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Copy Work: Get Better At Copywriting By Handwriting Famous Pieces Of Work!

What is Copy Work?

"Copy Work" is when you hand copy famous ads in order to "learn" how that person wrote it.For example, the first copywriter I ever learned about was Gary Halbert. He had a very specific style (that while semi-scammy) was extremely engaging to read.I would hand-write out famous ads of his, like this Coat of Arms sales letter that made him a millionaire at age 32:

halbert-coat-of-arms-letter-handwritten (1).png

By simply handwriting out the exact ad he made, I was able to "get in his head" and learn indirectly from Gary Halbert on my own time. I started noticing small details like:

  • How he indents his paragraphs.
  • How he uses extremely simple words.
  • How he asks for the sale "without" really asking.
  • How he uses punctuation.
  • How he starts his letters with an address and phone number.
  • How he finishes his sales letters with a P.S.
  • How long it takes to simply write out one letter.
  • ....and much much more....

Copy Work Exercises You Can Do:
Want to learn to write like a famous copywriter? We've included 30+ ads you can copy by hand in this post:


#1.) The man in the Hathaway shirt

image for step 1

Why this is great: Easy to read layout. Talks about the style, and the details of the fabric. Has good CTA at the end.

#2.) Hathaway’s Aertex Club - a damnably smart leisure shirt

image for step 2

Why this is great: Easy to read, familiar layout, familiar character (the Hathaway shirt man). It also pulls the reader in with “987,693 tiny windows”.

#3.) “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”

image for step 3

Why this is great: Clever headline matched with an authority-building subheadline. The body copy lays out 13 clear reasons why it’s a great car.

#4.) Lemon

image for step 4

Why this is great: Great layout and image. The headline plays on a negative word, which grabs your attention. The body copy extends the “lemon” idea by showing you how VW actually does not let lemons leave their factories.

#5.) New Bodies for Old!

image for step 5

Why this is great: “Proof” photo paired with eye contact and finger pointing. The subheadlines do a great job building desire.

#6.) Honestly now, did you spend your youth dreaming about someday owning a Nissan or a Mitsubishi?

image for step 6

Why this is great: Clever headline plays on the thought in most of our heads. Body copy connects the dream with reality because now it’s “very affordable for you to drive one”.

#7.) Tred 2 makes the difference

image for step 7

Why this is great: Eye-catching before-and-after image. The body copy outlines a great offer: instead of buying new shoes, send yours in and get them fixed for just $13.95.

#8.) They’re not cheap.

image for step 8

Why this is great: Great image and eye-catching color. The formatting is really easy to read from top to bottom.

#9.) There isn’t much room on a sledge. Wally Herbert’s Rolex had to earn its place.

image for step 9

Why this is great: It makes the watch part of the adventure story while highlighting quality and playing to manliness.

#10.) What could have started in the park just ended with that little itch.

image for step 10

Why this is great: It sets up a potentially romantic story…gone wrong. Great storytelling that positions the shampoo as the magic bullet.

#11.) Beautiful Bouncin’ And Behavin’ Hair!

image for step 11

Why this is great: The images show the “bouncing and behaving” in action - it’s great proof! 

#12.) See how Ray-Ban G-15 Sun Glasses open your eyes to safer driving!

image for step 12

Why this is great: It shows a familiar before-and-after. Many of us have dealt with glaring sun while we’re driving. The body copy twists the knife on the left and plays up the benefits and features on the right.

#13.) The World’s Only Sun Glasses that Flex to Fit Your Face!

image for step 13

Why this is great: The images show off the “flex” in several ways, on several people. 

#14.) The Burfron: Burberry Weatherproof for Naval Officers

image for step 14

Why this is great: It sets up the coat as military-grade quality that solves a specific “fatal” problem - water seeping in. 

#15.) The New Balance 420 Was Designed To Protect Runners 6 Days Out Of 7

image for step 15

Why this is great: The headline makes you wonder…why only 6 out of 7 days? The body copy explains the technical reason behind the headline, softly sells another shoe, and includes a great diagram “proving” why you should care about arch support.

#16.) Stop Bad Breath With Colgate While You Fight Tooth Decay All Day!

image for step 16

Why this is great: Great layout and colors that make the toothpaste and headline stand out. The headline pairs two benefits (fight bad breath and tooth decay) and positions Colgate as the best in the industry.

#17.) Delta is an airline run by professionals

image for step 17

Why this is great: This is a great trust builder. It shows the mechanic at work and lists all his qualifications.

#18.) TWA’s widebody 1011. It’s built for comfort.

image for step 18

Why this is great: The headline starts with one broad claim (it’s built for comfort) and then the body copy backs it up with several specific examples of comfort and luxury.

#19.) Why Copy On A Floppy?

image for step 19

Why this is great: The ad sets up the status quo (using floppy disks) vs a new alternative (a bigger/better hard drive), and lists all the reasons why the NCR PC6 is a better choice.

#20.) The guy on the left doesn’t stand a chance.

image for step 20

Why this is great: The headline pulls your eye back to the image because it’s not immediately obvious that there is a difference. Then, the copy explains that the guy on the left is carrying a normal briefcase with a bunch of papers…and the guy on the right has an entire computer built into his briefcase. 

