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2nd half of 2022

The easiest way to grow a business is first optimize everything you've already got.

For example, if you want to optimize your business for the rest of 2022, just having rough goals like this could be helpful:

12 monthcalendar for copywriting course.png

Or even doing something simple as pre-preparing for seasonal events can position you better


I personally plan out each month with a little goal sheet like this:


Then for yearly goals I'll sit around with some buddies and discuss, then come up with a few solid goals:


It feels like change is in the air for the world....maybe some recession-style stuff. This is often when great companies get built.

I'm curious, how are you planning for the 2nd half of the year?
• Write down goals?
• Discuss with friends?
• Other methods?

Reply in the comments and let me know!
Neville Medhora



The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday June 24th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday June 24th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:


In the 1960's Volkswagen did an ad campaign which featured some clever "Marketing Judo" by turning the laughably small-and-funny-looking Beetle into the top selling car in the world.

Look at these awesome ads starting in 1960 going to 1969:


Almost every Volkswagen Beetle ad they ran poked fun of the Beetle's small size and odd appearance...

...but in the copy went on to brag how it's small size was a feature:
- Almost no maintenance costs
- Made it very fuel efficient
- Easily replaceable parts
- Very high quality
- Very cheap


The formula for each ad was:

→ Sarcastic headline
→ Eye catching image
→ Talk about how it's size/shape made for a great car


This was a massively popular campaign, and from 1960 to 1973 the VW Beetle was the top selling car in the world!

You can see high res versions of these ads on our blog:


I love it when in ONE FRAME a social media post explains a concept.

By simply viewing that one image you can learn something new.

Here's a few examples:


Optimizing an Instagram profile, in one pic:



How to pick a watermelon, in one pic:



I like how there's zero fluff in these pictures....just pure information!


I propose a new AirBnb program called “Good Neighbors.”


What it is: AirBnB hosts can share a small cut of booking revenue with select neighbors. Easy!

This program could:
- Make neighbors happy, and WANT more bookings.
- Get neighbors to consider signing up to AirBnb.


So I live next door to an AirBnB charging $1,200+/night.

On occasion I experience:
• People opening my gates, tripping the alarm system.
• Wrong Uber Eats deliveries at weird hours of night.
• Randoms parking by my house.

These small annoyances increasingly frustrate me since I have no control over them, and don't get any profit from them.

Solution 👉🏼

The "Good Neighbors Program" would allow my neighbor to "cut me in on the action."

This way the "negative externalities" I'm experience would be compensated.

Even a few hundred dollars a month would turn my neighbor's AirBnB from an Enemy to an Asset!

Everyone wins 🙂

It would be Implemented like this:

The AirBnB host selects account to share bounty with.

Share Option 1: Share a percentage of revenue.
EX: "You get 1% of all booking revenue"

Share Option 2: Share set fee per new booking.
EX: "You get $50 per booking"

With this program:

AirBnB wins!
Host wins!
Neighbor wins!

This was a fun idea, I sent it to AirBnB, and hopefully this gets implemented in the near future.

Here's where I work from everyday:


If I have people over to co-work then we sit at this table instead:


I posted this on Twitter, and people responded with their workspaces....some of them pretty awesome looking!! Check em out:

@michael_soledad: Super sleek and fancy looking!



@jackzerby: Clean, lots of books, cool art in back.



@jayvasdigital: From a small town in Portugal.



@C3ODAD: Guy works from an F1 car paddock!



@jack_rnc: Love the minimal and bright look.

FV3hxZVXwAYX01W (1).jpg


@taskett: Bright, clean, and airy.



@misskavita: Very Zen.



@acquireconvert: 5 feet away from a piano AND hot tub, I like!



Did you know you can use •bullet points• to create art on a page?

• You can
• make a descending
• list out of them like this.


• Or you can start long and
• make them shorter
• and end in a
• point.


