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    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    About 10% of the U.S. population makes $100,000 per year. But that's a whole YEAR to make that money.What if we ask:

    How would you make an extra $100,000 in a month?

    100000 dollar bill hundred thousand

    I was actually curious how friends of mine would answer this.  So I asked several very successful friends, all from different backgrounds, how they would make an extra $100,000 in a month.  Here’s their answers:




    I would create a piece of software that solves a problem and sell it on LinkedIn.

    First I would find a medium to big sized company that’s wasting more than $100,000/month on a problem (maybe something involving their marketing where they have people manually entering numbers).  Then I would create a piece of software that solves that SPECIFIC problem for them.

    If I solve a problem that’s costing them $100,000/month, I can definitely get them to pay me at least $100,000 for that custom solution.  Maybe even more, and just charge them half the cost upfront.

    I would then contact the decision makers through LinkedIn and sell it.

    The key is to make a CUSTOM TAILORED solution, those sell for more money.




    There’s this whole underworld of big companies that want to get contracts from other big companies, and they pay guys like me to do that.  Commissions can vary, but they’re often $300,000+ per deal you close.  Now usually this process takes over a month, but for a $100,000 commissions I bet there’s smaller deals you can close in just one month.

    I would first put a call out to my network saying, “I’m up for hire.  $100,000 commission fee.  I’m very close with (XYZ tech company) and (XYZ distribution company) and can close deals quickly here.”

    A lot of this work is about having a valuable Rolodex already, and so there’s certain companies and industries I can close quickly.




    The time constraint causes this to become borderline gambling, but I would find companies just about to release highly anticipated earnings and either play the stock or options depending on how much money I had available.

    If you were to put up $1,000,000 and a stock moves up 10%….you’ve made your $100,000.

    But making the money from scratch would be risky.  Let’s say you only had $10,000 to invest, and it has to go up 10x.

    There’s usually no way to inherently increase the value of an investment by 10x very quickly, unless it’s inherently risky.

    So yes, you could possibly make $100,000 quickly in the investing world, but unless you have large sums of existing money to play with or insider information, you’re essentially gambling.




    We actually DID just make $100,000 extra with something we did last month.

    Right now the market is hot and people are buying.  We had some extra acreage at a development site, and figured there was room for 12 extra townhouses.  Each would easily bring in between $150,000 and $200,000 each.

    Building from ground-up is generally the riskiest investment we make, but we are almost guaranteed a 20% to 25% return.  So assuming each townhouse sells for an average of $175,000 x 12 = $2,100,000.

    $2,100,00 x 20% = $420,000   …..or $35,000 profit per townhouse.

    Selling 3 of the townhomes pre-construction netted over $100,000 in profits for us.




    Several ways:

    1.) Go to people who have lots of web traffic, and sell your product through a co-hosted webinar.

    2.) Bundle of software.  Go to different companies, put together a bundle of products, offer a big discount, then promote it.

    3.) Job recruiting.  You get $10,000 referrals for developers.  Recruit just 10 developers and you’ve hit $100,000 in referrals.  You can find them on LinkedIn, Reddit, developer forums.

    Cool huh?

    Well now I want to hear your answers to:

    How you would make an extra $100,000 in a month?  

    Answer in the comments!


    Neville Medhora – A Kurious Kopywriter

    Interested in seeing how others would make different sums of money each month? Checkout everyone's answers for:






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    Guest TonyC


    I don't know waiting to see if your gonna go up to a $million a month. ☆☆☆
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    Guest Justme


    Interesting ideas. The problem is that 99% of them are theoretical. Much like the joke about the guy who wants to marry his son to Bill Gate's daughter:

    - Son, you will marry Bill Gates daughter!

    - Dad, we are poor and I am a nobody

    - Don't worry, I will call the President of the World Bank and make him get you a job as the Vice President!

    - How?

    - I will tell him you are Bill Gate's daughter's fiancee. Then he will make you a Vice President. After that, I will go to Bill Gates, and ask him to marry his daughter to you. If he objects, I will tell him you are the Vice President of the World Bank.

    Great for a joke, shitty in reality.