#21.) Officers and Enlisted Men Prefer Parker Safety-Sealed Fountain Pens

image for step 21

Why this is great: The ad is built around a couple of attractive features/benefits - ink can’t escape and bleed onto your clothes, and the pens can be refilled with the press of a button. Plus, it’s the official pen of the Army and Navy. 

#22.) General Electric’s new 6-speaker coffee table…for people who like stereo

image for step 22

Why this is great: It shows off the table in both “modes”. The layout and images are great, and the body copy lists a lot of additional attractive features.

#23.) For Those On The Go…It’s Helmet-Hat By Buco

image for step 23

Why this is great: The images range from technical drawings to product shots to action shots - it’s a great way to present the helmet. The text is simple and direct.

#24.) There’s Something About A Greyhound That Makes It The Friendly Way To Travel

image for step 24

Why this is great: Great artwork, interesting layout, and specific benefits about the driver, service, scenery, and savings. 

#25.) “I want the best workout my body ever had…I want Jazzercise!”

image for step 25

Why this is great: The imagery is impossible to ignore and the text highlights 5 great bullets that are easy to understand and make signing up an easy decision. 

#26.) The Fuji Sports 10.

image for step 26

Why this is great: Great layout that makes the bike look like it’s physically sitting on the text. 

#27.) “Shave Yourself”

image for step 27

Why this is great: It sets up the (at the time) new idea of shaving at home as a better idea that’s clean, affordable, and a growing trend. 

#28.) Wrangler thinks Americans spend too much for clothes.

image for step 28

Why this is great: It lays out a philosophy that you deserve quality for your money. This copy was popular and used with several different sets of images. 

#29.) Jox Introduces a Running Sock With Arch Support Built-In

image for step 29

Why this is great: Great layout that draws the eye to the new product feature - the built-in arch support. The subheadline builds authority and the body copy adds extra benefits. 

#30.) Special Christmas Offers to Readers of The Ladies’ Home Journal

image for step 30

Why this is great: This 120+ year old ad should be tough to read, but the layout, text sizing, and images do a great job drawing your eye down the page. All the formatting tricks used here still work today.

#31.) They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano

image for step 31

Why this is great: The headline is a fantastic storytelling hook, and the rest of the ad goes on to tell the story. It makes you want to relive the situation yourself - winning over a crowd and impressing everyone.

I hope you take some time and do some Copy Work with these ads!
P.S. If you'd like to get even BETTER at copywriting here's some more resources:
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The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday August 19th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)
This is a fun email for Friday August 19th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:


.Even in 1964 some companies were touting "low calorie" options, like this Tab Cola ad from 1964 showing how it has only 1 calorie:


My favorite part of this ad is how the cola is poured in a wine glass to look fancy 😂


The dumbest people I know use big words to mask their dumbness. 

The smartest people I know use simple words, and are good at making simple analogies anyone can understand.

For example, the famous physicist Richard Feynman was famous for being able to explain complex topics in a very easy way. 

He explains thermodynamics here as jiggling balls


Written out it looks simple too!



Much of copywriting is noticing what makes you :
• Click
• Sign up
• Buy
• Laugh
• Or say, "Woah!"

So whenever you see something like this, save it! Take a picture or screenshot and store it in a file.

I do this regularly and post it on SwipeFile.com.


For example I like these ads, so I'll add them to Swipe File for future reference:


Then when I need to reference these, I can go to the Print Ads section and look em up. 

It's my own Swipe File and it's public for anyone to use. Enjoy!



Roughly 10% of the time in my home gym is now spent in VR:


Some of the games I play to get the body moving are:

  • Beat Saber
  • Thrill of the Fight
  • Gun Club VR

Using VR in a big empty space makes it so much more immersive as you can freely walk around and explore. It's pretty fun!

The transition to the Metaverse is slowly happening 😬


You can add "Generators" or "Calculators" to your content to leap ahead of other posts in the search engines. 

✔️ A calculator can make your content stand out.
✔️ A generator can "do the work for them" making it more useful.

𝙓 May not be the best traffic.

Here's three examples →


The "Death Calculator"

Visits: 19,586/mo
Ranking Keywords: "When will I die?"


I've planned my death at 85 years old, so I made this for myself, however this calculator and data took on a life of it's own bringing in ~20,000 visits per month.


The "Podcast Name Generator"

Visits: 3,018/mo
Ranking Keywords: "Podcast name generator"


People use this to generator podcast names. It's a helpful tool, but converts very little of the traffic to email signups or customers.


The "Monthly Recurring Revenue Calculator"

Visits: 300/mo
Keywords: "Recurring Revenue Calculator"


I was playing around with membership models and made this for myself to see how much income is possible at different prices and member sizes.

If you're interested in my thoughts (good & bad) on making calculators, and more technical details how to make them, listen to the podcast here.

These calculators can turn your content from just a blog post into a genuinely helpful software tool!


For people who build courses or digital products, this is often the path that takes:

→ Build a course
↪ Build several courses
↪ Have too many courses, gets confusing
↪ Bundle all courses
↪ Move to monthly/yearly membership or community

It looks like this:


Hopefully you enjoyed these tid-bits!
Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


The Ultimate To Do List

This is a daily to-do list format that can potentially change your life:
✔ You can see when work is done for the day.
✔ It keeps track of appointments.
✔ It keeps you more focused.

