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    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    About 10% of the U.S. population makes $100,000 per year. But that's a whole YEAR to make that money.What if we ask:

    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    100000 dollar bill hundred thousand

    I was actually curious how friends of mine would answer this.  So I asked several very successful friends, all from different backgrounds, how they would make an extra $100,000 in a month.  Here’s their answers:




    I would create a piece of software that solves a problem and sell it on LinkedIn.

    First I would find a medium to big sized company that’s wasting more than $100,000/month on a problem (maybe something involving their marketing where they have people manually entering numbers).  Then I would create a piece of software that solves that SPECIFIC problem for them.

    If I solve a problem that’s costing them $100,000/month, I can definitely get them to pay me at least $100,000 for that custom solution.  Maybe even more, and just charge them half the cost upfront.

    I would then contact the decision makers through LinkedIn and sell it.

    The key is to make a CUSTOM TAILORED solution, those sell for more money.




    There’s this whole underworld of big companies that want to get contracts from other big companies, and they pay guys like me to do that.  Commissions can vary, but they’re often $300,000+ per deal you close.  Now usually this process takes over a month, but for a $100,000 commissions I bet there’s smaller deals you can close in just one month.

    I would first put a call out to my network saying, “I’m up for hire.  $100,000 commission fee.  I’m very close with (XYZ tech company) and (XYZ distribution company) and can close deals quickly here.”

    A lot of this work is about having a valuable Rolodex already, and so there’s certain companies and industries I can close quickly.




    The time constraint causes this to become borderline gambling, but I would find companies just about to release highly anticipated earnings and either play the stock or options depending on how much money I had available.

    If you were to put up $1,000,000 and a stock moves up 10%….you’ve made your $100,000.

    But making the money from scratch would be risky.  Let’s say you only had $10,000 to invest, and it has to go up 10x.

    There’s usually no way to inherently increase the value of an investment by 10x very quickly, unless it’s inherently risky.

    So yes, you could possibly make $100,000 quickly in the investing world, but unless you have large sums of existing money to play with or insider information, you’re essentially gambling.




    We actually DID just make $100,000 extra with something we did last month.

    Right now the market is hot and people are buying.  We had some extra acreage at a development site, and figured there was room for 12 extra townhouses.  Each would easily bring in between $150,000 and $200,000 each.

    Building from ground-up is generally the riskiest investment we make, but we are almost guaranteed a 20% to 25% return.  So assuming each townhouse sells for an average of $175,000 x 12 = $2,100,000.

    $2,100,00 x 20% = $420,000   …..or $35,000 profit per townhouse.

    Selling 3 of the townhomes pre-construction netted over $100,000 in profits for us.




    Several ways:

    1.) Go to people who have lots of web traffic, and sell your product through a co-hosted webinar.

    2.) Bundle of software.  Go to different companies, put together a bundle of products, offer a big discount, then promote it.

    3.) Job recruiting.  You get $10,000 referrals for developers.  Recruit just 10 developers and you’ve hit $100,000 in referrals.  You can find them on LinkedIn, Reddit, developer forums.

    Cool huh?

    Well now I want to hear your answers to:

    How you would make an extra $100,000 in a month?  

    Answer in the comments!


    Neville Medhora – A Kurious Kopywriter

    Interested in seeing how others would make different sums of money each month? Checkout everyone's answers for:






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    Guest Daniel Reifenberger


    Strategic partnerships with companies that rely on distributors to sell their goods.

    Ask them what their biggest problem is and they will eventually say, "We don't have enough good distributors."

    So I would work out a deal with them where I research the best practices of their top distributors and build an information product around what I find.

    The next part of the deal would be to sell the information product to their list of distributors.

    I keep 100% of the sales. They get better distributors.

    Product would be $500 - $2000.

    Could also do live training events, consulting, etc.

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    Guest Neville


    1.) So I guess you get a 5% cut?

    3.) Are you close to that number? Sounds like a lot on Udemy. In fact you may as well move OFF Udemy if you're getting near that number.

    4.) 500,000 copies of a book is a lot. Are you near this number?

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    Guest Neville


    Yo Daniel!

    Who's an example of a company that uses distributors you could target?

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    Guest Daniel Reifenberger


    The lists go on for companies saying, "Distributors wanted."

    I would pay a VA to scrape these lists and find companies with big lists of existing distributors who are making good money, but could be doing WAY better. This ensures they have the ability to pay.

    Would likely have to reach out to a number of them to get a few meetings and close at least one of them.

    Product title, "The secrets behind our top 5 distributors who are all making more money than you and how you can become one yourself."

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    Weird, in an entirely unrelated conversation with my wife this evening about how we make more money over the coming months, she suggested that she started working at a strip club and as an up sell opportunity she'd be happy for me act as her pimp... strangely enough I'm not sure I'm ready for a Robert Redford moment*

    *See Indecent Proposal

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    Guest Brandon


    Alrightee Aaron Neville, here's what I'd do...