• Or you
• can make them
• go up and down something
• kinda like this
• too.


You can make awesome "Bullet Points" with Emoji. Examples:

• This (my fav)
→ This
✘ This
✔︎ This
★ This
☁︎ This
► This
❒ This
🔲 This
➡️ This
🆇 This
✏️ This
◼︎ This
👉🏼 This
⇨ This
♥️ This
➤ This
🔥 This
️ This


One of the most fascinating people in my life is my friend Nick Gray:


He moved to Austin two years ago, barely knew anybody, and within 6 months had bigger networks than almost anyone I know.

He did this by throwing what he calls "2-Hour Cocktail Parties" where everyone must wear a name tag 😂

Look how every picture has people wearing name tags:


He insists on name tags because it creates easier communication at his parties...and even gives people something to talk about:

He's very specific on how to write name tags and has whole blog posts about it:



Nick doesn't fit the normal mould of a party-thrower because:
- He doesn't drink.
- He doesn't like to stay out past 9:30pm.
- He doesn't like rowdiness or drunkenness.

That's why he wrote a book about throwing parties...specifically for people who don't normally throw parties (and want everyone out of their house by 9:30pm)!

Here's his book, which I've personally used all his tactics:
The 2-Hour Cocktail Party: How to Build Big Relationships with Small Gatherings


I have some awesome friends I've met through hosting events, hopefully this book will encourage more people who AREN'T used to hosting events to host something (his goal is get 500 people this year to host a "2 Hour Party."

Here's some articles Nick wrote on throwing a "2 Hour Party"
How to Host a Happy Hour
How to Plan a Networking Event
How to Do Icebreakers
How to Make Party Name Tags
The 2-Hour Cocktail Party Book


Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!

Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


Classic Volkswagen Beetle Ads


The Volkswagen Beetle was a remarkably weird car when it came out. 

• It was slow.
• It was small.
• It was gas efficient.

It was the total opposite of all major cars of the day!

Since they couldn't advertise the car based on speed and cool-factor, they went the total opposite and showed how cheap and reliable it was.

Let's go through some of these Classic Volkswagen "Bug" Ads:

#1.) "Lemon" (1960)

image for step 1

This ad makes you do a double take thinking, "why would they call their own car a lemon??"

Turns out they go into the rigorous process used to ensure your car is not a lemon, and sell the car that way.

This was a very popular and talked-about ad in 1960.


#2.) "It isn't so" (1961)

image for step 2

This was a funny thing some VW Bug owners would do: Make it look like the car was a wind-up toy!

Volkswagen cleverly used this to show off the Beetle's high gas mileage and low cost. This was great "Marketing Judo" which turned around a funny jab at the car into a selling point.

#3.) “Why are the wheels crooked?” (1962)

image for step 3

This amazing Volkswagen ad has a VERY catchy headline and image that make you want to read the finer copy!

This is a perfect example of catching the readers idea, grabbing their attention, and sending them down the "Slippery Slope" of reading.

#4.) "If You Run Out Of Gas It's Easy To Push" (1962)

image for step 4

This ad from 1962 shows the insane 32 mile per gallon efficiency of the VW Beetle, and also hilariously shows that if you do run out of gas, it's uniquely small size makes it easy to push. 

It also "subtley sells" the car by showing how low maintenance it is, so that the driver might "forget about gas stations" since they visit them so infrequently!

#5.) "A hole in the roof" (1963)

image for step 5


This VW Beetle ad harps on the fact the car has barely any expensive options, so for the list price of $1,595 you could get pretty much the entire package....no crazy expensive extra options needed!

#6.) "Sooner or Later" (1964)

image for step 6

Oof....this ad will likely not hack it today, but it was meant to display how easily parts on the Volkswagen Beetle were able to be replaced.

#7.) "It makes your house look bigger" (1964)

image for step 7

This Volkswagen Bug ad from 1964 has a catchy headline, but gets the reader to understand that the smallness of the car is it's major benefit....it uses less gas, lower maintenance bills, barely any upkeep costs.

