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    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    About 10% of the U.S. population makes $100,000 per year. But that's a whole YEAR to make that money.What if we ask:

    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    100000 dollar bill hundred thousand

    I was actually curious how friends of mine would answer this.  So I asked several very successful friends, all from different backgrounds, how they would make an extra $100,000 in a month.  Here’s their answers:




    I would create a piece of software that solves a problem and sell it on LinkedIn.

    First I would find a medium to big sized company that’s wasting more than $100,000/month on a problem (maybe something involving their marketing where they have people manually entering numbers).  Then I would create a piece of software that solves that SPECIFIC problem for them.

    If I solve a problem that’s costing them $100,000/month, I can definitely get them to pay me at least $100,000 for that custom solution.  Maybe even more, and just charge them half the cost upfront.

    I would then contact the decision makers through LinkedIn and sell it.

    The key is to make a CUSTOM TAILORED solution, those sell for more money.




    There’s this whole underworld of big companies that want to get contracts from other big companies, and they pay guys like me to do that.  Commissions can vary, but they’re often $300,000+ per deal you close.  Now usually this process takes over a month, but for a $100,000 commissions I bet there’s smaller deals you can close in just one month.

    I would first put a call out to my network saying, “I’m up for hire.  $100,000 commission fee.  I’m very close with (XYZ tech company) and (XYZ distribution company) and can close deals quickly here.”

    A lot of this work is about having a valuable Rolodex already, and so there’s certain companies and industries I can close quickly.




    The time constraint causes this to become borderline gambling, but I would find companies just about to release highly anticipated earnings and either play the stock or options depending on how much money I had available.

    If you were to put up $1,000,000 and a stock moves up 10%….you’ve made your $100,000.

    But making the money from scratch would be risky.  Let’s say you only had $10,000 to invest, and it has to go up 10x.

    There’s usually no way to inherently increase the value of an investment by 10x very quickly, unless it’s inherently risky.

    So yes, you could possibly make $100,000 quickly in the investing world, but unless you have large sums of existing money to play with or insider information, you’re essentially gambling.




    We actually DID just make $100,000 extra with something we did last month.

    Right now the market is hot and people are buying.  We had some extra acreage at a development site, and figured there was room for 12 extra townhouses.  Each would easily bring in between $150,000 and $200,000 each.

    Building from ground-up is generally the riskiest investment we make, but we are almost guaranteed a 20% to 25% return.  So assuming each townhouse sells for an average of $175,000 x 12 = $2,100,000.

    $2,100,00 x 20% = $420,000   …..or $35,000 profit per townhouse.

    Selling 3 of the townhomes pre-construction netted over $100,000 in profits for us.




    Several ways:

    1.) Go to people who have lots of web traffic, and sell your product through a co-hosted webinar.

    2.) Bundle of software.  Go to different companies, put together a bundle of products, offer a big discount, then promote it.

    3.) Job recruiting.  You get $10,000 referrals for developers.  Recruit just 10 developers and you’ve hit $100,000 in referrals.  You can find them on LinkedIn, Reddit, developer forums.

    Cool huh?

    Well now I want to hear your answers to:

    How you would make an extra $100,000 in a month?  

    Answer in the comments!


    Neville Medhora – A Kurious Kopywriter

    Interested in seeing how others would make different sums of money each month? Checkout everyone's answers for:






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    Speaking from experience, watches are more complicated than they appear. There are so many tiny, moving parts, that so many things can go wrong. I'd stick to more simple products, with no (or very few) moving parts. As Neville suggested, there are many existing products that could be improved. Quirky.com gives you the platform to make it a reality too.
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    I would do bartering with the most valuable yet excessive item in my possession and keep bartering it for something bigger until I get something worth $100k and sell it off to get $100k cash. Alternatively, do it for 2 or 3 of the most valuable yet excessive items and raise $33k or $50k each.


    Old laptop > Couch > TV > travel voucher > car > ... > luxury watch > $100k

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    PUSH! I officially challenge you to earn $100,000 in profit in 31 days.

    Document your experience in your uniquely Nev-way and publish it whether you fail or succeed. Lessons learned obviously.

    You will be an even bigger inspiration to all your loyal followers.

    Use your connections. Use your experience. Use everything you know and preach and make it happen. No limits.

    Oh yeah, and if you donate 20% of the profit to the charity of your choice, you'll be even more awesome. (You deserve to keep the other 80% if you make it.)

    ps: I typed this on the toilet, my phone slipped off my leg, and now my screen is shattered. I laughed.

    pss: I already have a NevBox and it's dope.