    To make $100k in a month, the easiest route for me would be to deal in High Ticket sales.

    I would License and do Joint Ventures leveraging larger companies.

    I've got certain marketing campaigns in my business that get's results. And it's basically a make small tweaks to each business, copy and paste type deal... So I'd research and spend a few days gathering a list of 25+ businesses are a perfect fit. And I'd license my proven marketing campaigns out to them.

    Ideally, they'll have a large customer base, and a large advertising budget. I'll send them a letter, call them the next day, and set the appointment.

    I'll work with their team, set up the marketing campaign, and get everything ready to roll out. I'll have at least a $25k retainer, non-refundable before I do anything. With at least 4 businesses doing this, I'll be past $100k right there alone. Of course I want them to execute the campaign where I'll make much more money!!

    Then, I'll either work out a percentage deal, 25+% of profits, or an upfront fee. And, I'll guarantee they'll make a profit, or they get their money back. (Long as they execute the campaign...) If it's the right company, with the right size customer base, which all ties back to research, this could easily bring in over $100k and much more, per client.

    Another thing I could do is J.V. lists. Be sort of a match-maker.

    I'll contact one business with a great list/product, and contact another business with a great list or product. And we'll strike a deal! So for example, I may pair a company that sells suntan lotion with another company that sells custom beach towels. Mercedes Benz with a local 5 star restaurant. Diamond Ring jeweler with travel agency. There's a near limitless amount of ways to do this, especially if you think outside of the box.

    I'll be the middle man, I'll set the deal up, execute the marketing rather it be an email campaign, news ad, etc... and I'll take a minimum of 25% commission. This is easy money for them. Money they'd never see if it wasn't for me putting everything together FOR THEM. Long as I've targeted right (again, back to research and putting in the wrench time from the beginning before contacting companies), 1-2 deals, which won't take much to execute, would put me over $100k.

    And once I do one deal and it works, it would be that much easier to connect them with another company. Or if I do one Benz dealership etc. It would be very easy to show what I did to another dealership in another city etc...

    Now the question is, why AREN'T I doing this??

    Maybe I need to roll up my sleeves a little further. :)

    Thanks for getting my mind going this week.


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    Nev do you ever read/respond to a bit older comments? I don't want a nevbox... Not at all! (read: I WANT IT.. Very badly... Clearly I need some copy skills, but got your attention u attractive balding indian :D)

    Here is what I would do.. Start an animation business- video animation business for 'explainer' videos. Outsource the animation and voiceover to the pro freelancers.


    #1. Contact big corporations, companies, universities, etc. and propose that I make a video series/course for them about something they need. (I could go through their sites and give them tips to what could be awesome for videos, how it would benefit them, etc.)

    Let's say one of them agrees for 10 video series on an important topic for them and typically money is no problem for them I could charge 2K for a 1min. animation video easily = 20k usd from 1 client.

    2#. If they don't answer I would send them a letter in real life.. Put a plastic trash bin in the mail and a few dollars inside it and ask them if they know how much money they are wasting by now doing XYZ and how explainer videos can help... Then #1. -> Repeat or raise prices.

    3#. Profit

    - Example for animation video prices: www.epipheo.com (think their prices starts at 15k usd for 1min.) and www.firestartervideos.com


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    Oh.. And if you ever need a free explainer video for something give me a shout! :)
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    Guest Jason Bedunah


    I'm a copywriter so I see $100,000 in a month made quite often. I'm always brimming with concrete examples.

    But, if *I* needed to make an extra $100,000 in a month I'd create an eCoaching course which sold for $500 on "3 Weeks to a Killer Ad For Your Product or Service." I'd get Affiliates to mail to their list for 60% commission. I'd net $200 each sale. I think I could sell 200 seats for that price, netting me $40k.

    The backend would consist of 2 options. A full critique of their resultant ad and funnel for an additional $1250. I think (based on experience) about 25 people would take me up on that for an additional $31,250 bringing me to $71,250.

    Or, I'll do the whole thing for you for $7500. I'd need only 6 people to say yes to that for an additional $45k, coming in at $116,250. Six people actually seems low, I think I'd get more than that but, whatever, we've already broken $100k here.

    In fact, I'm going to do this exact thing. It's been awhile since I've done an eCoaching program!



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    This is a toughie because I'm a long ways off from doing those types of numbers.

    The first thing that comes to mind is a high end seminar. Not sure what niche, but marketing, finance and biz opp come to mind.

    I would charge $4,997 to attend.

    I wouldn't have the value to run such a seminar, so I would offer 50% + travel to those that did. The remaining half would go to me to cover costs + pocket $100k.

    I would limit the event to 50 people for scarcity (one way to justify the price). So 25*$5,000 = $125,000.

    The $25,000 difference would go to travel costs (for the speakers), and 5% for webmasters and anyone else with connections that sent me buyers.

    I would spend the first week finding speakers and discussing content. Then I would spend the rest of the time finding people interested in going. Like I said above, I would stick to webmasters and people with connections to tap into warm audiences.