#8.) "Interchangeable Parts" (1965)

image for step 8


This is a 1965 Beetle ad that cleverly demonstrated a Volkswagen Beetle has extremely interchangeable parts.

#9.) "Keeps the Dampness Out" (1967)

image for step 9

This clever ad talks about how a Volkswagen Beetle can actually FLOAT IN WATER!

It goes on to brag about the tight seals on the car, and how it's nearly airtight so it doesn't get damp or let moisture in.

#10.) "Every new one comes slightly used" (1968)

image for step 10

This ad shows how each Volkswagen Beetles undergoes 16,000 inspections, is driven 3 miles, and is broken in before delivering to it's new owner.

#11.) "It's ugly but it gets you there" (1969)

image for step 11


Two weeks after the first lunar excursion modules landed on the Moon, Volkswagen promoted their notoriously "ugly" VW Beetle with this ad.

It's great how much fun Volkswagen poked at themselves!

Hope you enjoyed all these classic VW Beetle ads! 

They are amazing pieces of advertising and imagery!

Neville Medhora - Copywriting Course




The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday June 17th, 2022)

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This is a fun email for Friday June 17th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:



I love old school ads, and these decades-old Range Rover ads do a great job of two main things:

#1.) The Range Rover can handle tough terrain.
#2.) The Range Rover looks good.

For example in this it says "You can drive it as if it were your brother-in-law's" and it shows the RR going over some crazy difficult terrain:


Not sure why the person who hates this his brother-in-law so much....but we get the point 😂

This next ad promotes the suspension of the Range Rover by comparing them to Nike Air's (which in the 90's were a huge hit).

This ad is good at just showing the product also:


This next Range Rover ad is my favorite. It doesn't even show the product (up close at least). 

It just shows the Range Rover going wayyyyy off the beaten path, opting for taking a desert sand drive instead of a comfy highway like all the other cars:



Here’s the computer program of my life:

load (Neville){
0: Born
20: Make money
30: Slow down
40: Family
50: End competitive working life
60: Family
85: End;


Yours is likely the same, maybe some variance in numbers.

Almost every biography I’ve ever read ends with “wish I spent even more time with friends and family.”

The journey is the point 🙂



I recently spoke with designer Chris Do  on a podcast about:

"If you change words around on a page, it often makes a dramatic impact."

"If you can't do it on the side, you probably can't do it full time."

"They're doing a bad job, but in spite of that, doing well."

You can listen to the whole podcast here.


Here's a fun weekend project I did:

I added an "Ab and Stretching Area" to my garage gym. Here's a quick tour:

Here's what the garage gym looked like (those are chalkboard walls):



I always thought this concrete lip was wasted space, and could be turfed or padded in some way:



My friend Sam was clearing out his garage down the street and had some leftover turf, so I took it:



I cleared off all the stuff on the concrete lip. Unfortunately this means removing the table that held my speakers, lamp, and star projector:



I laid out the turf and measured it (making sure the grain of the "grass" is all the same direction):



Started slicing up the turf, using turf tape to attach the 4 different pieces:



Then glued all the turf down to the concrete so it doesn't move:



Then let it sit for a while to settle in:



Started putting stuff back on it:



Including these two stool thingies to use for stretching and sitting:



Downside of this....the speakers had nowhere to go 😳



Luckily this meant I got to do another project! I bought some speaker mounts to hang the speakers:



Mounting the speakers on studs:



Got them mounted, but it had this big droopy cable showing:



The next step is to route these speaker and power wires behind the drywall:


Unfortunately these are exterior facing walls with insulation behind them and cross-brace studs....so I'll have to call a professional to hide the cables for me (I checked on YouTube....it's a little above my skill level)!

But anyways, now I have an "Ab and Stretching Area" in the gym!


