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Mental Ad Re-Writing

Try this out everywhere you go:

This is a Copywriting Exercise I made up called "Mental Ad Re-Writing" and it's where you see an ad, and in your head try to make it better. 

I go through some examples in the real world here:


Do you do Mental Ad Re-Writing anywhere?? 

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Haha I remember when this video came out and I thought "I'm not alone."

I love browsing through Classifieds and newspapers, and I'm always thinking to myself.

"Would I buy this?"

If not, what would make me buy this and how could they hook me in.

I've had to stop myself on a few occasions from calling up the business and just giving them a better tag line.

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Oh yeah! 

There is lots-o bad copywriting out there.

I often rewrite it in my head as I read it.

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@Neville Interesting video. 

I've been mentally rewriting emails I get at times. Once you know what good copy should be.  You look through the world with a different lens.

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@Neville Thanks.  This is awesome.  I love to read other marketers' emails to see what angles they are using.  It gives me ideas for my emails. 

I see that you have Ramit's emails in there.  I love his emails.  

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