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Writing a Sales Page: Step 9: FAQ Page


FAQ Question Marks

Alright....listen up Chumpenstein.

So far in this "Make A Sales Page" experiment we've gone through 8 different sections based off our Skeleton Outline.

However, some questions don't warrant entire sections to themselves.

This is where the "F.A.Q. Section" of a sales page comes in:

Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of the F.A.Q. Section is it answers quick-n-easy questions rapidly.

Here's some basic rules for what your F.A.Q. Questions should be like:

So the goal of this post is to write out the [F.A.Q. Section] of our sales page, so here they are:

So that will be our F.A.Q. Section right there. If you don't have one of these sections on your page, I'd suggest adding it. It's quick, easy, and will eliminate tons of customer support just by being ready & available for everybody :)


Neville Medhora - FAQ'ing myself right now

neville question confused


P.S. Here's the other sections of our "Building A Sales Page" process:

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