I've seen online education evolve as technology has become better:

Education people pay for has changed quite a bit:
- 2000: PDF file with info.
- 2010: Online course with video.
- 2022: Communities + Results.

Pure how-to’s and information are nearly 100% free now.

Loved this Tweet about it:



Inside the Copywriting Course we have "assignments" people can do, and one of them is "Marking Up Images."

One of the images we have people markup is this one:


These are just practice-grounds to learn image skills + showing off features and benefits.

Just for fun, look at some of the different results people have posted in the assignment (only members can view that link):


T.R. Posted:



J.P. Posted:



D.M. Posted:



B.B. Posted:



R.R. Posted:



Those are all amazing....but I have to say the best designed one so far is this one.

Q.A. Posted:


Cool to watch people learning + doing + sharing...and watching a simple picture of a sneaker take on different forms!

Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday June 10th, 2022)

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This is a fun email for Friday June 10th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂

🎤 Listen to this email here:




Sometimes we get hung up on internet advertising as the ONLY way to get the word out to people, but I'm a huge fan of the humble "stick on the back of a car" such as this:


This is a simple (yet effective) add from Glass Guru on one of their work vans:

Guaranteed Repair Saves 50% or More!

This is very straightforward and clear….and if someone has foggy windows they might give them a call….all from a simple stick on the back of a van!

Some of the benefits of vehicle advertising:

  • Potentially thousands of people a day see the ad.
  • If selling a local service you show it to local people.
  • While parked at a location, others can see the ad and reach out (it's how I found my lawn guy).

In fact as online advertising is getting increasingly expensive, offline advertising is getting more love now!

Checkout this billboard AppSumo made in Austin recently:


Not sure if some of you new newsletter subscribers remember this, but 5 years ago I was curious about billboards and got one made for $900!


Here’s 101 Daily Writing Prompts you can use to build a writing habit:

Just pick a prompt, and practice writing!

 Your favorite fiction book.
#2) Your favorite nonfiction book.
#3) What’s a book you’d like to write?
#4) Do you prefer physical books, on a Kindle, ebooks, or audiobooks?
#5) What’s the last book you recommended to someone?
#6) What’s your favorite copywriting book?
#7) Send an email/tweet to your favorite author (post the screenshot here).
#8) Write a book review in a tweet.
#9) What’s a book you’ve read more than once?
#10) What’s a book you bought because a friend recommended it?

#11) Who are your top 3 favorite accounts on Twitter?
#12) What was your most popular tweet this year?
#13) Post your LinkedIn profile and introduce yourself here.
#14) DM someone from your industry and introduce yourself (and post a screenshot)
#15) Auto-schedule your tweets for a week.
#16) Add a high-value comment to a conversation on Twitter.
#17) What’s your social media goal? Post it here + explain why
#18) Where do you want to send people from your social profiles?
#19) What’s a tweet/thread you bookmarked/saved? Why?
#20) Update your headline/profile and post the before/after here.

#21) What are 3 things you enjoyed in your career?
#22) What are 3 things you’re proud of accomplishing with work?
#23) What are 3 goals you have for your career?
#24) What’s something that you don’t like about your industry?
#25) What’s a common misconception people have about your industry? Why’s it wrong?
#26) If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing?
#27) Who are 3 people you’d love to work with or for?
#28) Which 3 brands would you love to work for?
#29) What sort of profession did you want when you were a kid?
#30) Tell us a funny story from work.

You can see more prompts on the Writing Prompt Generator!




I had a few hours to spare last Sunday, so I figured I'd try to launch "What Should I Tweet Generator" on Product Hunt:


Creating all the images + copy + email took under an hour.

The Generator works like this:
• Shows a randomized tip on what to post on load.
• Click "Generate" it comes up with 3 more ideas.
• Has a text field where you can practice writing.


It worked well, getting around 100 upvotes on Product Hunt!!