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    Guest How would you make a million dollars in one month? :: Kopywriting Kourse


    […] ….an extra $100,000 […]
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    Guest Wayne Kille


    This might be just another variation of a theme, but...

    1. Choose a niche small business area that is common throughout the world which is still often behind in terms of having really good websites (say a trade, say roofers or scaffolders or plumbers)

    2. Get your own website up, as a web developer or designer (need only be a few pages, but make it really clean and smart)

    3. If you haven't done so already then take the kopywriting kourse

    4. Look for ads on sites like Craigslist, gumtree and local newspapers placed by businesses in your target niche in your local area, then farther afield, then anywhere in the world where you know the language. Make a list. Check out their sites if they have one.

    5. Write to them all using skills learned from 3 (above). Make them a 'one time, limited availability' kind of offer. Charge upfront, payment online, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Follow up till they say yes.

    6. Employ developers through elance to make the sites

    7. As you're employing elancers, ask to showcase their work on your own site in a "here's some of our designer's past work" kinda way and you have an instant, massive portfolio, which will help prospects overcome reservations.

    8. Use the best sites as templates. Streamline the work and make creating later sites less expensive and faster

    You might need to get one-hundred plus clients but since you're focused on selling and organising and not personally doing the development it could be possible. Personally I'd probably prefer to have a partner for that kinda workload.

    This is a plan that I think, with a bit of hustle, could be pulled off with very little money or prior skills or knowledge. Depends mainly on how hard one works and how quickly one gets good at kopywriting.

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    Guest Rob's Brain


    Duane just wrote Nev's first guest post? Pretty please repackage this into it's own post.
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    Guest Sheiler


    I've been on one, a pro blackjack team. It's very fun but verrrryy tough. You have to be completely disciplined and - as part of a team - your winnings get pooled with everyone else's, some of them not big winners. You have to be obsessed to make this happen because you need to know what to do in all circumstances and keep a running count while pretending not to count.
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    Thanks Neville. Once I started flowing I didn't want to stop.

    Onward to a million a month!

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    Thanks "Rob's Brain". I appreciate the positive feedback. Can't speak for Neville, but please do put what I wrote into ACTION would love to hear the IMPACT! Hooyah!
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    Guest Sean Cameron


    Play a few hands in poker, preferably Cash games (for a quicker return.)

    Turn $100 into $1,000...Cash out!

    Turn $1,000 into $10,000...Cash out!

    Turn $10,000 into $100,000...Cash out!

    Its just as risky as investing into penny stocks but like all personal and business endeavors, Risks are necessary as long as they are thought out thoroughly.

    Happy Thrill Seeking Guys!!!

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    I would target unhappy lawyers. I would design a digital course to help them change careers.

    From the quick research I just did,

    - there were about 1.2 million lawyers in the US in 2012.

    - 70% are unhappy at work.

    - that means my target market is about 840 000 unhappy lawyers

    - 0.5% of my target market is 4200 unhappy lawyers.

    - the average salary of a lawyer is $130K/year

    I would find them on LinkedIn (I would need to brush up on Lewis Howes' LinkedIn strategy) and Facebook. Also, specialized lawyer-websites. Maybe even Reddit... I would do a webinar too.

    I would use the insane kopywriting skills I developed after using the NevBox to write a dozen or so blog posts/email responder messages to lure them in. I would write about Peter Thiel (Paypal founder) and Martine Rothblatt (richest female CEO in the US) who used to be lawyers but "changed CAREERS and went on to change THE WORLD". I like the ring of that lol.

    I would really be relying on my copy to convert these people into buyers.

    As I said, my target market would be 840 000 (if I focus only on US-based lawyers. If I included Canada and the UK, I could probably double this number). If I converted 0.5% of them (4200), I would have to sell the digital product at $239 to meet my $1,000,000 goal (excluding expenses).

    But let's assume that I could only convert 2000 of them into buyers, then I could sell the product at $500 and still meet my goal. If I realized that I would be unable to meet my goal at this price point, I would increase the price to $750. I think I could reasonably increase the price all the way up to $1000 -- I mean, this course is life-changing stuff for people who make an average of $130k/year and hate their jobs! I'd be offering them massive value!

    Anyway, that's how I'd do it! Crazy how I couldn't come up with a way to make an extra $1000 per month, but now I suddenly made $1 000 000 to save my good-looking imaginary child! High-stakes!

