TARGET.

    The Weapons= How to

    Movements = Action


    I would begin with the END in mind. "SCREW THE HOW TO" at this point! SCREW IT! "

    I would set a very CLEAR, COMPELLING "Conscious Objective" of when, where, and what having 100k would look like.

    - I would set a FIRM DEADLINE. (By X date, Y time, I will have 100k dollars etc. etc.)

    But this NOT enough. That's ONLY a Left Brain BORING robot like conscious Objective. (By X date, Y time, I will have 100k dollars etc. etc.)

    I need EXCITEMENT soooooo I would then "Translate" this into something my Unconscious mind, the real power house can get EXCITED about. A "wet dream" for the mind. (You're a Kopywriter so YOU understand this) Well how will I do that?


    - Since the Unconscious mind thinks in symbols and images, I would take that lifeless Conscious Objective and build a beautiful imaginary experience of the END RESULT, of what it would look like, feeel like, what would people be saying on that day? A MOVIE! I need to get EXCITED about what the heck I will be doing when I have the 100k.

    GET Clear:

    * is it 100k Cash on Hand total at the end of the month?

    * is it 100k total Cash deposits as noted in my bank chequing account statements?

    * is it 10k in my wallet and a 90k balance in my chequing account?

    * What the heck will I be doing on that day that EXCITES me with that money? Am I LIVING the "wet dream" movie I made?

    END RESULT: Ok now I have a beautiful CLEAR and EXCITING, ATTRACTIVE image that will PULL me forward. Something I TRULY want to EXPERIENCE! All parts of my brain DESIRE this target. It is a PERFECT 10

    #2 I would go over this movie, at least 100 times making adjustments to anything that "pops up for me" until it was PERFECT

    #3 Then I would resolve any "Mental Objections" which would come up for me? Now and Enroute to the target. (Lots of techniques I would use here)

    E.g. of "Mental Objections"

    "I have no time"

    "You can't do that!”

    You've never done that before,

    You don't have any money to start,

    You don't know anybody that has done this before

    "How the hell am I going to do that..? (<---there's that "How" to question) etc. etc.

    O.K All of the above should take no more than a 48 hour period in the beginning. Heck 30-60 minutes once you get good.

    I NOW have a CLEAR target.


    I AM "Wet Dreaming" of the day I will have the 100k. It's EXCITING WOOHOO


    And ONLY Now will my Unconscious mind start to "INVENT A WAY" for me to get to my dream. (The WEAPON)


    (IMPORTANT) Deadline here is CRUCIAL. Too many people, myself included get stuck in "BRAINSTORMING the how to's. FOREVER BRAINSTORMING. NEVER, EVER, EVER getting to STEP #3. Heck many START here and NEVER leave. With BRAINSTORMING IDEA, After IDEA, AFTER idea...but "TIME is MONEY."

    Well how much money??

    Think of this...For every DAY spent brainstorming “How to’s" it is COSTING You HARD dollars. Example. If someone has been following along this blog series since the $100/month post...all the way up to this 100k/month post...ask yourself… HOW MANY DAYS HAVE I INVESTED IN THIS SERIES?

    I'm not even sure but let’s say 3 days.

    Then ask yourself, "How much have I invested to be STUCK at this "How to" phase?

    Here's a quick calculation example. Take your "Monthly Expenses" let’s say $1500/month and Divide by 30 days = $50/day.

    Therefore you've invested AT LEAST $150 so far ($50 X 3 days = $150) into learning ideas about hitting the 100k Target. (I'm NOT including the value of your TIME here.)

    But that is $150 dollars is NOT the real cost is it?

    What happens if you don’t HIT THE 100k? How much will it have cost you then?

    100k/30 = $3,333 day you're LOSING PLUS the $50/day you invested.

    DAMN! DAMN!!

    IF you are TRULY committed to achieving your TARGET. Just a like a Navy Seal. Where "Failure is NOT an option", then...well



    WHICH of your "How to" weapons you will deploy to hit the Target...

    STEP #3 ACTION/MOVEMENT (Adapt, Improvise, MOVE)

    I think we all know this as MASSIVE ACTION!