This was me at 10am the other day working from bed...comfortable, safe, and happy:


By 10am my ancestors would've been up for 6+ hours, doing manual labor, toiling in fields, bitten by bugs, beaten by sun, working to survive, they get no breaks, have no backup plan.

THIS is a great time to be alive 🙂





You can make a trackable "Content Calendar" with this new Google Docs feature:

Insert → Table Templates → Review Tracker

Watch me create one here:


This is a simple feature other doc programs like Notion have had for a while, so I'm excited to see it on Google Docs finally!

Very useful!




I made a Death Calculator a long time ago based on what an average life looks like:


According to the calculator on that page here's how long I have to live (If my "end date" is my 85th birthday:


It's kind of an uncomfortable feeling for many people to view their life in this way. For example, here’s the high-level program of my life:

load (Neville){
0: Born
20: Make money, Fit in, do dumb things
30: Slow down
40: Family + Friends
50: End competitive working life
60: Family + Friends
85: End;

At a high level a life doesn't seem that eventful.

However it's the journey through life that counts (that sounds so cliche) 😂




Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora - 
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed

Podcast Experiment

Hi, my name's Josh Haroldson. As a kid I never liked school all that much. What I really liked was summer vacation. Because that's where you got to work on whatever you wanted. For example:

  • A couple summers I had a lawn service which taught me you could make money on your own by providing a useful service for people. I only bought enough money to buy a snowboard, but now, I'm a top-rated freelancer on Upwork.
  • Another summer I learned to use my camera while backpacking. And a few years later ended up as an Instagram suggested user doing paid work for companies like Vayner Media and Food+Wine.

Dang. Turns out those summer projects can be pretty useful.

So, now that I'm a stay-at-home dad I figured, "Hey, why not bring back the summer project?"

Enter, the podcast. AKA my Copywriting Course Summer Jam.

What I want to learn:

  • How to launch and edit a podcast.
  • How to regularly create small pieces of re-usable content.
  • How to promote a podcast to my first 1000 downloads.

My Goal:

  • Have fun and create something I can share with my kid someday.
  • Get to 1,000 downloads. That might not seem like a lot in the social media world, but me talking to a room full of 1,000 people would be pretty neat.

Link to the podcast:https://dadalwaystoldme.com/
Link to my social:  | @joshharoldson on Twitter
Link to the blog: 

How I plan on promoting it: 



Word of Mouth

Time Limit: Q3 of 2022. June 1st to Sept 1st

I will update this thread every few days with numbers and progress. Follow along!



The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday June 3rd, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday June 3rd, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:




There's an interesting company called MSCHF (like mischief) that does viral contests.

Look at this cool old-school-looking page for an "MMO-SAT Test" they made:


At first I thought this was like an SAT test contest, but MMO-SAT means Massive Multiplayer Online Standardized Test.

This MSCHF company does "drops" and this particular contest is #70 in a sequence of ~100 they are doing.

They do lots of other contests like this, and release a list of their next "drops "so people can anticipate them:


No one has any clue if they make money or not, but this is super interesting company, and really cool how they "manufacture virality" over and over again!





I used to regularly try to lucid dream (where you "wake up" during a dream and can control it).

People who lucid dream can do ANYTHING THEY WANT in a dream like fly, or meet celebrities, or hangout with dinosaurs.

A few years ago I spent months trying to do this, and could "become conscious" inside a dream with some regularity, but it would only last for up to 20 seconds (I would get so excited that I was inside a lucid dream that I'd knock myself out of it)!

The most reliable method I found to enter a lucid dream:
Look at both hands before you go to bed.

#2.) Then when you're dreaming, look at your hands inside the dream, and you'll "wake up" inside the dream!


So right before I'd go to bed I'd hold up my hands like this, and then if I was ever in a dream during the night, I'd try to "look at my hands inside the dream" and it would all of sudden pop me into the dream and I could control it!

It's kind of wild this is even a real thing and I've always been fascinated by it!