Here's how you make it →

Start with a blank sheet of paper:

image for step 1

I prefer using yellow legal notepads, but any type of paper is fine.


Draw a line at the top and write today's date:

image for step 2

For example: Monday, August 8th, 2022.


Write out all your daily tasks:

image for step 3

I like drawing a small bullet point next to each item, such as:
• Add to Copywriting Course Community
• Review blog post from Cristina
• Write email to client


Draw a line on right side and add your appointments:

image for step 4

You can now see exactly what times you have appointments in one easy place. 

I like how it summarizes my whole day in one glance.


Draw boxes down the page and track what you did every hour:

image for step 5

This way you know if you've been productive or slacking off.  If I wake up early I'll see tons of boxes filled out by 2pm.

If I wake up late, maybe 2 boxes filled out.


Draw a line at the bottom and write a summary of the day:

image for step 6

Sometimes instead of a summary I'll use this area to write notes.


Here's how everything looks when filled out:

image for step 7

The rough layout of everything looks like this:



Take a scrap piece of paper and put a piece of tape at the top:

image for step 8


Tape the paper over your to-do list, finish that first task...

image for step 9

You can ONLY work on this item until it's done. 

No other tasks will distract you since the paper is covering everything else. 

Start working on that task till finished...


When done, scratch task off the list, move paper down, work on next task:

image for step 10


I use this method to quickly knock out tasks:

image for step 11


Once you scratch off the last task, you're done for the day! 

image for step 12

I make it a rule that once I scratch off my entire to-do list, I'm not allowed to do anymore work.

This to-do list trick has helped myself and thousands of others focus on work, get it finished, then go play.


Watch this to-do list come to life:

image for step 13

With a simple pen and paper, you can create this to-do list every single day with just a minute or less of time.


Watch this to-do list in action


Hope this is useful to you....tens of thousands of people have adopted this to-do list method over the years, and I hope you do too. 

Neville Medhora 




Making Calculators and Generators to be #1 in search engines over blog posts

Here's some example generators and calculators we've made:
• Writing Prompt Generator
• Product Pricing Calculator
• Freelance Pricing Calculator

• Gross Profit Calculator
• Twitter Idea Generator
• Value Based Pricing Calculator

• Blog Post Idea Generator
• Company Buyout Calculator
• Title Generator
• CopyWork Typer
• Cost Analysis Calculator
• Consulting Name Generator

• Book Profit Calculator
• Cold Email Calculator

• Caffeine Calculator
• Newspaper Name Generator
• Roast Generator

• Recurring Revenue Calculator
• Book Title Generator
• Death Calculator

• Monthly Goal Planner
• Product Name Generator
• Event Name Generator
• Restaurant Name Generator
• Podcast Name Generator
• Marketing Company Name Gen

• Email List Ideas (and Generator)
• Conversion Rate Calculator
• Business Idea Generator

I wanna talk to you about an interesting topic. It's website, calculators, and generators. Do you know what these are? So instead of saying, I'm gonna write a blog post about podcast names and how to come up with a podcast name. Well, if I'm clever enough and no little JavaScript, or can hire someone who knows how I can make a.

Clever little title generator for your podcast. And instead of telling someone how to make a podcast name, what if I just do it for you? That's kind of what they want. Right? If there was a magic machine where they could say generate me a podcast name and it does it. They would obviously use something like that.

So that's the magic of a calculator or generator. You can make these on websites, but it does involve a little bit of programming knowledge and maybe some knowledge on how to make one of these calculators. So I'm gonna share a couple of different stories about some different calculators and generators and some of the goods and bads of each.

Now let's talk about the good side of a generator or a calculator is the good side is you can instantly get to the top of the search results much quicker. So if someone's. How to create a freelance pricing structure? Well, you can write a long blog post about it, but if your blog post has an actual generator that just does it for the person, don't you think that more people would click on that and interact with that post rather than one that just talks about how to do it.

So that's the cool part about these generators. You can really skip ahead to the beginning of the line with SEO by making cool generators. And it's essentially, you're making software that accomplishes a small little problem for.  so the downside of some of these generators is you can get a little carried away and I've done this before.

So for example, podcast name generator, I just kinda wanted a quick tool for myself to even generate a podcast name and I made it, but the problem is it'll get 20,000 visits a month, but here's the downside. No one signs up to my stuff. And it's because it's a random person thinking I wanna make a podcast name, whether it's for novelty, whether it's for their business, they just say, I wanna make a podcast name.

They use a generator and then they get out of there. So there's not a lot of overlap with that topic and buying a copywriting course. Right. So it's not very good traffic, but alas, it is traffic. 

So let's go through about three different examples of different calculators and generators I've made and some of the goods and bads of them. So here's one the death calculator, you at copywriting course.com/death-calculator. Now is the death calculator. Do you think that's something that overlaps with copywriting?

Not really, it was just a post and a fun thought experiment about how long I wanna live. And so I decided to make a death calculator out of all the information that I had gathered. Now, here's the funny thing. This death calculator brings in a hell of a lot of traffic a month, maybe 15,000 to 20,000 visits a month.

But the problem is when I look at the conversion rate it's 0.02 that's 0.002, sorry. 0.0. The conversion rate is zero. The conversion rate is 0.02%. So that means very few people actually sign up to the email. Download.  on that page. And the reason is death calculator, someone looking for like how long they're gonna live.

