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In this section you can follow along as we help real people plan out their SEO content.

SEO research to find the first few articles to write.

We help Rob figure out which articles to write for KickstartReading.com

Strategy for a new gifted testing site

We help Rob figure out a basic strategy for validating and trying out a gifted testing referral site

Launching a surfing art book by famous surf artist, using SEO keywords

We help Maria promote and describe a book by her famous surf artist husband, and create some way more interesting titles in the process! This is great for helping people find the book on Amazon!

SEO’ing Kindergarten Reading Articles

We go through the process of getting Rob’s articles ready from scratch, so he can get somma dat sweet SEO traffic!

Adding a new location page on boat rental site, and keeping all the SEO juice of original site

We go through with Drew to see where he should host his new boat rental location online for maximum exposure. His site already ranks for multiple boat rental keywords, let's see how we can keep that SEO juice for the new location:

We research which is the best way to get a CBD oil article ranked.

By doing a little SEO research, we figure out the best way to approach a CBD affiliate marketing site.

How to get press, promotion, and links?

Rob is starting to get a bit of press for KickStartReading.com and wants to learn how to get more, we show him some ways and techniques.

How can we get other websites to link to our content and connect with leaders and bloggers in our niche?

We show rob the difference between spamming other bloggers, and “notifying” them of his content.

Publish content on my own site, or on Medium?

Rob is writing some pretty great articles for his reading videos business, but should he post them on Medium or his own site?  

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