I'm just going to assume you have a strange fixation with Shih Tzu dogs like I do, so here are the 3 best Shih Tzu Instagram accounts to follow:

#1.) Louie the Shih Tzu: @imlouiethetzu


#2.) Roku the Shih Tzu: @its.me.roku.the.shihtzu


#3.) Kimbap the Shih Tzu: @kimbap_the_shihtzu


If you follow these, I'm pretty sure your life will be happier. LOOK AT THOSE FACES!! 🙂

P.S. These dog accounts tend to have goofy sound effects, so I almost always watch the videos on mute.

P.P.S. I spend way too much time looking at these accounts 😂




If anyone needs a simple plan for the gym, this one-pager is what I use:


This is what my friend Billy Murphy used to win a #1 spot in a body building competition despite no previous experience.

Obviously he also had a very clean diet (which is probably more important than the working out part).

I've also scribbled this workout on my home gym wall. It's very helpful on days when I don’t know what to do, so I just pick a number and crank through it!


Maybe keep that photo in your phone, and if you ever need a workout to follow, just do one of those 🙂




One thing we do at Copywriting Course is run a community where we practice writing and re-write each others copy.


Here's the stats from from last month (May 2022):
• 37 videos added
• 1,610 posts written
• 2,705 likes given
• 229,312 words written
• 1,498,233 characters written
 See live feed

I'm very proud of a lot of "wins" we constantly get (see a live updated list of wins), such as:

“Implemented your suggestion for the headline and it worked! It had a CTR jump from 11% to 24%.” MH

“3 leads came in today after applying what I learned from your feedback.” LB

“Got advice on Office Hours, implemented it, immediately got 9x engagement on LinkedIn posts” CO

“I count on you guys to double check every piece of copy I send out. Your critiques are always spot on. You never disappoint.” LW

“Open rates on my newsletter are about 70% among my active subscribers! I couldn't have done it without your feedback and support!” KR

If you're looking for help on any of your copy, right now (mid-2022) might be a great time to start.

We're halfway through the year, so this is the time to optimize all your emails, webpages, product pages, and offerings for Q4:


TODAY is the last day of our mid-year sale, so signup now!
Normal: $750
Today: Get 35% off!
(use coupon code MID22 at checkout)





It was Memorial Day a few days ago, so I'd like to thank all the people who made the USA a great place to live.


My family lived out the American Dream and it’s pretty awesome 🙂

I feel very grateful for:
• The opportunity to work
• The opportunity to express
• The opportunity to participate
• The opportunity to be a value add

I'm also grateful for you reading this email. Thank you 😊



Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora - 
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed







How to Hit 100 Posts Inside Copywriting Course

One of the best ways to become a better writer.....is to write a lot!



So I challenge you to hit 100 posts inside the Copywriting Course Members Area


We've seen people who post 100+ posts get drastically better at writing, more confident at writing, and are able to craft clearer messaging on everything they create.

Here's some ways you can quickly hit 100+ posts!

[Go] Copy Assignments: Get some copy practice.
[Go] Make a work journal: You can see mine here.
[Go] Answer Q&A questions: Answer these simple questions.
[Go] Comment on blog posts: Only members can comment on posts.
[Go] Submit your copy for review: Get copy reviewed and optimized.
[Go] Give feedback on other members copy: Give honest feedback.



Do "Copy Assignments"

For example, we challenge you to "sell this boat."


We'll give you a few details about the boat, then you can write a cold email to sell the boat, and our professional writers inside the forum will review it and let you know how to improve!



Write a daily work journal

This is a great bang-for-your-buck, because you get writing practice AND have some work accountability!

For example I posted a small update in my Daily Work Journal showing where I am writing this post from:


Or here's another post outlining my daily to-do:


The simple act of sorting out your tasks, writing them down, then sharing them with a likeminded private community is EXTREMELY helpful.