And then all of a sudden trying to, you know, get them into a copywriting course or a copywriting course, email newsletter about marketing. It's not really all that appealing. So the death calculator, while it brings in a ton of links and a ton of traffic, it's not very relevant. So would I do it again?

I don't know. Probably not because it's just not relevant traffic. It just runs up my hosting bill. But it is kind of neat to have, and it is kind of cool. I jumped to the top of the SEO list by just having a calculator, rather than talking about expected dates of death. I just made a calculator and jumped to the beginning.

But here's a better example of a generator. So for example, there's one called the email list, ideas generator. So what this is is if you're trying to send an email to your email list and you're like, Hmm, What do I send my email list? Well, if you just talk about whatever your subject is and put it in this line, so let's say it's dogs.

Okay. Well, this generator will automatically spit out a ton of good email ideas for you. So it says dogs plus life. Equals email. So something that's a life. So for example, life is like kids love fears. So you say, take the example of dogs plus life. How do dogs affect your life dogs plus kids? That means what are the dogs like with your kids?

Are raising kids better with dogs? Is it worse to raise a child without a dog? What do you get out of having a dog? If you have a kid, et cetera, cetera, et cetera. And so it creates a bunch of different ideas for you right away. Now here's. When we're talking about newsletters and copy and what to put in newsletters, this is literally our specialty at copywriting course.

So this specific generator, while it doesn't get as much traffic as podcast name generator, it gets very targeted traffic. So therefore the sign up rates between five and 10% on this page. So we made a generator. We spent some time and some money. Made a good one. And then it gets downloads and new customers all the time.

That's totally worth it. So the email list, idea generator, because it's relevant to our industry and the product that we're selling. Great idea. Great. All.

One more example is the product pricing calculator. So we made this product pricing calculator quite a while ago, and I really made it for myself to scratch a itch. And I said, okay, let's say I wanna make a million dollars over the course of a year. What would I have to do? And so the product pricing calculator.

Totally helps you answer that question. So instead of telling you how to calculate it, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go to the product pricing calculator. It says revenue goal. I'm gonna enter in 1 million and it says months. So 12 months for one year. And it says, show me how much to charge. And then what it does is it breaks down these things into easy to understand charts.

So it says you wanna make a million dollars in 12 months, you need to make $8,083,000 a month. That's two. $2,700 per day. And then what it says, if you sell a product to make a million dollars and it breaks it down by number. So for example, you need 5,000 people to buy a $200 product that would result in a million dollars, or you need 100 people to buy a $10,000 product.

And then it breaks it down into much chunkier, different levels. So you can see how much you need to sell based on the size of your audience to make a million dollars in one year. And so that is a helpful calculator and the funny.  a lot of our top topics in our forum are about pricing. So the. Page goes on to talk about pricing over here.

And then at the bottom we say, download your own free product pricing calculator for keeps and then has the product pricing calculator. And if you click it, there's a little popup. You enter your email and it sends it to you. And that person's now on our email list. So that was a great calculator. To make.

So that's just a quick overview of calculators and generators and how we've had success using them. And also how we may have made some that are technically successful, but really they bring us in. No good. Anything like there, there there's no signups. There's no comments on the thing. It's just people use it and get out.

So I would say that if you're gonna make a calculator, make sure that it's a relevant calculator. So you're spending time and money and effort on something that actually comes out good. So for example, let me give you a quick.  there's this kid named Cameron and he works for a company called tu ocean and Tudor ocean was like, Hey, we want you to make us some good SEO content.

So he was using copywriting course to help him learn how to make SEO content. And it's doing quite well. Some of it's actually starting to rank, which is really cool, but one of the things he thought was, well, a lot of people asked the question, how much does a tutor cost for like a semester? And so he made a post about it, but the post kind of makes them do all the work.

So I was like, what if you just. A calculator. So we actually ended up making a calculator that figures out how much a tutor will cost. And it basically says what subject you want and the average price. And then it kind of like does the little arithmetic on the, on the website and it shows you that, okay, a six months worth of a physics tutor will cost you $900.

If you get this person and then it links the person and you actually go click and reserve. So that's an example of where a blog post was, was cool, but it's even next level. If you turn it almost into a little software product by making it a calculator or a generator. So that's a much better way to get people to know and understand how much tutoring they can afford for a semester by just making a calculator.

And not only that for the company, which, you know, you buy tutors on there, it actually shows you who specifically you can buy to get that price. So I thought that was a great example of a tutor. And that's something we helped in right inside of our copywriting course community and went over. So anyways, if you have a generator, a calculator, and wanna run it by us, jump in our community copywriting course.com/join and show it to us or show us a blog post or some data you think, and we can actually help you formulate what a generator and calculator should be out of it.

You can really jump to the top of the SEO heap by differentiating yourself with one of these, rather than just a normal blog post. 

Neville Medhora



What do YOU think "Copywriting" means? (20+ people's opinion)

The actual definition of copywriting is:

"Writing for marketing or advertising purposes."

But with new mediums of communication like the internet, images, video....the definition of "copywriting" has expanded. Watch:


"Copywriting is transferring information from my brain to your brain in the best way possible."


- Neville Medhora - @NevMed

"Writing with the intent to generate a particular response within the reader."

"Writing to engage an audience into thought or action."