    Hope that was of value to somebody here.

    Here are some more Ideas to consider.

    IDEA #1 Change/Reframe the Question to Value:

    (Money is given based on the VALUE you deliver to a market place. "Strive to create 10x – 100x in value for any price you charge. Your rewards are always proportionate to the value you provide." Yanik Silver)

    How can I help/partner 20 people to DELIVER 10k in VALUE each to the market place and I get 50%

    (Hmmm 20pple X 10k = 200k X 50% = 100k)

    IDEA #1b CHANGE /Reframe the $$ amount. Chunk it down

    10 ways to do 10k in a month

    4 ways to do 25k in a month

    IDEA #2 Are you Trying to "Figure it out" All by yourself?

    GET A TEAM for the Mission

    Mentor, Teammates etc.

    IDEA #3 having problems Executing? PAIN is a better motivator.

    - Make a PUBLIC Declaration about certain actions steps you WILL Take. (Note: I would NOT share the TOTAL goal with anybody that is not involved with helping you achieve the vision. Their DOUBTS and Fears may trigger your own. Keep them on a "Need to know basis". Only tell them small parts.

    IDEA #4 Make it FUN! Gamify this.

    Get some friends for the mission and have some FUN and make money. Why are you doing this all by yourself? Business is a TEAM sport. AND they will have ideas as well. Get a GROUP vision of EVERYBODY WINNING! (See IDEA #2)

    IDEA #5 Reread the ideas on this blog and others and SET A HARD DEADLINE of when you will START and FINISH.

    IDEA #6 Accountability. Lots of ways to hold yourself accountable PUBLICLY.

    IDEA #7 SET A HARD SCHEDULE of when and where you will be EXECUTING the actions steps

    IDEA #8 NEED MOTIVATION to keep you going?

    Watch Movie Trailers on YOUTUBE. Quick motivational fix.

    Mission Impossible, Oceans 11, 12, TAKEN, BOURNE IDENTITY, WOLF OF WALLSTREET whatever gets you motivated to continue on your mission.

    Alight. I think I just wrote a book. Yikes. Hope this helps or inspires somebody to get more clarity, and get into ACTION sooner.

    Thanks Neville for this Treasure Trove of information! And THOUGHT provoking questions

    Now let’s kick some ass HOOYAH!


    One more question. Have you REALLY COMMITTED to hitting 100k in a month??

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    It's definitely a long-shot, but for once we actually have a defense! Now if we could only get Megatron back from IR, we'd have an offense too.
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    oh, and p.s. If they just got there but didn't win, I'd easily hit 50k that month
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    They wouldn't be giving up spending their money. They would be spending their money, but I would be helping them find what they are looking for.

    They are busy and I can help.

    Not sure why your mentality goes straight towards NOT testing something. How can you say this idea "sucks" when it has not been tested.

    Time and time again we have seen crazy ideas work and people make tons of money with an idea many considered "stupid" or "not worth it".

    "Don't bother to think how you could implement this." and "I doubt you can do this", is quite offensive. I'm sure you don't mean anything personal by it as we don't know each other, but how could you assume someone to not be able to do something if they have yet to test?

    You really should change your mindset and not be so negative about ideas. You need to prove your crazy ideas with actual testing before you consider it bad or a failure.

    Also, Why do you assume people within the "rich segments" are idiots? (serious question)

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    Look at your own business and one of the biggest problems facing that business...then, focus all your attention on a solution to that problem (ideally one that is intellectual property - a solution with actionable steps and zero overhead). Many of the problems facing small business owners are similar regardless of industry. Prepare your solution, set up a quick and cheap Wordpress site and promote the heck out of it (leverage your network, Facebook and PPC ads, etcetera). There are millions of small business owners in the US alone - target these people and sell your solution at a reasonable cost for small business owners - say $500. 200 sales out of millions of prospects is very do-able in a month!
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    Guest Neville


    Wow....I have learned a lot more about scrum than I ever wanted to know from this thread :-)
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    Guest Neville


    Ohh that's a cool idea, starting a new coin on your own platform. Something like SumoCoin!
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