You also get other people commenting on your work sometimes with suggestions, or even reaching out saying they are working on something similar and giving tips!


Answer Q&A questions

We ask some simple questions you can easily answer.


Taking a quick second to answer a few of these, and it will naturally get you to think about an answer, craft a message, and share it (all while secretly making you a better writer)!


Leave comments on blog posts

We've got a blog that gets many hundreds of thousands visits a month, and only members can comment on it.

If you hit 50 posts in the forum you get to display you social links, so this often results in some cool exposure!


From these social links alone people have got more exposure, increased their following, and even got hired for gigs and positions!

You never know who might see these, so go comment and participate on the blog!


Submit your copy for review

One of the most popular features inside Copywriting Course is posting your copy, and our professional writers go through and make it better with you.

This way you get realtime feedback on your writing, spot improvements, and learn-by-doing.


What's even cooler is you rack up post counts for getting copy reviewed and interacting with the community inside your thread.



Give feedback on other members copy

You don't have to be an expert writer to give feedback on someone's copy. In fact you can just share what you think is right/wrong about a piece, and give suggestions on what you thought about it.


This is SUPER USEFUL to the person asking for feedback, because it's great to hear from different perspectives



Your Goal:

✏️ Make 100 Posts ✏️

[Go] Give feedback on other members copy
[Go] Submit your copy for review
[Go] Comment on blog posts
[Go] Answer Q&A questions
[Go] Make a work journal
[Go] Copy Assignments


Copywriting Course

The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday May 27th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday May 27th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂

🎤 Listen to this email here:



The famous old-school copywriter Gary Halbert made his first million dollars at age 32 with a promotion called: The Coat of Arms Letter.

This was the one-page letter to specific last names in the phonebook where he would sell "Coat of Arms" family crest you could buy through the mail (this was 1971 and that was the only way to buy):


The product people received was literally a printed family crest.

This was an example of the front & back of the Coat of Arms you would get:

Shoutout to @eston_esau who sent me these pictures of his grandpa's framed Coat of Arms!







Some types of media take longer per minute to make than others.

For example:

Production Time -vs- Final Product ratio:
• MOVIE: 12 months for 2 hours (4,300:1)
• SONG: 100 hours for 3 minutes (2,000:1)
• PODCAST: 2 hours for 1 hour (2:1)
• LIVE VIDEO: 1 hour for 1 hour (1:1)





This weekend we did a fun Spartan Race with some friends and it was a great time!

I'm MAINLY just happy I didn't hurt myself! 😬

It was 10k of running with 25 obstacles and challenges in between.

We rented a nice house near the lake where the race was being held:


Goofing off before the race



The morning of the race, having some snacks and getting ready



We arrive at the ranch where it's held



We're all still clean and about to start!



The race begins! Carrying a bucket fill of rocks



There were lots of monkey-bar-type hanging obstacles



My friend Noah Kagan running through mud



We all completed the race!



Jumped in the lake to clean off



Enjoyed the rest of the weekend hanging with friends


It was a good time, good friends, and we made a full weekend out of it on the lake 🙂




On my iPhone always use a few unknown settings to make better pics.

These 5 iOS photo modifiers make your pictures look WAY better (and doesn't wash out the photo)!

On almost any photo you take, apply these:
• Increase "Brilliance"
• Increase "Shadows"
• Increase "Vibrance"
• Increase "Definition"
• Straighten & Crop

Here's an example:


Here's an example of a photo ruined by lots of backlight, and simply increasing the exposure just washes out the picture, but if you do those 5 modifiers the photo becomes great:


This photo was almost unusable, but 20 seconds of:
• Increase "Brilliance"
• Increase "Shadows"
• Increase "Vibrance"
• Increase "Definition"
• Straighten & Crop

...and we're in business!


Toggling these 5 settings is often the difference between a "meh" photo and an awesome photo. The magic is in the post-editing!