"The art of creating emotional connections."

"Copywriting is word money."

"Use words to get people to do what you want them to do."

"Communicating ideas or value proposition clearly."

- @mfb83

"Copywriting is the transference of ideas in the most succinct yet relatable way to your audience."

- Trevor R.

"Copywriting is identifying a private want on a public scale, and channeling that want to meet your product."

- Aquallect

"Copywriting is selling better online."

- Mason

"Copywriting is learning how to hotwire your product/service into your ideal customer’s heart strings."

- Cathy

"Copywriting is the art of persuading someone to to buy your product or service."

- Serhat

"Copywriting teaches you how to catch peoples attention and convince them to buy your product."

- John

"Copywriting is improving communication skills and learning how to influence people on a bigger scale than just one by one."

- John H

Copywriting = Applied psychology + Storytelling. Goal of copywriting is to communicate to the audience "I have the solution of what you are needing most right now and I am offering you the help."

"Using words to persuade."

"Copywriting is an aspect of writing that is action-driven . It is the part of writing that is focused on influencing the reader to take a desired action."

- Tyrah

"Copywriting is closing a sale using the written word. A means to persuade, influence and engage clients to make a sale."

- Olumayowa

"Copywriting is a slippery slope where the goal of each sentence is for the person to read the next sentence."

- Yap

"Copywriting is the art of persuading people using words."

"Copywriting is (a) understanding your customer and (b) showing them you understand in the most clear way possible."

"Copywriting is simply transferring a message about a product from one brain to others so that they can buy."

"explaining fully in detail in an interesting manner also showcasing benefits and other beneficial information."

- @Teeushar 

"Engaging prospects to take action such as to buy or subscribe to a product or service."

"Getting people emotionally engaged to take action...one sentence at a time. Using the words they use to describe their own problems."

"Throwing words in the hope it gets people to throw money."

"Copywriting is psychology in disguise. It helps you make your readers crave your product/service using words."

"Writing words that create the action you want."

"Copywriting is the art of writing stuff that makes people take action."

- Piyush

"Copywriting is a term for all the arts of persuasion that use humanity’s most versatile technology: text."

"Copywriting is conveying a message in a way to entice the consumer to take action or make them want to know more."

"Like its first cousin business storytelling, copywriting is the art and science of making things matter and moving people to act."

"Copywriting is sales in written form."

- Rad

Hope this post helps clarify what copywriting is!
Hop inside our community to learn more about it.
Neville Medhora - Copywriter
triple-threat-neville (1).png



P.S. What do YOU think "copywriting" means? 
Post your response below


The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday August 12th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)
This is a fun email for Friday August 12th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂

🎤 Listen to this email here:


Seen in the wild: A high school freshman puts up door hangars and sends a hand-written note to his neighborhood to promote his lawn care business:

That's some good old school hustle 😎


LOL at the horse pushing a lawnmower 😂


This is the hand written note he sends to create a personal connection to the neighbor. This probably 10X's his chance of getting their business:



When something works well, you keep repeating it until it doesn't work well. 

Look at Noah Kagan's top 5 YouTube video titles:
- Asking Millionaires How To Make $1,000,000
- Asking 80 Year Old Millionaires If It Was Worth It
- Asking Superyacht Owners How To Make $1,000,000
- Asking Millionaires How To Make $1,000,000
- I Asked Crypto Millionaires How To Invest $5000


I've talked with Noah about this...and those videos are NOT the most fun for him to make (2+ days of filming, uncomfortable to ask people this stuff, spend money on lots of crew and editing), but his goal is to grow the channel, and those videos tend to hit hard!

Look at my top 5 YouTube video titles:
• 9 Copywriting Exercises you can start doing “write” now
• How To Become A Copywriter (with No Experience)
• What Is Copywriting?
• How to write a great memo
• Getting Your First Freelance Writing Jobs

It's pretty clear people want copywriting advice on my channel! 

Theoretically if I wanted to grow it faster, I'd create content directly harping on that.


Here's my personal goals for the rest of 2022:
• 100,000 Twitter subs. 
• 100,000 YouTube subs.
• 200,000 organic visits/mo with 2% conversion.
• Post 1 audio podcast per week. Every Tuesday. 
• Be guest on 1 podcast per week (reply if interested in having me)!

If I'm a copywriter worth my salt.....I should be able to do this.

I think the hardest goal to hit will be 100,000 subs on Twitter. This would require a 4x'ing of my audience in less than 5 months. 

I started connecting with a bunch of other Twitter people, and am even hosting a Twitter in-person event in Austin in two weeks:


You can follow along and see if I'm hitting these goals:
Copywriting Course Stats Page
TWITTER / 24,100 subs
YOUTUBE / 78,700 subs
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Can you spot why this guy is still totally poor?


This guy is supposed to be a representation of unemployment....but the reason this guy is still unemployed might be because he’s a terrible copywriter!!

Look at his sign again.  It’s filled with ME  ME  ME  ME.

It’s all about HIM.


It’s trying to use some sob-story to get someone to hire him.  As if someone owes him employment just because he has kids.

If someone's an employer, they don’t care about this...they care about:

"What can YOU do for ME?"

Let's fix up his sign with some more enticing copy:


Which guy are you more likely to hire? 
A: "Sob Story Guy" 
B: "Skilled and Ready To Work Guy"



This is the daily to-do list format that can change your life:


• It keeps you more focused.
• It keeps track of appointments.
• You can see when work is done for the day.

