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The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday July 15th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday July 15th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:


#1.) Swipe:


When I first saw this ad, I just HAD to read the fine text to figure out what the hell a "Lobster Test" was (turns out they just put the watch on a lobster claw to see if it would come off or break) 😂

That's a clear form of getting people down the "Slippery Slope."


They brought the ad home by showcasing the watch didn't skip at all because it was "shock proof."

Gotta admit, I wouldn't have thought of this 😂

#2.) Thought:

I propose a way of getting all your work for the day done in 2 hours, called:

"The 2-Hour Work Sprint"


It's very simple: • You write your tasks on paper. • Start on #1, scratch off, go to next task. • Either share your screen, or sit next to someone.

This would be a 2 Hour Sprint that happens everyday, and would knock out: ✔ All administrative tasks ✔ Email ✔ Random tasks ✔ Writing blog posts / social media ✔ Planning and scheduling

I personally think the co-working aspect of this sprint is important. Either virtual or in-person.

As for the timing: 1 hour is too short, and 2 hours seems to be working threshold. Some people may have to practice working for 2 hours straight.

Watctchya think of this concept?

#3.) Uplifting:

This is a quick life assessment you can do in your head. Your scores will change at different times in your life.

Try it:

Rate these three areas of life from 1 to 5:
▪️ Health: Rate 1-5
▪ ️Wealth: Rate 1-5
▪ ️Love: Rate 1-5

Start improving the lowest ranking one today. That's it!


Here's some example results and the result from each:

Health: 2
Wealth: 4
Love: 4
Result: Start improving your health ASAP.

Health: 5
Wealth: 3
Love: 5
Result: Start planning out how to improve your finances to your expectations.

Health: 4
Wealth: 5
Love: 2
Result: Put more effort into family, friends, and love interests.

Rating Scale:
1: It's very bad and you want to change it immediately.
2: It's not great, and change must be made.
3: It's average. Not great, but not completely horrible.
4: It's going well, could use some slight improving.
5: It's pretty good, and you don't need a ton of improvement.

#4.) Picture:

There's a random restaurant in Austin called El Arroyo, and the famous thing about it is it's daily sign:

It's Instagram page has 600,000 followers 😳


Everyday they change their sign to something kinda funny, and they post it on Instagram:


Their food is basic Tex-Mex food, but the amount of exposure and notoriety they've got from this basic sign is amazing!

One key to the success: Consistency.

They've been changing the sign everyday since 1975!


#5.) Interesting:

Here's some questions you can poke-n-prod at your own business:


Here's 10 more:

Business Questions lists.png

Here's even 10 morrreee:


And even 10 moooorrreeeeee!


Today I'm working on a post with all of these, and adding examples to every single one (I'm up to 87 so far):

That page should be updated throughout the day as I write more!


#6.) Drawing:

Ok, this is kind of random, but I've always wanted to use this silly image of "The Guy Peeking Over the Wall" on something:



It's never been that great of an image. Like try to show him looking at an old ad or something.



vintage-camera-ad (1).webp

Meh....it doesn't work that well.


But now he currently shows up as the error message I hastily made when someone tries to look at community content, but is not a member:


Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


The 2-Hour Work Sprint

I propose a way of getting all your work for the day done in 2 hours, called:

"The 2-Hour Work Sprint"

It's very simple:
• You write your tasks on paper.
• Start on #1, scratch off, go to next task.
• Either share your screen, or sit next to someone.

This would be a 2 Hour Sprint that happens everyday, and would knock out: 
- All administrative tasks
- Email
- Random tasks 
- Writing blog posts / social media
- Planning and scheduling

I personally think the co-working aspect of this sprint is important.
Either virtual or in-person.

As for the timing:
1 hour is too short, and 2 hours seems to be working threshold. Some people may have to practice working for 2 hours straight.

Watctchya think of this concept?

The Giant List of Power & Trigger Words for Sales

Wouldn't it be cool to have a giant list of trigger & power words to jog your brain when writing copy?

Wait....someone already made one and it's posted right below here??  Cool!

Just skim through this list when writing copy, it'll give you ideas....

#1.) Make them want to belong

image for step 1

People like to feel they belong. Like they're part of an elite group. Like being in First Class. These are some power & trigger words to incite that feeling.

Members only.

VIP access required.

Login required.

For VIP membership level only.

Ask for an invite.

Platinum members only.

Limited seats available.

Limited number of First Class seats.

Balcony for Platinum sponsors only.

Artists Lounge for bands only.

Membership now closed.

Exclusive offers.

Become an insider.

Be the first to hear about it.

Get it before everybody else.

Only available to subscribers.

VIP section only.

Join The $100,000/year Club if you qualify.

For CEO's only.

This membership is invite only.

#2.) Make it urgent

image for step 2

These are some power words for driving sales by making people feel a sense of urgency.

17 hours left.

17 hours left on this special deal.

17 hours left on this one-time-only deal.

17 hours before this deal expires.

17 hours before this goes away forever.

17 hours left before this deal goes to Deal Heaven forever.

3 units left in stock.

3 of these are left.  After that, they're gone forever.

Only 3 spots are open.

Only 3 spots are left.

Only 3 seats are available for this one-time event.

Only 3 tickets left, and a lot of interest in them.

I hate to say this, but we're about 4 minutes from being sold out.

First come, First serve.

This is one a first-come-first-serve basis.

Hurry up, it's almost over.

If you want to start this month, you have to buy today.

This won't happen again for another 6 months.

Buy it now or forever hold your peace.

Have fun paying full price after this deal is over.

50% off for just today.

50% off this holiday season only.

50% while we're overstocked.

50% off the full price for today only.

$120 off the full price.

Prices go up tomorrow.

Due to demand, prices go up tomorrow.

Don't wait till tomorrow, this deal will be gone.

If you like paying more for the same item, then wait till tomorrow.

This is a great deal.  Grab it now while it lasts.

This promo is almost over.

You won't see this price for another 12 months.

It's going to be hard to beat this deal.

Limited time only.

5...4...3...2...1...this deal is almost over.

A stupidly-low price for just a little while longer.

This kind of deal only happens when we're over stocked.

This doesn't happen often, so grab it now.

For a short while you get the product, but also ALL these bonuses.

Keep this private....but we're closing out the month and I need to meet a quota, so if you buy now I'll knock 30% off the cost.

There are big shortages in the supply chain, so once this batch is sold out the price will increase.

We had a great year, so we're giving everyone 20% off for our birthday.

Here's a $25 coupon you can use for this month.

#3.) Make it free

image for step 3

Making something free is the lowest-friction way to get someone to take an offer. Here's some "Free Phrases" to entice them.

Totally free for you.

100% free for you.

100% free today.