    Real story of something I did. Had an idea for a product. You buy it once and then you need to buy some cartridges every month. Problem was I needed $5,000 to make the first batch and about a 1,000 clients which I was not sure I would be able to get (whether there is a market, if they will like the product etc). So, I decided to run a Daily Deal in Groupon. The idea was, put the deal there, watch how many people buy, 1 day before the deal expires I would have a pretty good idea of the qty needed to manufacture. I have 30 days to send the item to the people who bought it which is enough time as the factory had only 10 days lead time. I would bridge the financial grap with a 5K (knowing I will get my money from Groupon 2 weeks later) send the product and have about 1000 clients who would then be buying the cartridges every month at a healthy profit margin and kickstart my business courtesy of the Daily Deal model. I thought Genius! Reality: Groupon would not even answer despite me having all the requirements. I tried curent employees, past employees via LinkedIn and bunch of other people to at least give me an answer...I received none!!! Nobody answered...10s and 10s of people working at group. I have got a good LinkedIn profile and I do get answers for other things..but not for this. Eventually someone bothered to reply and explained they were done with physical products 8 months ago.

    Conclusion: In theory, such "smart" tactics sound great and super creative. But in reality there are a gazillion things that have to align for such things to work out as they rely and precise sequence of cause and effect which is largely unknown in 99% of the case. Every now and then, there could be someone who pulls something like that by being in exactly the right position, right time, right place, right everything....but then again there are people winning hundreds of millions from the lottery but that does not mean its doable on demand!

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    Guest Sidar Ok


    But this is not a month's work - it is a really, really long shot.
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    Guest Moez Mekni


    Hello I wish you are fine .I d like to know friendly if you can provide me with a money donation to make me start project .I d be too grateful if you agree so that I can send you my contact details .thx a lot waiting for your answer
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    Guest Dave Tolsma


    I would create a series of blog posts and email a few thousand people about the blog posts referring to how to make 100/1000/10,000/100,000/and more a month. Then sell them a product or subscription to do it.
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    Guest Paul Saunders


    I would seek to create an online contest with a prize that was very attractive to a specific audience - target 250,000 people and seek 2.5% to enter the contest at $20 per entry = $125,000. I would source the prize from a company that wanted access to the 6250 entrants after all with 1 winner the company would have 6249 to sell stuff too.
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    Guest Yves Farges


    $100,000 in a month is going to be hard without a good personal balance sheet. If you have a sound net worth, the place to make $100,000 is real estate.

    Move to somewhere where the real estate is super-hot, like the west coast of North America.

    On day one you get your banker on side to buy a house. You ask three real estate brokers to find you the cheapest fixer upper in a good neighborhood and you start learning about good neighborhoods because real estate really is location location location. While they find you a property, line up your contractors by getting references from a real estate friend. You want an electrician, a plumber, a painting crew company, and a general contractor. Week two you close on the house. Week three you clean the house, paint it inside and out, and fix all the electricity. Plumber inspects the plumbing and modernizes the bathrooms. The general contractor replaces the kitchen. Heating system is inspected an cleaned. Plumber replaces the hot water system with a bigger and better (new). Week four the Contractor builds the fence and landscapes. List home. In Real Estate buy cheap enough and real improvements will always leave you with a few hundred thousands of profits.

    It might take more than a month to complete the cycle and you might make more, but in the right ballpark.

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    My idea is #1) to think about what areas that the target market that can bring about the number you want to reach ($$$)

    #2) Think of a product that that target market would want, need (want bad enough to pay you)

    #3) Think of the best platform to get the product to the target market(digitally on autopilot) and then for a price they wouldn't think twice about paying.($1-$3)

    example: Come up with a Bedtime story for children, with peaceful low background music and put it to audio. Put it to a plat form where millions see it like kindle, iTunes, iPhone apps or any popular tablet.

    Then sell the story for 1 dollar. Make sure you describe what millions of mothers and parents want from it, (Peace and Quiet and Baby sleeping through the night) 1 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE IN THAT TARGET MARKET would try it even if it didn't work at the end for $1. that is your 100,000. But if you were to market this lol (sleep campaign on a Facebook, youtube, Periscope, etc and it goes viral....you may mak well over 100,000 and in less time.

    Best of Luck

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    Its funny i have basically started setting this up 3months ago.