Here's how you make it...


Start with a blank sheet of paper.
I prefer using yellow legal notepads, but any type of paper is fine.



Draw a line at the top, and write today's date. 
For example: Monday, August 8th, 2022.



Then write out all your daily tasks. 
I like drawing a small bullet point next to each item, such as:
• Write email to client
• Review blog post from Cristina
• Add to Copywriting Course Community



OPTIONAL HOURLY TRACKING: Draw boxes down the page and track what you did every hour.
This way you know if you've been productive or slacking off.  If I wake up early I'll see tons of boxes filled out by 2pm.

If I wake up late, maybe 2 boxes filled out.


OPTIONAL SUMMARY OF DAY: Draw a line at the bottom and use this as a place to write a summary of the day or write notes. 

Sometimes I write reminders for the next day here.



Here's how everything looks when filled out:



Here's a Pro-Tip for staying ultra-focused (I do this and it's amazing):
Take a scrap piece of paper and put a piece of tape at the top.



Tape the paper over your to-do list, only letting it reveal the top item on your to-do list.
You can ONLY work on this item until it's done. No other tasks will distract you since the paper is covering everything else. Start working on that task till finished...



When done, scratch the task off the list, then move the paper down one row. 
Start working on that next task.



Once you scratch off the last task, you're done for the day! 
I make it a rule that once I scratch off my entire to-do list, I'm not allowed to do anymore work.



This to-do list trick has helped myself and thousands of others focus on work, get it finished, then go play:


With a simple pen and paper, you can create this to-do list every single day with just a minute or less of time. 

You get bonus points for making it the night before!


The biggest sales week of the year in the US is generally Black Friday:


If you’re a copywriter looking to end 2022 with record sales numbers, there’s one event you need on your calendar:

The 2nd Annual Black Friday Summit on October 3rd - 5th (presented by GetEmails):

3 (1).png

Whether you’re looking for cutting edge email marketing secrets … new strategies for SMS … or want some conversion rate hacks from some of the best marketers in the business, this Black Friday Summit has got you covered!

Live sessions from dozens of experts like:
Ezra Firestone, Amanda Natividad, Jimmy Kim, Joshua Johnston, Nikki Elbaz, Tina Donati, Neville Medhora, (yes I’m speaking!), and more...

…It’s the only virtual event dedicated exclusively to Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales strategies. 

And it’s ALL completely free. 

All you need to do is get your ticket using this special link!

Plus, all S.T.U.P.I.D Email readers get a bonus: A free video case study on how one eCommerce brand turned a tiny list of only 2,700 people into $32K+ in sales selling just a $29 product on Black Friday. 

You’ll see exact emails, ads, and upsell templates — all free, when you sign up today. 

Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


Stuff to motivate you (plus scripts to accomplish them)!

Sometimes writers or remote workers can get a little lonely. Here's a few ideas you can use to create motivation for yourself or your team.

#1.) Tough Love

Some people need a drill sergeant to drag them through the process as directly as possible. This type of environment is transparent, honest, and intense, and it’s highly motivating for the right kind of person.

Here’s an example of some tough love:

Hi Bob,

The article you submitted doesn’t meet the standards we set out in the brief and on our call. 

Here’s how I’d like you to rescue it:

#1) Add a specific example for each of your 3 sections.
#2) Replace the stock photos with your own versions. 
#3) Include a cheatsheet PDF that we can use as a lead magnet. 

If you can get this done by Friday, we’ll post it immediately.

If you can’t - we can’t use this material and we’ll consider the project off. I’m a little surprised at the quality here because I’ve seen your other work and we were definitely on the same page after you read the brief. 

Reply back and let me know if you’re going to be able to get the edit done by Friday. 


#2.) Gentle Hand

Other people need a much gentler approach with feedback. You need to keep things positive and soft in order to keep them engaged and committed. Here’s the same idea as #1, but delivered with a “gentle hand”.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for submitting the article on time yesterday. 

It’s not ready to go yet, but I think we can rescue it together.

Here’s what I’d like you to do, please:

#1) Add a specific example for each of your 3 sections.
#2) Replace the stock photos with your own versions. 
#3) Include a cheatsheet PDF that we can use as a lead magnet. 

If you need help with this, please shoot me a message and I can get our graphic designer to help. And if you’re really stuck, I can jump in and clarify the edits.

Sound good?

#3.) Work in public

One of the best ways to get work done is to work around other people (even if they’re not working). That’s why some people love working from cafes - a little bit of ambient noise and the presence of other people is highly motivating. 

You can recreate a version of this by livestreaming yourself working, like this:

Here’s how to announce it and put some healthy pressure on yourself.

Hey LinkedIn friends! 

I’m going to live stream 1 hour of me working tomorrow at noon. 

It’s not a webinar, not a training session, not a chat party - just me working. 

If you need a virtual work buddy, just come to the live stream and work alongside me!

Boring? Yup.

Productive? BIG yup!

WHERE: Attend here (link).
WHEN: Tomorrow at noon. 

#4.) Co-work with a friend

This is a great way to link up with a buddy and get a ton of work done. It’s the same idea as #3, just tweaked so that it’s you and a friend instead of you and a bunch of anonymous viewers. 