    Since I don't like the idea of getting paid one month and not the next, I'd break the seminar into a couple tiered products so that I could possibly earn $100k the following months too.

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    Pretty hard to make $100k in a month--short term by legal means, with out risking a hell of a lot of capital(eg.,trading,gambling etc.) unless you are a principal, then of course.
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    This is a fool-proof method and it works. I watched you execute it from the get-go and it was amazing to see you "explode" onto the scene so quickly.
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    Meant to add, great thread. We are all looking for that unicorn. Thanks Nev.
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    Guest Neville


    Brandon, this was freaking GREAT!! It actually gave me some clever ideas to implement ;-)

    I can safely say you have won a NevBox for this comment!

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    Guest Neville


    Ok, this is pretty good idea. I actually use to make product videos for bigger suppliers in my HouseOfRave days and they'd pay me between $500 and $2,000 for the videos and pictures!

    I LOOOOVEEEE the idea of sending a trash bin in the mail with money in it. Freaking brilliant!

    That MIGHT deserve a NevBox, we'll see as I go through more comments :) Thanks Al!

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    I would have to create a product or start a business that only the richest customers could afford. I am a coffee snob, and my experience lies in being a simple latte slinger. However, I think I could open a venue that caters to only the very rich: only a certain select people would know about this coffee shop and you have to pay a monthly fee just to get into the venue. It would have locations for private meetings and relaxing...low lighting, classy atmosphere. Obviously the service and coffee would be only the best.

    This would require a bit of location scouting and money up front, but I think it could be made back quickly with a bit of promotion in elite circles. Say, $1,500 per month, per customer. That covers their drinks and service for the month, and only 100 people are allowed access to the entry list. Could appeal to the wealthy people who travel and want a ¨second home¨ or a place to escape to.

    Other services could include transportation to and from an airport or other location, maybe branch out into sleeping quarters for clients eventually.

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    Guest Neville


    Oh snap Jason, being a copywriter myself, this sounds totally realistic!

    NevBox worthy suggestion!

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    If you could somehow get a list of the Illuminati and segment for coffee drinkers I think you could have a winner.
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    Really that overall model could work for any service that has a high ticket possibility on the backend.


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    No problem Nev.

    Regarding the trash bin it's open rate is probably close to 100% :D Why? Because when they recieve regular mails to their office they will all lay on top of each other (boooring).. However with the trash bin inside it it's almost certain that they will think "WHAT'S THAT?" and open it OR it will be on top of the other mails because of it's bulky/uneven size.

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    I didn't think the $125k for speakers out very well.

    But I figure I could allocate $100k for maybe 4-6 speakers, and then the remaining 25k for travel. That'll leave more room for doing outreach.

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    I would pay Warren Buffett one million dollars to give a speech and take questions from the audience. I'd count on facility rental, security, permits, and other costs eating up about $300,000.

    Then I'd sell 2,000 tickets for $700 a piece. $1.4 million minus $1.3 million would leave me around one hundred thousand.

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    Guest Jeff Williams


    Okay, I got some juices flowing right now.

    I went to Hawaii for my birthday in Feb two years ago and I stayed at a 5 star all-inclusive resort with 3 add-on "adventure" package for me and my gf and it all cost (without airline) around $7600. I was amazed that literally no one was there it was a freaking ghost town. The place easily had about 300-400 rooms and maybe only 150-200 in use.

    What if I could convince them to give me a discount from $7600 to maybe $4000 (maybe cheaper if I can prove I can get people in) if I promised to at least bring in 100-150 people during their down season.

    Americans already take the least vacation days in the world so I then could take the $4000 dream vacation (in off times but still for some they dont travel) and pitch big companies with over 200 employees (there is atleast 20 companies in my metro area that match this and probably at least 10 more in a 60 mile radius) the deal.

    Pitch the company that they could offer this amazing discount for a dream vacation for $5000 to their employees.

    Benefits for the company: Being able to attract better employees by saying they offer big discounts on travel. Maybe take a cut of the profit. Better moral

    Benefits for vacation place: Filling up their empty 5-star resorts during down season.

    Benefits for employee: Getting a big discount for a resort they would not usually be able to afford.

    Even better! If the company could offer the vacation deal in a "payment plan". So instead of $4000 exchange of money at one time they could fill out a form where they agree $350 will be taken out of their paycheck for the next 12 months and they will be good to go for the vacation. Or $500 in 8 months. That way they never see the money leaving their hands.

    So if 20 companies in my metro area have 300+ employees and lets say I can get 5 to agree to do it - that is 1500 potential leads.

    From there what if only 10% sign up.

    That would be 150 people getting the deal

    The deal cost = $4000

    I charge = $5000

    They save = $2600

    I make = $150,000

    Scaleable: Find the best vacation spots and offer to do the same for their down season. Got to other metro areas for more leads.

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    Guest Brandon


    Hey, awesome Neville! Appreciate that! ;)

    And glad you got some personal benefit and things to implement from it as well!

    Thanks again!


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