100% free for the first 12 months.

$0 down.

You pay $0 today.

$0.00 is all it costs.

Today only: $0.00.

Best sale ever: $0.00.

Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

The cost to you: Exactly zero dollars and zero cents.

You pay Zilch.

You pay NOTHING.

This is our free gift to you.

Don't worry about the price.....it's zero.

The most affordable price ever: ZERO

Low on money?  Good.  Because the price is zero.

One cent?  That's too high.  Let's make it zero.

Hahah....other people pay MONEY for this stuff.

5 years ago I paid $3,000 for this....you're getting it free.

$1,000?  $500?  $250?  $75?  $10?  How about $0?

Pick your price: A.) $1,000   |   B.) $200  |  C.) $0.00

You + Me = FREE.

My favorite price in the world: Free.

Give me $0 and I'll send you all my products.

Give me $0 and I'll hook you up for a month.

Give me $0 and I'll give you a free month of service.

Zero is my favorite number.  That's also the cost.

I know you'll like it so much, that I'll give it to you for $0 the first month.

Move in now and pay $0 the first month.

Walk out of the store paying $0.

#4.) Give them different options to choose

image for step 4

People have different needs and different budgets. It can help to offer a few different options.

1 for $20. 2 for $25

Basic package: $30/month. Pro Package: $50/month. Advanced Package: $80/month.

Buy now full price. ...or pay monthly for $25/month.

$99/month for 12 months. Or pay in full now and get 20% off.

The more you buy, the more you save! 1 for $20 2 for $35 3 for $45 4 for $40

Get 1 coaching session for $600. Or buy 4 sessions for $1,600 and save $800.

Buy 1 shirt for $15. Buy 2 shirts for $25 + a free pair of flip flops.

Get 1 gig of storage for $5 Get 10 gigs of storage for $30 Get 100 gigs of storage for only $45

The total is $140. Or signup for our rewards program and get 20% off right now.

Small soup: $4 Large soup: $6

Burger and fries: $4.50 Burger and fries AND drink: $4.99

You can buy the basic package. Or get the basic package + weekly hangouts for only $50 more per month.

Know what's better than getting 1 for $20? Getting 2 for just $25.

Basic: 5 page website. Advanced: 15 page website + SEO Tools

Professional: 30 page Website + SEO Tools + Content Creation

Bronze Gold Platinum

Level 1 Level 2 VIP Members

Golden Members Platinum Members Private Coaching Members

$35 for full carwash today .....or $25/month for unlimited car washes.

Hourly Rate: $55/hour Full Package: $1,200 Premium Package: $3,999

Starter Plan Advanced Plan Professional Plan

#5.) Show what an amazing value it is

image for step 5

People understand by analogy. So compare how great a value something is compared to a familiar item.

You're getting this entire bodybuilders meal plan for less than the price of a protein shake.

This costs less than the price of a large pizza.

This cruise vacation will cost you less per day than going to Disney Land.

8 out of my last 10 clients have quit their jobs.....all because they signed up.

The whole product costs less than a ticket and popcorn at the movies.

Only $3.99 for an app that can teach your child a different language.

Only $0.99 for an app that you will use every single day.

It's only $1.95 per day.

You probably spend more on Starbucks every month than this entire coffee maker costs.

It's only $10 more than the competition, yet will last 5x longer.

Buying from us is like buying from Nordstrom vs. Wal-Mart.

Some people buy TV's with their tax return.  Some people buy investments in their future.

Costs less per day than your daily coffee.

Only $2.99/day to invest in your future.

A college computer science class costs $6,000.  This course costs only $69 total.

This entire course costs less than one college computer science book.

Upgrading your website to Professional Level costs less than $0.25/day.

It's weird how people will spend $60 on drinks at a bar, but won't buy a $39 book that can change their life.

For the price of a dirty martini you can buy this book that'll change your life.

You can spend the next 3 months reading random blog posts and watching

YouTube videos, or you can spend $197 to have it professionally explained for you.

$97/month gets you private access to me.  Normally it costs $597/hour to speak with me.

Why spend $900 on a new TV, when you can spend $900 for a once-in-a-lifetime experience?

I know your weekends are fun, but if you come to our seminar, you'll spend only $600 for the whole weekend, and learn a new skill you can use to advance your career.

Pay just $100 more now to buy Nakamoto tires, and they'll each last you 10,000 miles longer.  That's like saving over $1,100!

#6.) Get them to take action

image for step 6

When someone has decided to buy, you need to tell them specifically what actions to take.

Press "Buy This" to buy the CopywritingCourse.

Fill out this short form and I will contact you with pricing.

PayPal $20 to NevMed@gmail.com to get started.

Fill out your email address below.

Enter your email address, and I will immediately send you the PDF.

Enter your email address, and I will send your customized logins.

Enclose a check for $49 and send it to 123 Fake Street.

Fill out this survey and we will send you a gift card to your shipping address.

Go to this URL on your computer and download the PDF.

Go to this URL on your computer and look at my daily rates. If you're interested, buy a session.

If you think my price is fair, and the timing is right for you to start learning

Photoshop....then click "Buy Now" to start my online course.

Go to Amazon and search "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and purchase the book.

Once you've downloaded the app from iTunes, connect your speaker via bluetooth and you're ready to jam!

Enter your phone number and a sales rep will call you within 10 minutes.

Submit your resume and LinkedIn profile to NevMed@gmail.com to apply for a job.

Call 888-555-2222 for our customer service department.

Tap the button on your screen to order.

Go to the website --> Add to Cart --> Checkout.

Enter a dollar bill and then push the drink you want.

Call 111-222-3333 and ask for Laurie.....she'll give you the quote.

Answer 4 questions on this form and we'll send you an insurance quote.

Stop reading this email right now, and try playing this guitar lick on the E string: 3-5-3-8-3

After you're done installing the program, press CTRL + ALT + DEL and restart your computer.

Enter your website URL and email address, and I'll send your customized

SEO report to your email.  It will take about 20 minutes to prepare.

#7.) Tell them a personal story

image for step 7

People often learn through analogy. So tell them a story to educate them.

"When I was in college and posting on a blog, I never in a million years thought I could make money from it...."

"The best decision I ever made in my life was learning how to write copy...."

"When I was fat I just always assumed I would be fat, because that was my entire identity.....then a friend dragged me to a yoga class and it all changed."

"I'd probably still be working at McDonald's if I never sought out to find a mentor...."

"The scariest thing I ever did (and keep in mind I've given birth to 6 kids) was quit my job of 15 years...."

"Before taking that class I never in a million years thought I could start my own business.  I didn't even know anyone who'd ever started a business...."

"I was lucky and started my first business in high school where I learned that you can CREATE money by giving people stuff they want and need."

