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Content Feeding Through Twitter ➡ Blog ➡ Email List



Here's a simple method I've been using to fill multiple platforms with content:

1.) Post random stuff on Twitter.

2.) Take top posts and put them in a blog post.

3.) Email that full blog post to the email newsletter.

#4.) Read out the email as a podcast.

Let's go through a real life example:


Step 1.) Post random stuff on Twitter

I shared my little system for staying sane with work on Twitter...it was just a small post with an image:



Step 2.) Compile a blog post of Tweets

Once I've Tweeted a couple things throughout the week, I'll take the ones that did well and compile them into a blog post. I made up a format called "S.T.U.P.I.D." which stands for:

Swipe - Some advertisement from my Swipe File.






I then compile those sections into a blog post like this:



Step 3.) Turn that blog post into an email

We then take that blog post and convert it into an email called "The S.T.U.P.I.D. Email" we send out on Friday.



Step 4.) Read out the email as a podcast.

I then read out the email and post it as a podcast. Here's the audio version of the April 16th, 2021 S.T.U.P.I.D. Email the Tweet was included in:



Just Tweeting leads to a full content calendar!


By simply horsing around on Twitter I'm able to create Tweets, Emails, Blog Posts, and Podcasts!



I like making content once then have it live in many places:

nev's social media content

I always like to "recycle content" on different platforms so it gets seen by the most amount of people, and this little system is a great example of that.


Wanna get the STUPID Email on Friday?


Neville Medhora - Content Creator

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