    I expect to do around 100 deals in total and am rapidly recruiting people to help me

    100,000 a month coming my way shortly

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    You have illustrated rather well why none of the posters are currently making 100,000 a month the theory is a lot simpler than the reality
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    This page is full of fairytales

    I want someone to repost when they make one of their ideas work

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    People literally do the many of the theories mentioned in this thread every single day Kenny.

    Have been for centuries.

    What fairy tales are you seeing?

    Don't get me wrong, it's not simple and takes more time to build, but isn't fantastical by any stretch.

    Math. Not Magic.

    If you make 10K, you can scale out internally and externally to sell your expertise via consulting and products. I'm working to this level myself.

    If you build apps, everyday companies sell or acquired for millions. I've worked with said companies.

    If you're one of my clients, a few copy words can be optimized to generate quick revenue that can then be reinvested for paid advertising to scale and repeat.

    It's one thing to say that it's hard, which it is. It's a whole other thing to dismiss it without daring to ask questions to find curious solutions.

    Also... this is just a problem-solving query meant to have you thinking outside ordinary constraints brother. Don't take it so seriously buddy.

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    Guest Jimmy


    Just do what my ex-wife did...

    Find a desperate millionaire thats willing to give up 10k per month for companionship on the weekends. Im in the market if anybody knows a desperate FEMALE millionaire. Lol

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    LOL this is exactly what Timmmmayyy does, save for renting a lambo and an escort for the IG feed :p
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    Guest Maria H.


    Marry the next US President. Offer for speaking events of 20 minutes at $250000 per event Done.

    Kidnap someone in Mexico, get ransom. Done.

    Write an extortion encrypt virus. Done.

    Legally, and a lot more likely, if the insurance companies approve a certain appeal, that's 100 k in six hours of work. Turn it around to helping others. Sell the service at $3000 a pop and in 200 hours of work, that's a 100k. I'm going to start implementing it immediately.

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    Guest Maria H.


    My first task will be to create a template with automated end-note references. Thus a person could do it themselves. Or they could pay me more and I could help. Get my start with co-workers and yheir testimonials, then move up to Fiver (one research cite proving the point od appeal, $5.
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    Phase one. Collect underpants. Two or three days.

    Identify resale items that could net 100k. Boats, planes, jewelry, artwork, whutever.

    Loose those with close cycles GT 30 days.

    Research all the funnels selling those items and identify the customers in those markets.

    Further reduce my product selection Focus on funnels I understand or better, have an edge. Cut the customers bases hard for me to relate.

    From my short list ask myself, hmmm what would be fun. Pick a category.

    Phase two. ( ). Two to three days.

    From my category find a few sellers. Introduce myself and explain how I'm going to sell their yada yada super fast. But also listen intently. Learn everything I can. Are they ready to sell? Are they easy to deal? Legit? Due diligence.

    Phase three. Profit.

    Reread the Joe Sugarman copy where he sold that (hmmm I forget) about 1000 times. Go apeshit nutso crazy attacking every funnel. Write copy. Landing pages. Give good phone. Work 16/7 until my 30 days up or the money is in the bank.

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    Guest #AskGranny


    Targeting the Babyboomers--foremost, who are eager to stay in

    their best shape humanly possible all going beyond 120 years of

    presumed age by applying scientifically proven strategy which

    fits everybody regardless their actual shape indeed.

    The Dutch recently reviewed this strategy and simply were wondering what

    a 140 years old will look like...by articulating it all absolutely wrong! :-)

    1. It's ~4000 times cheaper than what offer to you any sugar-coated pharmaceutical medicine.

    2. Its effect is immediate as perceived as scientifically proven to work, too.

    3. It instantly frees you from being enslaved by a Pharma as their paying human guinea pig.

    4. It requires to use a seven natural spices combination only.

    This combination is strictly personalized and depends on any

    given last blood analyzes, however.

    5. Every individual is questioned personally, because every each living being deserves be treated as an individual and not a subject or even worse--an object.

    One time enrollment non-refundable fee of $27.69 is highly affordable and

    is required to avoid those essentially toxic people, who are the most

    unhappy living-beings in this parallel by all means.

    Be aware of them, as they already attacked us like a hungry hornets to the honey.

    We know, when they will imitate us.