"It's weird how my journey to becoming a millionaire started.  It all began when I threw a penny down a magical wishing well...."

"The first time I bought a car I didn't know what I was doing and got ripped off badly.  I regretted the purchase for years.  Then I discovered the art of negotiation.  I just walked out of the dealership paying 20% less than everyone else."

"Before I learned how to negotiate I would accept any price someone told me.  That was until I did The Coffee Challenge. That showed me that ALL prices are negotiable."

"I really hated accounting.  That's why I forced myself to take a class on it.  It's one of the best decisions I ever made.  I could notice holes in my revenue I never saw before."

"I've been to defensive driving classes 4 times.  The first three were so incredibly mind-numbing.  I was happy to discover going to COMEDY Defensive Driving with Jim was 6 hours of fun!"

"The first real business I started was just purely out of curiosity to see if I could build it.  I never actually expected it to make money, but it did!"

"Taking a class on copywriting immediately improved my cold email skills.  I closed 3 new clients the next day as a result of cold emails (in the past I NEVER closed deals through cold emails)!"

#8.) Give a Before/After case study or testimonial

image for step 8

Showing pictures or telling examples about the changes people made after your product can be very inspiring.

"Casey was 245 pounds and depressed when he came to me.  After a year of training at my camp, he was down to 180 and full of confidence.

"Before Matt's training, I was hitting about 3 out of 10 pitches.  After Matt's training, I was hitting 9 out of 10."

"My car used to do 0-60 in 9 seconds....after I took it to Ronaldo's High Performance they had it doing 0-60 in 4 seconds."

"My car used to get so hot in the summer the leather would burn my legs.  After going to Mother's Window Tint the car stays nice and cool."

Mike's trading account balance before me: $15,000 Mike's trading account balance after me: $700,000

Before my class: Robert was $3,000 in debt. After my class: Robert had $5,000 in savings.

"I was always nervous and scared to talk with new people, but after Jordan's bootcamp I can easily make new friends at any event I go to."

"In the past I would constantly yo-yo diet and gain the weight back.  It wasn't until I used MyBodyTutor that I could finally keep the weight off permanently."

"Before this business mastery class I couldn't even use Excel.  It was embarrassing at work to take longer than everyone else to finish my assignments.  After the class I'm actually helping my boss with her Excel questions!"

"It's amazing how much I've changed since joining Matt's Gym.  When friends who I haven't seen in six months see me, they can't believe I'm the same person.  They always knew me as a big guy, but now I'm a ripped guy!"

"There used to be NO WAY I'd wake up in the morning before 8:30am.  After downloading the Wakeful app, it's actually a pleasure waking up!"

"One of the craziest transformations I've ever seen was this guy named George who simply couldn't look people in the eye and talk to them.  After the bootcamp he was mingling, making friends, and being the life of the party with no problem."

"The best part about the results I got was the change of my mindset about food. Before I used to view food as something to stuff in my mouth when bored.  Now I view it as fuel."

Jeff was always fighting with his family members.  Yet after my class, his entire family suddenly stopped fighting with him.  What Jeff realized was the tools he learned in this seminar changed HIM, not his family.

"Before everyone thought I dressed like a bum.  After a style consult with Jennifer I'm getting compliments everyday on my new outfits!"

"Before I learned the art of copywriting I didn't research products before I built them.  After I started THINKING LIKE A COPYWRITER I began to realize I could sell a product before it's ever built, and test if it works."

"The fact is I could have never gotten out of my student debt without Rick's help.  He got me on an affordable plan and got me debt free in 2 years."
Before: 312 pounds After: 189 pounds

"Before I was all saggy and wrinkly on my face.  After going to The Med Spa I look 15 years younger."

"Before I was always chained to a desk.  I liked my job, but only got 14 days off a year.  After becoming a copywriter I started getting gigs that I could finish from anywhere in the world."

#9.) Tell them a surprising fact

image for step 9

Tell them some things about the product that are really cool and unique.

This iPhone case is made out of the same stuff as the windows on the space shuttle.

This climbing rope is meant for one person, but can actually take 7,000 pounds of force before breaking.

The Tesla Model S is actually the safest car that's EVER been tested by the Department of Transportation.

The Tesla Model S is so strong, it actually BROKE THE MACHINE used to test lateral impact.

This pen uses the same pressurized cartridges the astronauts on the International Space Station use.

We've had 14 people become millionaires this year alone by using my system.

These wet suits are made from synthetic shark skin so you can swim faster.

This tape uses the same principle to stick to any surface as a gecko's feet does.

This carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than steel, and 10 times lighter.

This car has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any street-legal car.

This Tesla electric car gets more torque off the starting line than a McLaren.

This automated tractor can till 30 acres in just one hour....without a driver!

This knife is so sharp it can actually cut through a penny.

This knife is so sharp you can slice a tomato with one hand.

This protein bar has more protein-per-ounce than any other bar on the market.

This martini is sprinkled with actual 24K gold flakes.

This diamond ring once was actually worn by Queen Victoria.

This is the house they filmed the first John Connor scenes in Terminator 2.

This kobe beef is made from cows who are fed well and massaged in sake everyday.

Our cloud service is really scalable, in fact 80% of Fortune 500 companies use us.

This iPhone case is so strong you can over your phone with a semi-truck and it won't break.

#10.) Get them curious

image for step 10

Curiosity gets people to want to experience your product.

See what it's like to be in a room where everyone makes more than $1,000,000/year.

I have a gift I want to send you.....but I can't describe it here.

Inside the members area you'll get 26 videos plus 3 amazing bonuses that get physically delivered to your door.

Every order comes with a mystery bottle of wine.  Some prize bottles are worth $10, and some are work $800.

You have to see through these polarized lenses to believe it.

Until you hear what a Bose system sounds like in person....there's no way to describe it.

Our nightclub has the most expensive sound system in history.  You must feel it to believe it.

The Tesla Model S is so fast to accelerate, most people have never experienced that many G-forces on their body.

These sheets are 1,800 thread count.  You've never felt anything so soft before.

These Night & Day contacts are super-breathable, so your eyes don't even feel them.

Our shirts are made of a special poly-blend we closely guard.  Most people can't believe how smooth they feel.

Old Spice deodorant works so well.....just try it on before a workout and see if you can feel the difference.

These advanced bearings make your skateboard ride so smooth, you have to try them to believe it.

Until you pick up a Trek Speed Bike with one finger, you'll never understand just how light it is.

It doesn't matter what super car you've been in.....our Tesla will launch you (silently) to 60 MPH faster than any of them.  You've never felt anything quite like it. Come test drive one to experience it.

There's no way to describe what it feels like to wear this underwear.
It's difficult to describe virtual reality headsets because it's unlike anything you've ever experienced.  Like you're ACTUALLY there.

