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    Which Social Network to Focus On?


    When you have so many choices, which platforms do you choose?
    Blogs • Email • Twitter • Tik Tok • Images  • YouTube • Podcasts • Facebook • Medium • Quora • Instagram •  Long Form Video  • Short Form Video • Media Companies • Sooooooo many more...

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    There's so many ways to spread your message, focus is becoming a problem.




    You end up bouncing around social media networks, half-assing each one:


    - You'll Tweet random things -
    - You'll sometimes make YouTube videos -
    - You'll occasionally make a LinkedIn post -
    - You'll then get distracted with YouTube Shorts -
    - You'll record a random podcast here and there -
    - You'll experiment with TikTok and Instagram short videos -



    Here's 3 questions to figure out where to focus:


    #1.) What channels do I have a natural advantage?

    #2.) Will I enjoy spending 1-3 years of time on this platform?

    #3.) What main channel helps me create "cascading content"?


    Let's explain each question...


    #1.) What channels do I have a natural advantage?

    Different people, Different skillsets:
    • Some people are better at writing. 
    • Some people are better at podcasting.
    • Some people are better at video content. 

    For example, I don't think I'm built for TikTok. The extreme short form of videos there aren't my natural style, and the frequency which you must post is too large. Others have me beat in this area.

    However YouTube has been a great channel for me. 

    It's been enjoyable to make videos for YouTube, people have responded well to my videos, and YouTube has brought me lots of customers. 

    So I seem to have some "natural advantage" on that channel.

    For me, stats have shown my natural advantage to be from:

    • Blog posts
    • YouTube videos (often made out of the blog posts)
    • Twitter for screwing around and meeting new people

    So I will primarily focus on these channels rather than anything else.


    #2.) Will I enjoy spending 1-3 years of time on this platform?


    This is an extremely important question!!

    Everyone I know who's built an audience from scratch has been working on it for YEARS. 

    If you hate using Twitter, then trying to build an audience on Twitter will be painful and difficult. 

    However if you naturally use Twitter all the time, then building a Twitter audience won't be so bad. In fact you might ENJOY it! 



    #3.) What main channel helps me create "cascading content"?


    If I write a long blog post it can turn into many different forms of media. For example a single blog post can "cascade" into:

    1. Blog Post: Creates an SEO asset, and "cascades" into other content.
    2. YouTube Video Script: Now I can create a video out of that blog post.
    3. Social Content: That blog post and video can now be chopped up into little micro-content like Tweets, Pinterest Images, LinkedIn Posts, TikTok Vids etc...

    So the main channel for me to focus on would be Blog Posts. The rest of the channels feed off that main piece of content.


    Group Question: What content do you think YOU should focus on?

    Mine is Blog Posts. If I write a blog post → It turns into a YouTube Video Script → It turns into social media content. What’s yours? Respond with your answer 🙂





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    • Administrator

    Hey @Kathleen Killins that looks like a solid "Cascading Content" plan! 

    Glad you're getting a plan in place....as it massively helps create more content but easier 🙂 

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