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    Come to think of it, I would sell the course at $2000 and I would only need 500 customers.
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    To save my good looking kidnapped child, I would make a list of 200 of the most interesting cities in the world - US and abroad. I would then find amateur photographers in each of these cities who have a large databank of fascinating photos of these cities. Working together with my husband, my ugly child and about 10-15 unpaid interns/students, we would put together an ebook for each of these cities. I will offer the photographers a royalty of 70% of sales starting with the sales made in the second month (after all, I only need the $1million in the first month). I would tell them that I need to recoup my production costs before they can get royalties. Also, in the second month, I could start paying the interns.

    Why travel books - well winter is approaching and people like to plan their trips in advance so these books will help them plan. Also, people who can't afford to travel probably won't mind spending $2.99 so they can daydream about travelling.

    I would enrol the books in Amazon's KDP program so people could not only buy the books, but they could borrow them and I would get a royalty. I would set the price for these books at $2.99 so I would get a royalty of about $2.00 for each sale and $1.50 for each borrow. Assuming that I have 200 books and get a royalty of about $2ish per transaction, each book would have to sell/lend 2500 times to make $1million.

    To promote, I would do the following promotions on the books:

    - 10 books enrolled in the 99 cent KDP promotion

    - 10 books enrolled in the Free KDP promotion (I would promote the heck out of them on those free book promotion websites)

    - 1 book as a lead magnet on my website (i'll get to that later)

    These promotions will get thousands of downloads (I did a promotion on a really niche book a few months ago and got almost 1000 downloads in 5 days). These promotions will kick the books up the Amazon charts which will cause lots of sales after the promotion ends and each book will link back to my Wordpress website and will also mention that there are199 other books in this travel book series.

    Also, I think that you can pre-sell books on Kindle now, too. So, I would potentially be able to make money even before the books are written.

    Once I lead buyers to my website, I will get their email address using a lead magnet (which will be a free pdf of one of the books). On the site, I will have affiliate links to various airlines, hotels, travel luggage, etc. I will also get advertising revenue from the boards of tourism in different tourist destinations.

    If all this wasn't generating enough revenue, I would publish books about another 200 cities. What I like about this strategy is that

    - there are virtually an unlimited number of cities to choose from

    - once you draw someone in with one book, you can entice them to buy the others

    - if people like your books, they visit your website where you will have your affiliate offers and advertising

    So now I have 3 revenue streams

    - Royalties (Steve Scott has made up to $60K in one month with about 20 books, so if I have 200 books, logically, I could possibly get $600K in royalties. But then, remember that I expect to have repeat buyers - people who bought 1 book and return to buy others.)

    - Affiliate revenue

    - Advertising revenue

    I may also want to do a partnership with travel websites, hotels, etc. if I am not making as much money as I need. Gotta pivot quick to save the kid!

    so, that's my business plan for $1million in one month

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    THIS is a mentality of abundance

    you're blowing minds over here, dude

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    Guest nawwaf


    hi friend, i have 150,000 $ my question how can i make return for it very fast 100,000, in one month, save bank or save company ,with my best regards for every one
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    Guest Ruth Molenaar


    I have set a deadline to quit my j-o-b so this is an excellent opportunity for me to run with some ideas.

    I have health issues, and As a medical professional, I want to help others in the same boat, through coaching and a membership site.

    People with "invisible" disabilities feel diminished and not heard and coping can be difficult at best. A space where a person can get coaching on their specific issues from a medical professional who also has some of the same issues and understand them is invaluable

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    Neville, what's the best way for a teenager to make $100 000 in a month, or even $1 000?

    Any suggestions man, would be greatly appreciated.


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    Guest Nicholas Johnson


    Want to learn how to annoy everyone by posting your marketing copy all over the place without even saying hello first?
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    Guest Jonathan


    Did you end up doing this? How'd it work out? I'm a copywriter about to finish up with a course and get my little biz started... Eyeballs glued to the successful guys
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    Guest Jimbo Adama


    I would KILL... inefficiencies in big giant companies by developing a SaaS and have them pay upfront for the development in exchange for long-term low, low monthly fees + for a say in where the development should go for v2.0, etc. Collect names and contact info from LinkedIn. I wouldn't develop it myself, I'd have someone else do that in exchange for equity. $9.99K a pop and I'd need 10 to sign on within a month. The real magic would happen from surveying and talking to decision makers at each company to find pain points (i.e. things they HATE that take a lot of time + money). In exchange for taking the time to talk to me in the first place I would create an industry white paper that is a culmination of the research and give them that for free. That same white paper would form the basis of my pitch and to price-fix the value of the SaaS I'd be building them. Then I'd ghetto-style a mock-up of how the basic software would run to sell the "fund the development of this awesome software."
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    Guest Jimbo Adama


    BTW this idea borrowed from Dane Maxwell's The Foundation course where he shows you how to do this whole thing-a-ma-bob.
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