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    What are you building next year?

    Just curious: What do you plan on building next year?

    We're approaching 2023 in about 1 month....and I'm curious what everyone wants to build.

    Do you want to build...
    An eCommerce store, a blog, a book, a social media presence, a website, a digital product, a retail store, an email campaign, a product to sell, a side income.....


    Reply to this post and let me know!
    I will read every single answer!

    Neville Medhora

    P.S. An easy way to think about this:
    Imagine fast-forwarding one year from today. It's almost the end of 2023. What do you want to have in your business or life?


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    I’m building a paid membership group! Hustling to get it launched at the start of January 🤪 in the health and wellness space, helping women in their 30s and 40s build effective lifestyle habits to naturally slow the aging process. My goal is 250 yearly members or the $ equivalent by this time next year. 

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    That's so awesome Kelsey! Let us know if you need any guidance, I know a TON about memberships from these last 3 years of running one!

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    I will continue building my consulting practice with an emphasis on managing teams for cannabis and psychedelic business operators. 

    Your writing and copy strategies have helped me quite a bit, so thank you and happy belated bday. 

    Also, just FYI - I ended up getting your book (This book will teach you to write better), and I thought it was funny that the printing had an error, pics attached 🙂



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    I’m working to build a hybrid online/offline community in for startup Founders and VCs in San Francisco. 

    I’ve been hosting events here for the past year, and we’ve grown to about 2,300 members, but I’ve never tried to monetize it. 

    So that’s what I’ll be working on next year!

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    Thanks as always for the great content Neville. 

    I quit my job about 14 months ago. Over the course of seven years I was able to build a side hustle that turned into my full time gig. 

    So, instead of building something fresh, our goal is to build on top of our current product(s).

    Namely, our membership site. 

    We currently have 170 members. 

    Our goal is to have 2000 members in five years. 

    So, my goal would be to get us to 400 members by the end of the year to stay on pace. 

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    CONGRATS MASON!! That's amazing progress! 

    I've learned a bunncchhh about memberships lately, and might add a full course inside CC about it 🙂 

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