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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday December 9th, 2022)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, December 9th, 2022


    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Here's two pieces of advertising:

    One gives gives you 6 reasons to own the car. The second one gives you 10 reasons NOT to own the car 😂 

    Since the AMC Gremlin car is pretty hideous, this ad appeals to it’s more practical qualities, giving you 6 reasons to own it:


    Then this Volkswagen GTI ad uses reverse psychology, giving you “Ten Reasons NOT To Buy.”

    This is a fun way to grab some attention, by saying NOT to buy the car, but then listing great reasons to buy the car:



    An underrated convenience: Having a printer in your home.

    It seems so outdated and un-needed, but I have a wireless printer tucked away in a junk closet that's always on:


    I always wonder why I need this thing...then I'll have to print a random form (like a Defensive Driving certificate), and it's so nice to just hit "PRINT" from any device on my network and it happens.

    A printer is ULTRA CONVENIENT when needed, and VERY FRUSTRATING when you need to print a random form and can't do it!

    Maybe a printer could be a Christmas idea for someone??


    Interest in the keyword "Copywriting" from 2004 to present has skyrocketed since January 2022.

    What's your explanation? Reply to this email and let me know!



    My eating got 10x better when I installed a gas grill outside my kitchen.

    For example here’s lunch the other day:
    - Lamb kabob 
    - Mini peppers
    - Asparagus 

    You really don’t need any extra sauces or prep besides this.

    Other friends who bought basic grills said their eating improved immediately as well!


    Unless you’re an expert grill’er, I would stay away from “egg shaped” grills or fancy pellet grills with timers and phone apps. 

    Everyone I see buy those stops using them after 6 months. 

    My advice for grilling is to buy a regular-ass gas grill (turn knob, flame turns on). It's super easy to use, and your food will be more delicious.

    Yesterday I grilled these up for dinner 😍😍😍


    As AI keeps getting better, people ask: “What will humans do?” 


    The answer is: 
    One human will do what used to take many humans.
    For example....

    It used to take a team of 50 humans to manually light oil lamps that illuminated a few popular streets in a city:



    ...now a team of 50 can run the entire electrical grid and illuminate every street in the same city in an instant.



    Or it used to take a department of 10 humans to receive, sort, deliver, and send mail for a company. Handling tens of thousands of pieces of physical mail.



    ....but now as 1 person and a laptop, I’ve personally sent out over 15,000,000 emails this year.



    It used to take a team of 100+ humans with T-square rulers and drafting tables to create blueprints for a simple building, with many potential errors. 



    ...now 1 human can copy/paste detailed CAD models with electrical, internet, and HVAC conduits and thorough safety checks.



    AI and technology amplify human capability. 

    Think of a process or company that needs 10, or 50, or 100 humans to operate…now imagine in 20 years being able to do that entirely by yourself.

    By the way, all the art used in this essay was 100% generated by AI! I show you how in this training video I just made (CC Members Only):


    ....by the way, I've been playing around with ChatGPT just released by OpenAI. You can watch me test it out here and ask it questions like how to get rich and to write code for me:

    If anything overtakes Google Search, it’ll likely be something like this:



    Are you selling a product in 2023? 


    To make $1,000,000 in 2023 you would need: 
    5,000 people to buy a $200 product 
    2,000 people to buy a $500 product 
    1,000 people to buy a $1,000 product 
    500 people to buy a $2,000 product
    300 people to buy a $3,333 product
    200 people to buy a $5,000 product 
    100 people to buy a $10,000 product
    50 people to buy a $20,000 product
    5 people to buy a $200,000 product

    Knowing these numbers is a helpful way to "Work Backwards" into your 2023 monetary goal. You can modify the number here and calculate different amounts:


    Hope you're having a great holiday season, and I hope you enjoyed these Friday tid-bits!
    Neville Medhora



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    • Administrator

    Hey Edem, I think all of these are super true. Lots of influencers online are saying copywriting is a good way to make money from home (many of them exaggerate the ease IMO), but this is likely causing it!

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    First I will answer with my personal experience searching "copywriting" several times within the last few months - Youtube Algorithm

    I suddenly found copywriting related videos on my home page on youtube, and it captured my interest. I have since gone out of my way to learn more about it by searching for it on google.com and youtube.com. I am definitely one of those people that led to the steep rise.

    Secondly,I'm not too sure, but I think Andrew Tate's Hustler's University promoted/taught copywriting as a way to make money online, so some interest may also be coming from there.

    What are some of the most interesting reasons you've heard so far?

    I wish I had known about copywriting before it became trendy. How do you see the market for new copywriters in 2023?

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    Hey Neville, fascinated to hear about the spike in searches for 'copywriting'!

    Most of this must be business owners who now understand how important good copywriting is to their profits.

    But I'm really interested in how many of these searches are potential copywriters looking for a new career.

    What do you think...?

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    • Administrator

    Hey Mustafa, I think a lot of influencers online are talking about "Copywriting" as a skill and a career, so that probably accounts for the boost!

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    Re the copywriting upswing question:

    It's just a gut feeling, but  I think most people who want to write to make money, particularly online, don't know that there are different types of writing.

    Namely, Content Writing, Copywriting.

    Most people, including business people, think of writing as copywriting.

    I'm from a B2B journalism background, and now, being self-employed, I am describing myself as a B2B Content Journalist.

    I enjoyed your interview on Creative Elements

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    I'm really excited about the future the AI. Not only will you be able to do more work in less time, you can use that time to take back more of your life and do other fulfilling things.

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