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Craft compelling copy, conquer your market.

The One-Person, One-Million Dollar Business of the Future

It's now possible to build a ONE-Person, ONE-Million Dollar Business thanks to new ways of organizing code, media, and people.


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Fascinating! I've seen a couple of people on Twitter/LinkedIn do the 1 person businesses like Justin Welsh. The advancement of technology makes it easier!

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Darn right! We wrote some code a few years back to send mass text messages. I hired a Nigerian and paid him a few bucks. Today we use that code (updated by a dev in Austin) to send millions of texts. Roughly $2.5m so far from that channel alone. 🔥

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Hi! I thought we had permanent access to the Copywriting course (not just one year) so I bought it thinking I’d finish it when my daughter started pre-k and I’d have finally time. Then shortly after she got settled my access ended. I guess I misunderstood and/or I am dumb. #thatisall 

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