See the movie in IMAX quality, you can't understand how much richer the experience is until you've sat in that chair.

We could describe how good this massage chair feels, but it's simply impossible till you've tried it.

I could tell you our seminars "change people's lives", but you'll never experience it without being in this city, in this room, with these people.

You've seen all my free content, now just imaging how good my paid content is.

One of the things I'm proudest of is when people walk out of the room saying, "Oh my god....that was so much better than I ever possibly expected."

Burning Man is one of those experiences where you can see pictures, watch movies, and read reviews....but you can never know what it's like till you go.

Being in The Vortex in Sedona is a magical experience for some people. Come see if you feel it's energy.

The new MacBook is so light that it kind of confuses your brain, because you've never picked up anything that size that weighs so little.
Using the Retina display on a Mac makes it look like real life, not just a screen.

On your first aircraft carrier takeoff you'll experience G forces like nothing else you can even compare to.

#11.) Tell them alternate uses for the same product

image for step 11

A lot of times customers won't even know a product can do multiple things. So tell them:

This blender acts as four devices: A blender, a chopper, a drink maker, a soup maker.

This course is going to be your Mentor, your Spiritual Guide, and your Accountability Buddy.

This Dyson fan acts as a work of art....and also a fan.

This pocket knife has all the tools you'd expect, and even an emergency radio signal.

This Mercedes is a great car.....but also a status symbol.

This TV also connects directly to the internet so you can watch Hulu and Netflix.

This Dyson vacuum also has a "wet jet" setting to steam your hardwood floors.

My membership area has all my videos about how to become a consultant, and also comes a whole "Template Section" that you can copy/paste to your own clients.

This book about coffee tables also TURNS INTO a coffee table.  (Seinfeld joke) 😉

This simple notebook can act as your daily diary, your to-do list, or your trust book for taking class notes.

This drawing app not only lets you draw, but also professionally edit large batches of photos.

Our Google Docs product started as just a Word-like editor, but now has a suite of other products like spreadsheets, presentation, and forms.



Neville Medhora CopywritingCourse.com

The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday July 8th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday July 8th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:

#1.) Swipe:

I love the use of "negative space" in this old typewriter ad that showcases its new “erase” feature by leaving the top part of the page blank:


#2.) Thought:

I made a list of 90 different questions to ask about your own business. I posted the first 20 here last week, here's another 20:


"Is your income one-time or recurring? Is there a way to make it more steady through a recurring product?"

"If you were starting over, would you start this business again?"

"Which book influenced you? Can you re-read it and implement strategies?"

"Which person in your company could you NOT get rid of? What are their good qualities?"

"Which person in your company can you get rid of? Can you divert their pay into something/someone more useful?"

"What would Warren Buffet do with your company?"

"What would Elon Musk do with your company?"

"What would Mark Zuckerberg do with your company?"

"What natural advantage do you have over others? Can you double down on that?"

"What are YOU truly good at that few others can do? Can you double down on that talent?"

"Which industry could you make more money doing what you do now?"

"You only get to keep ONE customer…who would it be? What about them makes them ideal? Can you find more like them?"

"Where do you think your industry will be in 5 years? 10 years?"

"If you wanted to sell your company today, would you be able to do it? What’s holding you back?"

"Do you track all your numbers properly? Do you review them?"

"You only have 1 hour a week to grow your business….what would you do during that hour for most impact?"

"What makes customers smile when they buy your product?"

"Define your ideal customer in one word…."

"What outcome do you want in 5 years from this business?"

"What about your company are you proud of?"

"Do your customers tell their friends about you? What do they say?"

#3.) Uplifting:

image for step 3

This was a hot week of podcasts.....as a very large consumer of podcasts, I was impressed by these three conversations this week:

1 🎙Marc Andreesen on Joe Rogan [Link]

2 🎙Demis Hassabis On Lex Fridman [Link]

3 🎙Balaji Srinivasan on Tim Ferriss [Link]

I started college in 2001, and the only way to hear high-level talks from billionaires and heads of industries was go to conferences.

Only a few people could attend these, afford these, or be in close proximity to these.

Now with any phone you can listen to the smartest people in the world talk for hours.

I'm still in awe of this, and can't believe podcasts like this are free...you get to be a fly on the wall in an amazing conversation.

**Side-Note** The image of the podcasting bear above was AI generated by Dall-E 2 with the prompt: "Photo of an oversized grizzly bear wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket being interviewed on the Joe Rogan Podcast Experience."

#4.) Picture:

I did a handstand in The Hamptons over 4th of July weekend 🙂



#5.) Interesting:

I don't know much about Kylie Jenner.
I don't know much about makeup.

But these KylieSkin vending machines I saw at the airport seem like a great idea:


Selling makeup products via vending machine at an airport seems like good biz:

  • Product doesn't go bad.
  • Selling only popular items.
  • This stands out at the airport.
  • No permanent retail staff needed.
  • When on trips people willing to spend money to look good.


#6.) Drawing:

It’d be cool if there was a product that’s a cold plunge, hot tub, and sauna in one. This combo is becoming very popular.

Something that combines them all into one unit would be awesome:cold-plunge-hot-tub-sauna.webp

This combination has become increasingly popular. The circuit I've seen most described is:

1.) Sauna: Get really hot.

2.) Cold Plunge: Get out when really cold.

3.) Hot Tub: Feels good after cold


Each one of these products is good on it's own, but as a combination they are amazing. I wish someone would make a single product that combines this!


Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
Neville Medhora -
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Powerwashing Flyers that took business from zero to $13,202 per month


I’m posting this guest post because I LOVE IT when people get their hands dirty in order to make money.

I think there’s more lessons to be learned by getting out there and doing small jobs than any amount of reading blog posts. 

Using some basic copywriting principles in his marketing, Peter went from making $0 with his powerwashing service...to doing $13,202 per month!

So here’s Peter showing the exact business flyers he used to “automate his marketing” instead of going door-to-door.  

Watch for the subtle psychological things happening with each flyer:



There was no way in hell I was ever doing that again…..

I had just gotten back from going door-to-door trying to sell power washing after hearing from my Dad that it was “a good business to get your feet wet.”

After 2 or 3 anxiety-filled hours of stuttering my way through a pitiful little sales pitch and getting zero results, I gave up.

I don’t know if you’ve ever gone door-to-door before, but for me, especially at the time, it honestly felt like I could have been offering FREE money and people still would have said no.

I felt like a pest!

If you’re at all introverted (like me), or you’re not the smoothest on your feet, then you gotta knock on like 100 doors before you find someone….and it’s absolute agony the whole time.

So, unless you’re trying to get over your fear of rejection, don’t try powerwashing this way.  

