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Guest Neville Medhora


I personally like #3 a lot too....also it's definitely in the lead by A LOT!!
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Guest Paul Wind


If I may?  Drop the phone number and add catchy web.com address.  Make the website be as big as the top line and shrink middle line to fit.  The first sign actually is a declaration of their business.  Depending on who you want to attract.  ie family gym (good option), muscle gym, executive gym or seniors gym.  Ain't going to a gym with a bunch of behemoths.  That's how the general opinion is here.


Clean, Concise, Targeted.

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Guest Arthur Charlez


I think Option 3 speaks to what they are doing that very moment they're passing the sign and speaks to what they could do if they swing by the gym. As opposed to Option 1 that only speaks to what they could possibly do if they come to the gym. Getting strong is not a huge priority for most people. Losing weight is. And burning fat is just another way to lose weight. So whilst a combination of Option 1 and 3 would be most ideal. Option 3 does it for me. It's as direct as Option 1
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