A Copywriting Course member wanted to build an email list for sneaker deals:


↳ Progress for emails was slow, so he started his own sub-Reddit instead!
↳ 3,000 subs first month! 200,000 views. 2 viral hits.
↳ He tried a promotion but it failed.
↳ Then he made a Top 10 post, it hit and brought in revenue!


↳ The sub-Reddit is now 6,100 members in about ~2.5 months!
↳ He's been turning those members into email subs (currently 140+)
↳ Is now releasing a paid database of sneaker deals to them.


Kind of neat how email collection was going slow, but starting a Sub-Reddit was an immediate hit!

See Sub-Reddit: https://Reddit.com/r/midsoledeals/
Follow progress:
https://Copywritingcourse.com/blogs/50 (you can see a full live-updated journal of progress here)





Here's a cool little artifact from the 1990's:

A Simpsons drawing guide that Matt Groening created for the animators:


He had these pages that would guide the writers to create a consistent product like he liked:


This is pretty common in the animation world.

For example this is "Mickey Mouse's Hand Guides" from Walt Disney:


Cool to see these behind-the-scenes guides 🙂


Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday! 
Neville Medhora - CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday May 20th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday May 20th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂



🎤 Listen to this email here:




This is a cool chart sent along with a toaster that visually shows the different heat settings.

The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 don’t really mean much to the user, but showing them like this instantly conveys what each setting does!


This is an example of simple and effective copy visuals!





Movie posters are basically one-pager advertisements, however they often contain NOTHING but the title of the movie and an image.

For example this Spider-Man movie poster just says "Spider-Man" and some action shots of the main characters:


They can get away with this because everyone already knows what Spider-Man is! All they have to do is show the new movie is coming out, and an audience will follow.

Another sequence of posters that needs very little explanation or words is James Bond.

The franchise is so popular that just showing a sparse poster is enough, like this Golden Eye poster:


...or this Spectre poster with nothing but a cool picture of James Bond:


Now some movie posters need to add more context to the poster because the general public may not know much about the character, like this awesome Kamen Rider poster.

Notice the extra story text on the left and right:


Or when Scarface came out it's poster had additional context explaining the story because no one knew this character:






One of the absolute simplest time-saving tricks I’ve seen bars do in recent years is:

“We’ll keep your tab open but give your credit card back right away.”

When they do this you can just leave, and at the end of night they’ll close your tab and do an automatic 20% tip.

Customers love this because they can leave anytime without spending 10 minutes trying to close a tab.

Bartenders love this because they get 20% gratuity on every check.

Bars love this because bartenders are filling drink orders, not settling tabs.

This is such a small change, but yields big results!





Totally random, but these are the 5 different light settings my home office scrolls through depending on my mood:



It's all controlled through a Phillips Hue remote, with 4 Phillips Hue Play lights, 2 Phillips Hue color bulbs inside lamps, and 4 LED lamps for some extra lighting power when on calls.

It all looks like this in the day:


...and looks like this at night:






I couldn't believe this actually works! Notice the difference in reading speed on the below text:

Text on left: Normal text. Text on right:Bionic Reading” text with specifically bolded letters.

Watch how fast you can read the text on the right with the bolded letters!


It's kind of wild how much faster you can read the right side with these specifically bolded letters!





I've utilized drawing little stick figures and such for years, and it's always been difficult....but over the year's it's become easier.

My original drawings were done on tablet computers or an iPad Pro and then edited in Photoshop:


Then for a while I used a Google Presentation file with different body parts of StickGuy (heads, eyes, noses, mouths, bodies)....so I could just drag-n-drop them into different permutations like this:



Then I was using Canva a lot, and you can draw + add images:


Or you could use Canva pre-existing templated stuff:


Now I'll often edit and create images directly within ConvertKit (what I'm using to send this email):


Making images used to be this very skilled thing few people could do, but now it's become so much more accessible with better tools!



Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


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