I’m going to show you exactly how I went from $0 to over $10,000 a month without ever knocking on a door or making a cold call.

The First (lame) Attempt at Marketing:

After deciding I was never going to go door-to-door ever again, I designed a beautiful flyer, that looked something like this…


It was so pretty and nice….

….but it absolutely BOMBED!

I got my friend to deliver a couple hundred of them and I didn’t get a single phone call.

I was shocked… (what an idiot I was).

Now if you’ve been following Neville for any period of time, you’re probably a lot smarter than I was at the time.  

You know why this flyer is sooo bad and you probably know how to write at least basic KOPY… like telling people WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM and offering some bloody benefits…

But I was stressing because I had no idea what benefits I could show.  

I started thinking what it was going to look like I was going to have to get a job unless I figured out this whole marketing thing QUICK!

I had a little bit of money left after my backpacking trip in South East Asia got cut short due to a motorcycle accident… but not much…

So, I went to my Dad, hat-in-hand, with my “beautiful”, terrible little flyer and asked him what I was doing wrong…

He laughed, handed me an old Dan Kennedy book on direct response marketing and a few chapters later, I threw away my first “beautiful” attempt.

I started again from scratch.  This time I didn’t care if the flyer was “beautiful” or “professional looking.”  I realized that didn’t matter.    

The Second Attempt At Marketing

Here’s what I came up with my second time around:


I printed out 100 of these new flyers on my little inkjet and got my friend to deliver them to a local neighborhood.

100 flyers printed.  Total Cost = $20 

But I was still scared, because after my first failure, I remember thinking, “there’s no way I’m going to get calls…”

But the phone rang…..it rang 4 times!!!

I didn’t even know what to say when I answered… I hadn’t really thought that part through!

But it didn’t really matter… my new customers did most of the talking (you’ll find people LOVE to tell you all about their situation).

Within a day, I got 4 new customers and which ended up turning into around $600 dollars in business. 

It blew my mind!

I thought, “Hey there’s a lot more neighborhoods…..and if I just send out more of these flyers….I should get a bunch more customers… this is so much better than knocking on doors!”

How to Turn a $69 Driveway Job Into $200+ Worth of Work:

When I met with the first customer, I didn’t suddenly learn how to become a sales star or even a smooth talker, or even know what the concept of an “upsell” was.  But I found out quickly.

Usually when people call you to powerwash their driveway, they like to walk around with you tell you their life story and while they’re at it, also show you what they want cleaned…

And usually, there’s a bunch of other dirty stuff right beside the thing they want cleaned.

So there was one thing I would say that worked really well with making more money. It honestly just seemed natural to ask it.

I would just ask:

“Would you like _____ cleaned too?”

People go… “Yea, geez… hmm yea. I didn’t think about that but now that you mention it can you clean that to?”

And you get 80%+ of people saying yes.

I feel like an idiot when I don’t ask… which is a little too often.

Hiring a Roller Blader and Going From $600 to $6,292:

So I quickly learned that I just needed to send out more flyers to get more customers.  

I bought a bigger printer and I hired my friend to go out on his rollerblades and deliver 1,600 flyers each week at $0.18 cents per flyer. (At the time I didn’t know about Every Door Direct Mail in the U.S. or Unadressed Admail in Canada… which is what I do now and actually cheaper and more reliable than my friend).

And like clockwork, I would get at least 15 jobs… enough to keep me fully booked for the whole week.

It would cost me on average $25 to get a customer… and I’d bring in on average $200 from each customer right away… that’s 8x my money, which is pretty awesome math.

That’s like having a machine that I throw $100 into, and it throws $800 right back at me.  

And as long as these flyers kept being profitable… I kept sending them out. 

Mailing 16x to One Neighborhood and Still Getting New Customers:

It was amazing how I could tweak the flyer a tiny bit and send it to the SAME neighborhoods every other week and I would still get more and more people calling in!

One neighborhood in particular, I sent flyers to them 16x one summer and it was still profitable in bringing new people in:

  • People would have family coming over to visit and needed to get the home nice and clean…
  • Or they were getting their home ready to sell…
  • Or they’d see I cleaned their neighbors driveway and realize they wanted theirs done too…

People’s circumstances change and you’ve got to be there when they do.

By hyper focusing on neighbourhoods, you can quickly become the dominate player and can quickly end up cleaning 20% or more of the homes in an area.

Besides mailing a bunch I found these 3 things worked really well and would take one customer and turn it into 2 or 3 more…

Getting Neighbors as Customers Without Door Knocking:

For a service business like this… you make a lot more money by not wasting time and gas traveling long distances between jobs.

A lot of these powerwashing guys are driving all over the place because they’re not doing targeted marketing…

I’ve been able to stay busy in a small town with 5,000 homes and not have to venture out to any of the surrounding areas by doing three things:

The first thing I did this was mailing a letter like this before I was going to do a job…


The second thing was by having a sign and wearing high visible reflective gear:



I was such an idiot in the beginning and went without a sign for a long time!  As a result people didn’t realize I was for hire.  

The first day I got a sign, I had a lady come up and end up hiring me for $2,000 worth of work… that alone turned out to be a pretty good ROI on my $40 signs!

The third thing is to send a letter like this to the neighbors afterwards…


The Free Driveway Experiment:

Would you spend $90 and work for free for a week… if you knew it would make you $21,000+?

I hope you would.

Because that’s how I got 45 out of 90 homes in a neighborhood to become customers, which has so far resulted in more than $21,000 in business.

Let me explain…

After cleaning a few driveways I started to notice something very interesting:

As soon as I cleaned someone’s driveway and they were able to see what a difference it made and how awesome it was to save 5 hours of back breaking, clothes soaking, mud splashing labour… it was like a switch had been flipped…

It was like suddenly they were the kind of people who clean their home and pay someone to do it for them.

They’d inevitably ask me if I could clean a bunch of other stuff for them and it would result in each customer being worth anywhere from $200 to as much as $2,000.

And it really got me thinking…

If I can just get someone started and committed to taking that little baby step, then the rest becomes really easy…

So, I picked a gated community of 90 homes, where I had already done some work and I sent out this letter for a free driveway cleaning:




I ended up getting 42 of them to become customers and it has resulted in over $21,000 in business!

From $6,202 to $13,000

The key to scaling up from the $6,202 was to make sure I kept the “customer getting system” up and continuously working.

If you rest on your laurels and get lazy (which happened to me more than once), the business starts to dry up.  

At first I was going door-to-door myself trying to get business.  This didn’t work at all….not to mention it was extremely stress-inducing for me.  

However when I started using copywriting principles to automate my marketing through flyers, it effectively got me from $50 an hour to being able to make $150/hr or more.