    Now, because we are dealing with the health, we remain alerted against

    any manipulation of sensitive data possible. Which means, that everything

    remains strictly confidential and gets instantly destroyed after you

    receive your manual review.

    We never accepting less of our responsibilities toward what yourself

    will ever do with your personal information afterwards.

    We ignore to use any social media to make this data any "hackable", too.

    Three renegades, highly professional MDs will review your blood

    analyses to avoid any possible misinterpretation. U know, this kind of

    misinterpretation, when a MD diagnoses whatever cancer and instantly

    forces their patient to head over a "death from a nuclear cancer" way.

    Yet when u revolt against the Pharma and return to a MD all disease-free,

    they smiles saying: "Oh, it was a wrong diagnosis then!" Ugh.

    Despite we prefer our Babyboomers, as we having nothing else

    to lose anyway, every highly conscious humane human, who has a wrinkle,

    a tick, a pain, a button, wear glasses etc, as well as your aged pet including,

    is most welcome to live as long as healthy as it's humanly possible today.

    A special priority urge goes to those, who already got outrageously

    scared with their lethal diagnosis as such. Because we are persuaded

    that our offered a better alternative certainly works in all 619 disease

    cases known today when applied only!

    Please, be consent and aware, that to stay in your best shape ever

    these seven spices will cost about $120 every month anyway.

    We don't sell them yet.

    We might will consider this, if the demand will raise for!

    Get crowdfunded if unable to spare over ur coffee or smokes?

    NB: we responsibly accept our probable 25 % human error marge anyway.

    These are the issues, when a surgery is unavoidable in no ways at all.

    Even if this happens in pretty minor cases, the healing progress is

    incomparably greater than without our intervention and the raise

    of your personal awareness, first off.

    In case of seriously vital or lethal interest, please send your

    detailed request to a ridendo AT fleep DOT io. We will manually

    review every each message, if you could be qualified for the

    Step #2, which is your acceptance of our fee.

    If no reply withing 72 hours--as we are already overwhelmed--this

    means, u have a second chance to re-apply again after 30 days.

    Thus, mark the date in your agenda, please!

    The whole fee of $27.69 goes for a better alternative to assist

    every living being, who has no finances to consult a MD or have

    no other chance to cure their incurables, precisely.

    We act based on the highest consciousness, our awareness including,

    that, while miracles occurs more often than not, not everybody may

    and will be cured, due to a clear lack of strict discipline and

    determination to succeed by assisting your dearest Self!

    Here are we for you to hold your back if needed!


    So, as you might understood already, serving some

    3617 self-responsible living beings creates a smooth

    evergreen torrent of $100,000 per month. This alone

    provides 70 tons of spices for those who are in a vital

    need for yet unable to pay for!

    Since we keep it as comfortable as possible to our

    team of seven retired highly responsible grannies,

    the numbers are just that as mentioned above.

    We thrive to leave our Legacy in this social way! ;-)


    Note to spammers: don't waste your time as none of you will

    ever wear our crown of the Stupid of all times anyway! Ha.

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    Guest How would you make an extra ,000 in a month? :: Kopywriting Kourse


    […] How would you make $100,000 in a month? […]
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    Guest Charlie Duncan


    Nev.. love your stuff... Here's my take.

    1. Write an book/ebook on something controversial that is going to be news or a hot topic... Not just any book but something with an edgy take. Right now that would be the Trump Presidency. But in the future it could be a trial of a celebrity, a future presidential race, pop culture phenomenon..

    2. Tweet out to all newspapers, news stations about book... Pay others to tweet with catchy headlines...

    3. Have a cool looking site where book can be found.. Sell book at $10.

    4. Sell 10,000 copies and presto -- 100,000

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    Guest David


    Hi Bryan,

    I know your post if 4 years old, but I was wondering how you're doing now with the email list? And how did you build the email list in the first place to then sell through it? What were peoples' incentives to sign up?


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    Guest How would you make a million dollars in one month? :: Kopywriting Kourse


    […] ….an extra $100,000 […]
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    Guest How would you make 0 in a month?


    […] How would you make $100,000 in a month? […]
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    Guest How would you make an extra ,000 in a month?


    […] How would you make $100,000 in a month? […]
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