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    The S.W.I.P.E.S. Email (Friday February 3rd, 2023)

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    A fun email for Friday. I hope you enjoy!

    Edition: Friday, February 3rd, 2023

    🎤 Listen to this email here:


    Checkout this door flyer I received:

    It appears to be handwritten (it's just a convincing print) so it catches your attention. Then it explains why replacing your windows is a good idea during the "down season."


    I thought this was a great flyer that drums up business in the slow season...and the "handwritten" nature of it somehow got me to read all the way through!


    The political style of your brain is a dictatorship, not a democracy. 

    You are the dictator in charge.

    Ruthlessly prune out people/news/information that doesn't serve you.



    I asked people this:
    Skip to 2025. You look back and reflect on February 2023 (today). What do you wish you started doing consistently?

    Here's some answers:

    Exercise. And probably, more writing.

    Its 2025, I have been consistent for 3 yrs doing,

    • Running a $50k MRR Saas
    • Writing(sharing my journey as a solopreneur)
    • Streaming(code)
    • Making yt videos

    Sleeping at a scheduled time

    Getting into action mode faster!

    Focused more on the high-leverage tasks with the most benefits.

    30-60 min of writing daily.

    Putting my thoughts out into the internet.

    Exercise & meditation.

    Writing publicly & exercising.

    Twitter, Inner Engineering, Workout.

    Ice baths 🛁 

    Finding early adopters.

    Gym and doing me more.


    Writing on Twitter again

    Making fresh mozzarella cheese every weekend.

    Probably stretching and reflecting more

    WHAT ABOUT YOU?? What will you look back on in 2-ish years and wish you'd been doing right now? Reply to the email and let me know!


    We had a weird freezing day here in Austin, so some buddies came over to co-work: @heydannymiranda, @thesamparr, and Sid Da Dog!



    "Copywriting" is associated with writing words on a page, but my definition is: 

    "Installing an idea into someone’s head and getting them to take action."

    The medium could be: 
    - Writing 
    - Images 
    - Videos 
    - Software 
    - Combination of all the above


    The medium of transmitting information has changed many times, the human brain has not.


    Apparently this is how Benjamin Franklin used to organize his day 🤔


    Almost all daily to-do list methods are similar. Like this "Ivy Lee Method" of productivity:


    The beauty of this system is it limits you to 6 main tasks, then forces you to first organize them by importance. You can fill out a chart like this everyday:


    My own daily to-do list method looks like this:


    I will say my daily to-do list is more complicated looking than my monthly goal layout which is very simple:



    Recommended Comments

    They say hindsight is 20/20, and through the power of imagination i can " look back" and fix 2023 now and not wait for 2025 to reveal my mistakes. And here's what  I found that I'm working through the Copywriting course consistently, attending office hours, posting questions when I'm stuck. Writing and outreach every day. I'm amazed at how much my business has grown from being consistent. Loved 2023..


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    Love that handwritten flyer.

    Direct Mail is going to start making a come back.

    In the UK you basically never get letters now, it's a great place for uncontested white space.

    Even junk mail is exciting.

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    I've received a few of those "windows & sidings" advertisements and marveled at the faux handwriting approach. I can admire the fact that they opted to make it look like it was handwritten.

    However, I am not easily fooled. Being that I work with pens and handwriting all day long, I could tell that the advertisement was not sincerely and personally handwritten.

    They made it look that way.

    So, I'm thinking to myself, do I want to hire someone that is good at making phony appearances, or do I want someone who will do the real, honest work?

    While it does attract attention because it looks like a handwritten note, I get the feeling that, especially with more people using this approach, it will come across as just another gimmicky sales tactic that contractors use in their direct marketing.

    Now, imagine a new contractor coming to a neighborhood, taking a picture of someone's house from the outside. Then, they ask an AI image generator to put new windows or siding onto the image. Then, show that image to the homeowner. Do you offer financing? Take my money!

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    As a long-time subscriber to your blog, I’m amazed at how you come up with thought provoking content each week. 

    Someone I know went from not posting at all on LinkedIn to all of a sudden posting twice a day. 

    A lot of the content is very generic and I’m really convinced it’s generated by ChatGPT. 

    In your opinion, is this the way of the future for creating content? 
    Or am I just stuck in year 2010 thinking postings should be original or if reposting then credit the author (as you do)?

    I’d appreciate your insight. 

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    • Administrator

    Hey Regina I think "commonly made content" is not what people want, they want personalized stories, they want unique stuff. They want helpful stuff. 

    I think if it's just generic BS it won't do well in the long run (not to say all AI generated stuff sucks though)!

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    Thanks Neville. I enjoyed every bit of it. 
    Things I wished I started doing consistently will be Writing more content on LinkedIn and twitter and actively learning COPYWRITING 

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    Awesome co-working group! I'm curious, when you get together like that, do you get a ton of work done, or is it less productive because you break off into conversation occasionally? 

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    • Administrator

    Hey Nick, it depends, I'd say this was mainly just hanging out and chatting, with 10-15 spurts of working. But it was nice to all hang out so we chatted a bit more than usual!

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    Hey, I see you've made it through the cold spell of Texas. 
    Let's hope the rest of the country, and the animals, make it through the -50 windchill coming up.

    I have a question, please about putting in copy to be reviewed.

    If I recall, I can ask the group to take a look at a piece I'm putting together for a client. I would like a review just to make sure I'm introducing the company and its offerings clearly and simply to the audience.

    I'll look at the website, but I wanted to confirm if there was a specific section.

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    Hi Neville,

    In 2025 I’ll wish I stared being more consistent in interacting with people who work in my field.

    What’s your answer?

    And what’s your suggestion for others? Something they don’t know to start but will be super glad they do if they keep at it?


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