Peter Van Straaten

————END PETER————
————END PETER————
————END PETER————


Hey, it’s Neville again: 

Isn’t it pretty sweet how he found out that:

  • Knocking On Doors = Slow and ineffective.
  • Sending Out Flyers = Easy and profitable (with the right flyer).

Essentially the flyers were automating the job Peter was manually doing.

With concepts learned in The Copywriting Course it’s easy to see why this “pretty” flyer failed:


The flyers that did really well look ugly…..but they seem personal, genuine, and offer a real benefit to the reader!





Some valuable lessons here 🙂

If you’d like to know more about the psychology behind flyers like these and how to write your own copy that sells, checkout The Copywriting Course.


Neville Medhora

P.S. There are many more direct mail marketing examples you can see here (including markup on how to improve them).

P.P.S. If you want to get the editable templates for these powerwashing flyers join the Copywriting Course:


Get editable templates for these powerwashing flyers when you join Copywriting Course:


As a member you get instant access to all the templates:
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The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday July 1st, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday July 1st, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


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Back in 1967 if it was dark photos barely came out, so this “Flashcube” was affixed to your camera and would light up simultaneously with your picture to light it up:


These Flashcubes were only good for 4 shots before burning out. Each side of the flashcube would burn out after each shot. 

With modern smartphones and lights it's almost hard to believe this is how people used cameras!


I've been planning out some "thought provoking business questions" you can ask of your own business.

I currently have 90 of them, but here are the first 20:

  1. Why did you decide to start this business?
  2. Can you describe your product in one sentence?
  3. What main benefit does someone get if they buy your product?
  4. What is the best method you’ve found to sell your product?
  5. Why did you start a business in this specific industry?
  6. What would you do if you had to start this business again from scratch?
  7. Do you have a 1 year plan? 5 year plan? 10 year plan?
  8. Do you want to run this business forever, or eventually sell it?
  9. If someone gave you $10million to grow your business, how would you use it?
  10. Who are my competitors?
  11. Who in my industry would I most like to be? What specific aspects of their company do you like?
  12. Which channel brings in the most customers? Can you double down on that?
  13. What’s my company's value proposition?
  14. Have similar companies to mine been sold for a lot of money?
  15. What can this company realistically grow to?
  16. How are my prices compared to my competitors?
  17. What if I 5x my pricing? Could I serve my best customers better?
  18. What bigger company would want to buy me? Why?
  19. What’s a bottleneck in your company? Is there a way to clear that?
  20. If you were to disappear for a week, which process in your company would break first?

I'll share more of these if people like them!


I really love this old Gatorade advertising which takes a rather scientific approach to why someone should drink Gatorade:


Their ads eventually went the "brand-exposure" route as people got to know the name "Gatorade" such as this:


...so it's kind of neat to see their original ads which had to explain to people WHY to drink Gatorade in the first place.


Here's a picture of my July 2022 Goals:


Goal #1.) Podcast Outreach:
I've been doing more podcasts and live sessions on other people's platforms, and would love to do more. I've started to formalize this process a bit more.

Know of any cool podcasts or live sessions I would be helpful on?

Reply to this email and let me know!


Goal #2.) Hire in-person researcher:
Almost everything I do is remote, so I supplement having in-person co-workers with frequent co-working sessions hosted at my place.

This July I want to hire an in-person researcher to help me write posts.

This person would:
- Be a researcher/writer to help me write posts & lists.
- Help out writing and maintaining our CC community.
- Come work (in person) with me 1-2 times per week.
- I’m in Central East Austin, you would be close by.
- Paid if you’re a writer/researcher

Some more details:
- You can come in 1-2 times/wk in person to East Austin (required).
- Work can also be done remote, but want some in-person time.
- You’ve already written some stuff. Link it to me!
- You already have client work or a job where you write
- Need someone with some writing experience. Not a mentorship.
- Fun Bonus: You can make other content: Video, Social etc.


Goal #3.) List --> T --> Y
I don't explain ALL my goals here 🙂



I've lived through two economic "crashes" in my income-earning lifetime:

The 2001 Economic "Crash"
The economy was already shaky, with a big tech boom swinging up and down. Then 9/11 happened and business all stopped overnight. 9/11 seemed to be the "Black Swan Event" that toppled the shaky Jenga economy.

That event was something you couldn't really plan for. This spooked the world, and commerce slowed down.


The 2008 Economic "Crash"
There was insane borrowing of money to buy houses....LOTS of houses! I knew people making $70k/yr who bought 4 expensive houses at a time, something almost unthinkable today.

In fact 2008-Neville who was 25 years old at the time running a small rave company bought a house by walking into the neighborhood selling office, and this is how it went:

Lender: "How much money do you make?"

Neville: "Well I'll have to go home and check first."

Lender: No don't worry, we'll just say $100k on the form. Approved!


Next thing I know the house was being built:


In retrospect these lax (and borderline illegal) lending practices were destined to cause a problem.

In 2008 I sold the contract for that house. A month later in March 2008 the giant bank Bear Sterns went bankrupt, which seemed unthinkable, and this "Black Swan Event" toppled the economic house of cards.


Lessons Learned:

• They call these "crashes" but they should be called "things coming back down to Earth."

• You generally hear rumblings of an economic crash before it comes, and then an unpredictable "Black Swan Event" happens which topples it (sounds like we're in this area now).

• Good deals on stocks and real estate come after the Black Swan Event...often around 1-2 years after, but not immediately.

• People who have cash 1-2 years after "The Black Swan Event" scoop up tons of deals at cheap prices.

• During a crash all the news is bad.....but most people will still have jobs, people still do things, people still buy things, people still spend money. The world turns as usual.

• Instead of reckless hiring and blowing money on dumb things, companies start to focus on optimization of what they've already got. Once again reminding me of this great book title:



Halfway through 2022 is the perfect time to start, prepare, and optimize for Q3 and especially Q4. We'd love to have you inside our community where people are constantly optimizing and testing their pages/emails/pitches:


Join right now at: CopywritingCourse.com/join
Use code
JULY2022 for 35% off the entire year!

Deal ends tonight at 11:59pm PST.

Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!
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LinkedIn Prompts

Here's some helpful prompts to creating content on LinkedIn. Scroll through them to get ideas on what to post.

#1.) Share a story about your first time doing something that’s part of your job

image for step 1

Why it’s great: 

  • It’s specific: cold outreach to Michael Jordan at 7 years old.
  • It’s relatable: if you grew up in the 90s and liked basketball, you might have thought about doing this too.
  • It’s relevant: cold outreach is now part of this guy’s job.
  • It SHOWS instead of just telling. He quotes the original letter.

