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Questions Asked During Office Hours:

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How Can I Test If My Post Is Any Good?

Kim wrote a post about LinkedIn, and wanted to know how to make it better in a few steps. Watch as we take a “sort of OK” post and turn it into a GREAT post!

How Can I Advertise A Physical Store Location (Children's Climbing Center)?

Winson runs a children’s climbing retail location in Singapore, and wants some help with social media advertising. However, after helping 50+ physical store locations, I always see in-person advertising working FAR better for getting new customers at a low cost:

How would you write a B2B cold email urging customers to switch to you from a competitor?

It’s crazy how much better SHORT emails work for cold emailing. Here’s an example:

How do I create a flyer to promote crafts classes at a senior living center?

Kahriq needed a way to promote classes to a retirement community, so we make him a One Pager flyer on the spot. Google Drawings Template We Used: [Link]
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