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    2nd half of 2022

    The easiest way to grow a business is first optimize everything you've already got.

    For example, if you want to optimize your business for the rest of 2022, just having rough goals like this could be helpful:

    12 monthcalendar for copywriting course.png

    Or even doing something simple as pre-preparing for seasonal events can position you better


    I personally plan out each month with a little goal sheet like this:


    Then for yearly goals I'll sit around with some buddies and discuss, then come up with a few solid goals:


    It feels like change is in the air for the world....maybe some recession-style stuff. This is often when great companies get built.

    I'm curious, how are you planning for the 2nd half of the year?
    • Write down goals?
    • Discuss with friends?
    • Other methods?

    Reply in the comments and let me know!
    Neville Medhora




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    • Administrator

    Thanks Blake! I've learned it's best to have a small group for planning these....that way everyone gets ample time to talk about their goals. 

    It's also super interesting to see how different some people's goals are...and then get ideas/inspiration from theirs.

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    Hoping to get more eyeballs to my freelance writing business 👀

    Plus trying to improve my storytelling and camera confidence. 

    This was pretty helpful in making me realize that 👏

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    • Administrator

    Hey Piyush I'm glad this inspired you to actually WRITE DOWN GOALS IN TEXT.....which is often harder than most people think!

    It really helps you solidify your goals 🙂 

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    • Administrator

    Thank you Emeric! 

    If you don't have an offer, I wonder if you could setup an end of 2022 plan to HAVE something you offer. 

    Maybe a plan like:

    • July: Research what people need from you.
    • August: Offer that service as consulting.
    • September: Get a few clients.
    • October: See what aspects of the service can be replicated.
    • November: Put together a service/product.
    • December: Have an offer in place!

    Hope this puts you on that path 🙂 

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    Hey Neville. 

    I have a question for you, how can I implement such a plan with a digital marketing agency that deals in 360 degrees innovation led-marketing for the clients? 

    Any tips or Ideas will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    • Administrator

    Hey Rahul, I would suggest this main thing:


    Try to figure out what specific goals you would like to hit by the end of the year. 

    This could be:

    • A revenue goal
    • A subscriber goal
    • A customer number goal
    • A social media account goal
    • Whatever....

    Then you figure out what you can do for the next 6 months to hit that goal!

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    Thanks, Neville, for your generous share. Your system is elegant and presented clearly with your graphics doing the heavy lifting. I will imitate your model and see if I become as focused and good-looking as you are.

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    • Administrator

    Hey Bob:

    1.) I'm a huge fan of graphics over text!

    2.) You are definitely already better looking than me 😂

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    My year this year seems to have some of the same goals you had last year — just bought a house and am working on it.

    I’m writing down goals (do two workouts with friends in the home gym each month) and trying to document the process hopefully for some motivation/accountability. 

    Also wanted to give you a big thanks for the chalkboard garage wall idea. Always a really fun moment when friends come over for the first time and sign it! (Usually with a cheesy workout quote)


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    • Administrator

    Hey Francis nice that we're on the same route! 

    Also your gym looks AWESOME with one major improvement: That awesome dog 😂

    Looks like you've also got a desk in there. Honestly that's a pretty great idea. Get some brain-lifting and muscle-lifting at the same time 😏

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    Hi Nev. 🙂

    We're working on new landing pages for our ad campaigns and in the early stages of a total website redesign. This year we've started using a process called the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) for planning, team accountability and managing goals.

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    • Administrator

    That's awesome Jon! I've never heard of EOS before, I'll have to check this out! 

    Any good resources you specifically recommend for it??

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    • Administrator

    Hey Colin, I use a combination of:

    • Asking Siri to remind me of things
    • Putting random tasks as calendar events in my Google Calendar
    • Writing daily tasks on my physical notepad 
    • Emailing myself reminders

    It's not very advanced....but works well! 

    I've also learned that if I don't complete a task for a few days, it's probably not that important and I just let it go.

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    My goals for the remaining half of this year is to go back to school, already applied just waiting for my admission letter. 
    Be a certified copy / content writer. 
    Finish my product design class. 
    Get a Laptop of my own. 

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    • Administrator

    Hey Lanre these all seem like very do-able and great goals, best of luck on all of them, and start planning on how to accomplish each now 🙂 

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    I wrote down my goals (I have tweaked it multiple times since I wrote it down beginning of this month…..lol….I am trying to be flexible and not get stuck on a system that isn’t working) and sometimes it pops up during conversations with friends.

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    Hey Tyrah, writing down your goals is the most important part....I feel like if you just try to keep them in your head they never get done!

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    • Administrator

    Hey Samuel, it might be helpful to write down what you'd want to accomplish in 6 months or a year....realistic goals that would make you happy. 

    Then work backwards to see how month-by-month you can hit those!

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    How did you build your network locally to find time to spend with people over dinner or beers?  (I don't have this right now, and yes this is a selfish question).

    I get such a rush out of conferences with like minded people but lack that energy a majority of the year.

    Love the newsletter - and especially the stupid email.

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