#2.) Reshare someone else’s content

image for step 2

Why it’s great: 

  • It shouts out the original poster. 
  • It shows something visual (the billboard).
  • It’s the equivalent of sharing a nice review. 
  • It’s timely (just a few hours after the original post).

#3.) Share a statistic about your industry

image for step 3

Why it’s great: 

  • It shares an interesting stat (top 10% of pods get ~250 listens/episode).
  • It explains why the stat is relevant.
  • It tells you what to do next.

#4.) Make a list of your favorite resources

image for step 4

Why it’s great: 

  • It starts with a promise: (“these books will level up your marketing game”)
  • It clearly lists 7 books with the authors.
  • It includes a brief reason why each book matters.

#5.) Make a list of your favorite resources

image for step 5

Why it’s great: 

  • It makes a promise: “Write quickly and effectively”.
  • It makes it simple: “Use these 7 software tools”.
  • It features a carousel of simple, clear images that stand out on a LinkedIn feed.
  • Each image includes a one-line reason why each tool is useful.

#6.) Share a screenshot with callouts

image for step 6

Why it’s great

  • It documents an important recent change (Google’s latest update).
  • It SHOWS the change in action with a screenshot.
  • It’s short and direct, no fluff.

#7.) Share a company win

image for step 7

Why it’s great:

  • It drops a bunch of impressive names.
  • It announces a big win for the company (they made the semifinals!).
  • It links out to an interesting “more info” video.

#8.) Celebrate career milestones

image for step 8

Why it’s great:

  • It announces his new job to the LinkedIn audience. 
  • It shouts out a couple of new team members. 
  • It’s a nice way to share positive personal/professional news. 

#9.) Welcome one of your new team members

image for step 9

Why it’s great: 

  • It introduces Chrissy with a nice, branded photo.
  • It includes more about her personal interests outside of work.
  • It makes the brand sound human and warm. 

#10.) Teach a simple lesson

image for step 10

Why it’s great:

  • It calls out why podcast appearances are important.
  • It gives you 3 simple ways to prepare for the podcast interview.
  • It links back to a podcast that goes deeper on this topic

#11.) Teach a simple lesson

image for step 11

Why it’s great:

  • It mentions a popular, relevant show that many people on LinkedIn have probably watched (Shark Tank).
  • It hooks into a specific point in every episode - when the founders get grilled about their financials.
  • It mentions 7 specific questions that summarize a strong handle on financials.

#12.) Give career advice based on your experience

image for step 12

Why it’s great: 

  • It summarizes the highlights of a 15 year career.
  • It reflects on a specific question: “Do you actually need a career pivot right now?”
  • It turns the focus onto the reader with 5 tips to reinvent your career.

#13.) Share a specific process your team use

image for step 13

Why it’s great:

  • It calls out an important milestone, the end of Q2.
  • It lists 6 actions you can focus on to have a healthy process.
  • It’s positive and motivational.

#14.) Share your team’s research

image for step 14

Why it’s great:

  • It’s specific and tells you exactly what to do (“Start cold calls with ‘How’ve you been?’”).
  • It includes an important stat to back up their recommendation. 
  • It explains why the recommendation works at a psychological level. 

#15.) Share an observation about the personalities of the people you work with

image for step 15

Why it’s great: 

  • It’s well-formatted and easy to read.
  • It’s counterintuitive. 
  • It prompts the reader to reflect and engage. 

#16.) Share a photo of your workspace

image for step 16

Why it’s great:

  • It calls out people that make working from home with kids look neat and easy.
  • It shows a more realistic and relatable version of working from home with kids.
  • It’s funny.

#17.) Share a photo from a meeting or event

image for step 17

Why it’s great:

  • It includes several photos that show off different elements of the event. 
  • It includes a warm backstory about the friends coming together.
  • It’s a positive way to show off some authority without sounding like she’s bragging.

#18.) Share a client win

image for step 18

Why it’s great:

  • It celebrates someone else (and tags them).
  • It’s subtle proof that Tina is good at what she says in her tag line (“book launch specialist”).
  • It’s visual.

#19.) Share specific results you’ve gotten from a specific tool

image for step 19

Why it’s great:

  • It mentions how long he’s been using the tool.
  • It mentions a specific positive outcome (he got his first comment on a proposal).
  • It mentions several important stats that relate to his goal with this tool. 

#20.) Share your goals in public (and update them)

image for step 20

Why it’s great: 

  • It’s celebrating a big achievement.
  • It recaps his goals from the beginning of the year.
  • It includes a screenshot that proves his big claims. 

2nd half of 2022

The easiest way to grow a business is first optimize everything you've already got.

For example, if you want to optimize your business for the rest of 2022, just having rough goals like this could be helpful:

12 monthcalendar for copywriting course.png

Or even doing something simple as pre-preparing for seasonal events can position you better


I personally plan out each month with a little goal sheet like this:


Then for yearly goals I'll sit around with some buddies and discuss, then come up with a few solid goals:


It feels like change is in the air for the world....maybe some recession-style stuff. This is often when great companies get built.

I'm curious, how are you planning for the 2nd half of the year?
• Write down goals?
• Discuss with friends?
• Other methods?

Reply in the comments and let me know!
Neville Medhora



The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email (Friday June 24th, 2022)

(Swipe, Thought, Uplifting, Picture, Interesting, Drawing)

This is a fun email for Friday June 24th, 2022. Hope you like it 🙂


🎤 Listen to this email here:


In the 1960's Volkswagen did an ad campaign which featured some clever "Marketing Judo" by turning the laughably small-and-funny-looking Beetle into the top selling car in the world.

Look at these awesome ads starting in 1960 going to 1969:


Almost every Volkswagen Beetle ad they ran poked fun of the Beetle's small size and odd appearance...

...but in the copy went on to brag how it's small size was a feature:
- Almost no maintenance costs
- Made it very fuel efficient
- Easily replaceable parts
- Very high quality
- Very cheap


The formula for each ad was:

→ Sarcastic headline
→ Eye catching image
→ Talk about how it's size/shape made for a great car


This was a massively popular campaign, and from 1960 to 1973 the VW Beetle was the top selling car in the world!

You can see high res versions of these ads on our blog:


I love it when in ONE FRAME a social media post explains a concept.

By simply viewing that one image you can learn something new.

Here's a few examples:


Optimizing an Instagram profile, in one pic:



How to pick a watermelon, in one pic:



I like how there's zero fluff in these pictures....just pure information!


I propose a new AirBnb program called “Good Neighbors.”


What it is: AirBnB hosts can share a small cut of booking revenue with select neighbors. Easy!

This program could:
- Make neighbors happy, and WANT more bookings.
- Get neighbors to consider signing up to AirBnb.


So I live next door to an AirBnB charging $1,200+/night.