Hey Josh,

You free for a coworking session this week? 

Here’s how I’ve done these in the past (they’re highly productive!): 

1-2 pm on Wednesday.
We share screens on Zoom. 
We each work on 1-2 tasks, tops. 
We start by telling each other what those tasks are.
We end by checking in on the status at the end of the hour. 

What do you think?

#5.) Pay someone to slap you

Back in 2012, Maneesh Sethi hired someone from Craigslist to slap him every time he got distracted from work and started messing around on social media instead. 

Here’s how you can recreate the same idea by hiring someone from Craigslist. 

Title: Slap me if I get off task 
Pay: $8/hr

Job Description: 

I’m a writer with a busy 2 weeks coming up, and I can’t afford to get distracted by social media. 

I’m looking to hire someone to sit next to me at my home office, coworking space, and coffeeshop (the 3 places I work from). 

If you catch me on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, IG, TikTok, or any other social platform….I want you to slap the hell out of me and tell me to get back to work. 

Here’s what this would look like in action:



#6.) The 2-hour sprint

Working in a focused sprint is the best way to get things done. Shut off all distractions, set a timer, and do the work! You can do this solo or with a friend. 

Hey Leah,

Have you got a 2-hr block free on Friday afternoon? 

I’m looking for a friend to join me on a work sprint, and 120 minutes is the perfect amount of time imo. 

I know we’re both working on books, so I figured this’d be a great chance to get some similar work knocked out. 


#7.) Use a Pomodoro timer

Pomodoro timers are great tools to keep you fresh. They get you to work in a combination of short shifts and ultra-short breaks. 

Here’s the setup I like to use:

– Go to Toptal.com/project-managers/tomato-timer 
– Set the timer for 25 minutes.
– Set the “short break” for 5 minutes.
– Set the “long break” for 15 minutes. 

Then, get to work! I like to keep the timer visible as I’m writing, but it’ll also make a little noise when time’s up. 

#8.) Post it publicly on social media

Ask the general public for accountability by announcing your work on social media! 

Here’s a template you can copy/paste: 

Accountability post!

I will be working on  _______ for the next _______ (time).

If I don’t comment back here in ____ (time), shame me in public!


#9.) Check in with an accountability partner

Sometimes you don’t need to actually do the work live with a partner. Instead, you can just do a daily check-in, like this:

Hey Laura - here’s my daily 7 pm check-in!

 ☑ Home page updated.
 ☑ Email series uploaded to ConvertKit.
 ☑ Job posted on Upwork.

Here’s my list for tomorrow:

☐ Schedule a week of posts on Hypefury.
☐ Draw 3 visuals for Twitter. 
☐ Update the “how this works” blog post.  

#10.) Create a group carrot + stick

Social pressure can be great! If you connect a project’s success to group rewards and punishments, it creates a special type of motivation!

Hey folks! Excited to kick off the project. 

I’m going to add a special bonus: 

If we publish the book by December 1st, everyone on the team will get a $1000 bonus. 

But, here’s the catch:

  • If anyone misses a single daily check-in, nobody gets the bonus. 
  • If anyone misses a single personal deadline, nobody gets the bonus.

Don’t let the team down!

Let’s do this!

#11.) Change where you’re working

Where you work matters! At home, try shifting locations - work from your kitchen, work from your couch, try anywhere other than your desk. It’s even more powerful to work from different physical locations outside your house, like a coffee shop, library, bar, or coworking space. 

Hey Bob, Sarah, and Luke! 

I’ve got cabin fever stuck at home over here….want to join me for a work session at a cafe? I’m thinking about the Starbucks on Main St @ 9 am tomorrow morning.

Last time we did this was really productive and I’d like to repeat it! 

You in?


#12.) Join a community

Having trouble finding a good work/accountability buddy? You should probably find a community of like-minded people with similar goals. If you’re a business owner, a writer, or a marketer, you’ll find plenty of “your” people here at Copywriting Course

  • I met Rob R. and we used each other as accountability buddies to finish our books.
  • I met Kyle V. and, after working together a few times, I joined his company. 
  • I met Mike M. and ended up working on several projects together. 
  • I met Kyle G. and ended up working together and meeting up IRL.
  • I met Rozy K. and introduced her to friends in different parts of the world. 
  • I met Shaggy E. and hired him for a couple of gigs (and coworked together).
  • I met Mitch B. and worked on a project together. 
  • I met Jeff G. and spent 2 months working on a project for his site.
  • I met Corwin S. and coworked on several writing sessions. 
  • I wrote 2 books.
  • I’ve posted 14,000 times and have a ton of practice editing copy.
  • I’ve participated in dozens of office hours sessions and workshops. 
  • I learned to price my services differently and 3x’d my revenue.
  • I went from being a freelancer to a consultant to a CMO. 

Hope this helps!
Neville Medhora - Constantly Co-Working

Why I switched from Wordpress to forum style for our blog

I moved my main website site (Copywriting Course) off WordPress about 5 months ago to make it community-first.

#1.) Here's why I got off Wordpress onto a community platform:

• We can make inherently social content.
• Only one system to maintain rather than two.
• Community interaction is far better than static blog.

Here's what the community looks like (jump in here)...in fact if you're reading this, you're technically on the forum already, just in the blog section:



Wordpress kicks ass for posting static blogs, but to promote a blog post and get interaction you must push it through your email list or social platforms.