On occasion I experience:
• People opening my gates, tripping the alarm system.
• Wrong Uber Eats deliveries at weird hours of night.
• Randoms parking by my house.

These small annoyances increasingly frustrate me since I have no control over them, and don't get any profit from them.

Solution 👉🏼

The "Good Neighbors Program" would allow my neighbor to "cut me in on the action."

This way the "negative externalities" I'm experience would be compensated.

Even a few hundred dollars a month would turn my neighbor's AirBnB from an Enemy to an Asset!

Everyone wins 🙂

It would be Implemented like this:

The AirBnB host selects account to share bounty with.

Share Option 1: Share a percentage of revenue.
EX: "You get 1% of all booking revenue"

Share Option 2: Share set fee per new booking.
EX: "You get $50 per booking"

With this program:

AirBnB wins!
Host wins!
Neighbor wins!

This was a fun idea, I sent it to AirBnB, and hopefully this gets implemented in the near future.

Here's where I work from everyday:


If I have people over to co-work then we sit at this table instead:


I posted this on Twitter, and people responded with their workspaces....some of them pretty awesome looking!! Check em out:

@michael_soledad: Super sleek and fancy looking!



@jackzerby: Clean, lots of books, cool art in back.



@jayvasdigital: From a small town in Portugal.



@C3ODAD: Guy works from an F1 car paddock!



@jack_rnc: Love the minimal and bright look.

FV3hxZVXwAYX01W (1).jpg


@taskett: Bright, clean, and airy.



@misskavita: Very Zen.



@acquireconvert: 5 feet away from a piano AND hot tub, I like!



Did you know you can use •bullet points• to create art on a page?

• You can
• make a descending
• list out of them like this.


• Or you can start long and
• make them shorter
• and end in a
• point.


• Or you
• can make them
• go up and down something
• kinda like this
• too.


You can make awesome "Bullet Points" with Emoji. Examples:

• This (my fav)
→ This
✘ This
✔︎ This
★ This
☁︎ This
► This
❒ This
🔲 This
➡️ This
🆇 This
✏️ This
◼︎ This
👉🏼 This
⇨ This
♥️ This
➤ This
🔥 This
️ This


One of the most fascinating people in my life is my friend Nick Gray:


He moved to Austin two years ago, barely knew anybody, and within 6 months had bigger networks than almost anyone I know.

He did this by throwing what he calls "2-Hour Cocktail Parties" where everyone must wear a name tag 😂

Look how every picture has people wearing name tags:


He insists on name tags because it creates easier communication at his parties...and even gives people something to talk about:

He's very specific on how to write name tags and has whole blog posts about it:



Nick doesn't fit the normal mould of a party-thrower because:
- He doesn't drink.
- He doesn't like to stay out past 9:30pm.
- He doesn't like rowdiness or drunkenness.

That's why he wrote a book about throwing parties...specifically for people who don't normally throw parties (and want everyone out of their house by 9:30pm)!

Here's his book, which I've personally used all his tactics:
The 2-Hour Cocktail Party: How to Build Big Relationships with Small Gatherings


I have some awesome friends I've met through hosting events, hopefully this book will encourage more people who AREN'T used to hosting events to host something (his goal is get 500 people this year to host a "2 Hour Party."

Here's some articles Nick wrote on throwing a "2 Hour Party"
How to Host a Happy Hour
How to Plan a Networking Event
How to Do Icebreakers
How to Make Party Name Tags
The 2-Hour Cocktail Party Book


Hope you enjoyed these little tidbits, have a happy Friday!

Neville Medhora -
CopywritingCourse.com | @NevMed


Classic Volkswagen Beetle Ads


The Volkswagen Beetle was a remarkably weird car when it came out. 

• It was slow.
• It was small.
• It was gas efficient.

It was the total opposite of all major cars of the day!

Since they couldn't advertise the car based on speed and cool-factor, they went the total opposite and showed how cheap and reliable it was.

Let's go through some of these Classic Volkswagen "Bug" Ads:

#1.) "Lemon" (1960)

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This ad makes you do a double take thinking, "why would they call their own car a lemon??"

Turns out they go into the rigorous process used to ensure your car is not a lemon, and sell the car that way.

This was a very popular and talked-about ad in 1960.


#2.) "It isn't so" (1961)

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This was a funny thing some VW Bug owners would do: Make it look like the car was a wind-up toy!

Volkswagen cleverly used this to show off the Beetle's high gas mileage and low cost. This was great "Marketing Judo" which turned around a funny jab at the car into a selling point.

#3.) “Why are the wheels crooked?” (1962)

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This amazing Volkswagen ad has a VERY catchy headline and image that make you want to read the finer copy!

This is a perfect example of catching the readers idea, grabbing their attention, and sending them down the "Slippery Slope" of reading.

#4.) "If You Run Out Of Gas It's Easy To Push" (1962)

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This ad from 1962 shows the insane 32 mile per gallon efficiency of the VW Beetle, and also hilariously shows that if you do run out of gas, it's uniquely small size makes it easy to push. 

It also "subtley sells" the car by showing how low maintenance it is, so that the driver might "forget about gas stations" since they visit them so infrequently!

#5.) "A hole in the roof" (1963)

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This VW Beetle ad harps on the fact the car has barely any expensive options, so for the list price of $1,595 you could get pretty much the entire package....no crazy expensive extra options needed!

#6.) "Sooner or Later" (1964)

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Oof....this ad will likely not hack it today, but it was meant to display how easily parts on the Volkswagen Beetle were able to be replaced.

#7.) "It makes your house look bigger" (1964)

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This Volkswagen Bug ad from 1964 has a catchy headline, but gets the reader to understand that the smallness of the car is it's major benefit....it uses less gas, lower maintenance bills, barely any upkeep costs.

#8.) "Interchangeable Parts" (1965)

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This is a 1965 Beetle ad that cleverly demonstrated a Volkswagen Beetle has extremely interchangeable parts.

#9.) "Keeps the Dampness Out" (1967)

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This clever ad talks about how a Volkswagen Beetle can actually FLOAT IN WATER!

It goes on to brag about the tight seals on the car, and how it's nearly airtight so it doesn't get damp or let moisture in.

#10.) "Every new one comes slightly used" (1968)

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This ad shows how each Volkswagen Beetles undergoes 16,000 inspections, is driven 3 miles, and is broken in before delivering to it's new owner.

#11.) "It's ugly but it gets you there" (1969)

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Two weeks after the first lunar excursion modules landed on the Moon, Volkswagen promoted their notoriously "ugly" VW Beetle with this ad.

It's great how much fun Volkswagen poked at themselves!

Hope you enjoyed all these classic VW Beetle ads! 

They are amazing pieces of advertising and imagery!

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