Social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc) have natively built in social features.

Wordpress doesn't 😞

I thought something like Disqus would become ubiquitous and form a social layer through all Wordpress blogs, but alas it didn't happen.

It's frustrating how everything has moved to social, but Wordpress publishing remained the same.

And the Gutenberg editor, whatta mess 😬

I run a Copywriting Community, so people need to post long pieces of copy for review, and get feedback from writers.

This was impossible on FB Groups or Circle.so (which I love, but can't do long and formatted commenting).

For this reason we chose a forum and modified it. This allows users to post an unlimited-length piece of copy, completely with pictures and formatting...

...and get responses and re-writes from professional writers and other community members. 

It also allows us to have "assignments" and get answers, then review those answers.

We started racking up thousands of posts, thousands of wins, and a vibrant community from this. 

You can see open stats here:

Listen to the podcast above to further hear my thoughts on this (so far the transition has been fantastic)!

Ask me questions if you have 🙂

The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday August 5th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)
This is a fun email for Friday August 5th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂

🎤 Listen to this email here:


#1.) Swipe:

Today's swipe is super exciting...... colorful bar charts! 😂

These are two examples of easy bar charts that also have color-matching company logos on them. 

I like these because they show a lot of information in a single image.

This chart shows how many franchises different restaurants have:


This chart show the greatest company acquisitions, and has nice color-matching logos of the companies at the bottom:


In one simple image so much data is visualized!

#2.) Thought:

What’s a weird way a customer uses your product? 

Here's a quick example:

In college I ran an eCommerce site "House Of Rave" that sold light up and glow stuff. One of my best sellers was these "Finger Lights" that I assumed 16 year old ravers used like this:



One day a plumbing company bought 50+ packages of these finger lights. I was a little confused by the order, thinking it was fraudulent, so I called them up to ask why they purchased these... 

Their reply was very interesting. They said:

"Our plumbers have to climb under sinks and cabinets and they can't see because it's dark, and sometimes their headlamp light can't reach what they're working on, so they put these finger lights on their fingers to light things up." 

This was fascinating, and I added this use case to the product page. 
More importantly this lesson taught me to think about "target audiences."

I used to think 16 year old ravers were my target audience, but they could barely afford $20 per order.

However I would get $1,000+ orders from wedding & party planners, so I started focusing on that!

A wedding planner ordered several hundred of these little LED lights designed to light stuff up:


She bought 500+ of them for a wedding:


It was only 1 customer, with a single product order....so on my end this was a simple-yet-very-profitable order. 

I never thought a RAVE COMPANY would morph into a party planner company, but alas thats where the money came from when I focused on the right target audience. 

In the end if I got ONE order from an events company, it would far eclipse the profit from 100 orders from ravers.

#3.) Uplifting:

There's "technically" a holiday that happens everyday of the week. 

We made a big list of holidays for my own reference. We compiled them all into one image:


These are all "novelty holidays" but more importantly are the major holidays. 

After creating 1,000's of campaigns for holiday sales, I'd say these are the best sellers:


Have a happy Single Working Women's Holiday today!! 

#4.) Picture:

In my experience Twitter as a platform has the fastest "Virtual-to-In-Real-Life" times ever. 

Recently I co-worked with @theKevinShen  (who designs home office studios) from a simple Twitter message:


Then later that day @Danmcdme introduced me to @jayclouse and we scheduled a podcast within minutes. 


While it's easy to criticize social media, I'd argue social media creates more IRL interactions than anything else: 

  • Facebook Event invites
  • Instagram events pages
  • Finding people you have similar interests and meeting up
  • Introductions
  • Watching people's videos/pods/posts and getting to know them
  • Sharing photos with friends/fam

Think of the vast amount of ways social media ENHANCES real life. 

It's kind of cool to hate on social media these days, but it IS pretty cool in a lot of ways.

#5.) Interesting:

We created a public /stats page to track all this stuff:
→ Copywriting Course website stats
→ Swipe File website stats
→ YouTube channel stats
→ Twitter Stats

I want to publicly track all this stuff in order to improve it even further.

You're welcome to snoop through:


July 2022 Copywriting Course Community Stats:
• 1,464 posts
• 197,826
• 1,244,048



July 2022 CopywritingCourse.com website stats:
• 119,589 visits
• 52,902 organic search visits
• 3,257 social visits


July 2022 SwipeFile.com Stats:
• 10,266 organic search views
• 2.6 pages per session


July 2022 YouTube.com/Kopywriting Stats:
• 78,200 total subs
• 2,551 new subs
• 5,438 hours watch time


July 2022 Twitter.com/nevmed Stats
• 1,196 profile clicks
• 50,100 profile visits
• 196,000 Tweet impressions


Future goals for the remainder of 2022:
• 100,000 Twitter
• 100,000 YouTube
• 200,000/mo relevant search traffic with 2% conversion
• Be on one podcast per week 

If you have a podcast or webinar series you'd like me to appear on, reply and let me know, I'd love to connect!

#6.) Drawing:

This is a great drawn ad for Alka-Seltzer from 1959 that clearly shows:
• What the product is for.
• What the product looks like.
• What the packaging looks like.
• How to use it (by dropping it in water).



Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


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